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Try Bread with Natural Yeast

This bread and Natural Yeast is solving a lot of our dietary problems which we have had over the last 12 years.  I am loving it! I bought the book from Costco and got a "start" from the link in the book.

Here is her recipe for Natural Yeast Chocolate Chip Cookies.
The Filled Lantern 
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Learn amazing things about our Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit from Stacy Harmer!  She is currently teaching Workshops in Utah on Thursday evenings.  She is on a similar mission as I sharing the Hebrew Way!  Connect with her!

Nourishing Families

Tammie Duggar specializes in Gluten-free recipe's.  After about a year of using her book, I was able to substitute "regular" recipe's with her gluten-free flour mix.

                                           Smoothie Book                 Gluten Free Goodness Book

Nourishing Families is another great way to heal and nourish your family.  Tammie has mastered the art of nourishing the physical body as well as the others!  I use her cookbook everyday. And I love having sweet things, as well as salad dressings and smoothie recipe's, right on my counter.  See her site for recipe's of desserts, grains, cultured foods and more.

Bring your children to learn in the kitchen this June 9th!

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