Discovering Shapes, Numbers & Hebrew Through the Old and New Testaments

Take time for your own nurturing and growth!  Come learn about the Laws of Creation and how we can see them in the Scriptures.  Each Principle - Number, Shape, Color, Musical Note, etc. (things my husband and Creator taught me) has a story that really shows and teaches that principle.  It is the best Agency-based education out there.  

One of the most valuable aspects of this class is that I walk you through the principles showing you the formula of true Discovery  so you can really implement them into your life: Observe, Explore, Ask and Discover!  
We will use the Hebrew Alphabet and Stories as an outline to discover symbol, 
shape and number in the Old and New Testaments.  Be prepared to be inspired and see your pattern recognition ability increase to inspire a love of study!

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Discovering symbol, shape and number has been one of my favorite things about awakening.  Increasing in our abilities to see is truly a blessing.  Our Intelligent Designer, my Creator and God, is amazing and has left us his patterns and ways everywhere!  In Creation and in His Word. 

It is my observation all can discover, whether you believe it or not, but belief is always the key.  In this class, as well as in Discovering in NatureI will be sharing a formula as we walk through these Numbers, Shapes, Symbols and Stories.  I'm so excited to show you!

Join me!

Testimonials of Katie's online Hebrew (Principles of Creation) class:

"I walked around the park thinking about the idea of protect and shield which is part of Samech. It made me think of the Sacred Grove where Joseph Smith went to pray because it looked like a safe, secluded and protected place to be.
"After discussing Tav and looking for it in nature, I was reminded of the story from my core book where the father names the mountains/valleys, rivers after his sons hoping they will be constant and strong.  It made me think of the idea of beginning with the end in mind - I thought of mountains, valleys and rivers as geologic monuments.
"I saw another quirky coincidence, in view of the reveal-conceal idea in Mem is that one of the readings for the O. D. Mentor class is by Bastiat and it is called "That which is Seen and Not Seen."   Christine,VA
"I have learned so much!  Thank you for giving us this opportunity.  This class has been life-changing!"  RaNae, UT
"Thank you, I look forward to this class and all the different subjects and I'm sad to see it end.  I'm so glad that I had the class because now I understand so much more!! :)"  Tresta, UT

Testimonials of Katie's Hebrew (Principles of Creation) Hiking class:

"Discovering Intelligent Design Through Nature" has been my favorite activity of the week.  I tend to be an "intellectual learner", meaning I process information by thinking it through on an intellectual level.  This class helped me to learn through all modalities (mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual). In fact, it is the perfect combination of stimulating mental, physical, social and spiritual energy.  It feeds my soul and has been a powerful catalyst for change in my life.  It has helped me draw connections between thought and application.  It has opened paradigms.  

I love learning about the symbolism of each of the Hebrew letters.  Katie teaches this symbolism on so many levels that it gives us a lot to ponder. Then when we discuss it, everyone shares amazing epiphanies.  The invitation to find a lesson linking Hebrew, my life and the mountain has often taught me exactly what I most needed to learn in that particular moment in my life.  Early on, the class helped me manage difficulties I was encountering.  But the best part is I learned how to create a calmer environment in my home so there is much less stress, much fewer difficulties and even those are soothed more quickly and easily.  

How did I get these powerful results from a Hebrew hiking class?  It is such a holistic approach to learning.  Katie's enthusiastic invitation to find nurturing & healing opened up a greater vision for me.  This helped me see exactly what I needed to do and change in my home and once I applied that understanding, the results have made a dramatic improvement for my whole family. (By the way, the changes I made were to clear space, manage time, eliminate clutter, balance elements and use essential oils.  All this has had a huge side effect of improving relationships.) 

Here's a couple of experiences:
The second week, I hiked while looking for connections to the Hebrew letter, Beth.  I learned this second letter of the Hebrew alphabet is symbolic of dualism, spirit and body, Man and Woman.  On my hike, I saw a plant with two leaves pressed together, emerging from the soil, protecting the tender baby leaves hidden between them.  It reminded me of the protective father and the nurturing mother joining together to create a safe environment for their family.   
The third week I was looking for connections to Gimel.  I had recently had a difficult moment with one of my children, so was thinking about that.  I found a triangular-shaped rock and was impressed that as long as God is included in our relationships, there is always room for forgiveness and healing.  At one point while we had stopped to share what we'd learned on the mountain, I set my rock down and forgot to pick it up.  The moment I realized I'd lost my rock, I saw another perfectly formed triangular-shaped rock.  I picked it up and it still sits on my mantel, a reminder of God's gift to help me learn my lesson of hope. 

Thanks for your class Katie!"    Natasha B., Utah  
"I absolutely loved our hiking class.  Please tell me when you do another one ; if my schedule permits,  I would love to go.
"Thank you so much for blessing my family's life with the lessons we learned through your class.  Just the hiking alone was worth it.  I wondered if my children were getting anything out of the experience since they weren't too interested in the discussion or readings.  But they did.  Just being in nature and being introduced to the possibility that there is more than meets the eye opened their hearts and minds.  Just one example,  my 14 yo shared with me that he learned on one hike that everything God creates is infinite: self-sustaining and lasts forever.  But things man creates are finite: erodes,  corrodes, crumbles, falls apart, and doesn't have the ability to regenerate.  He learned that just from observing.
"I'm so glad to know you.  Thank you for blessing us."  Rachelle, UT