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To learn more about The House of Study, read Education for Real Life and A Reservoir of Living Water, as well as a plethora of other amazing books to gain an education of seeing poetically, symbolically or seeing in patterns, systems or forms.  This is why we get an education, right?!  (I got started long ago from a favorite book, A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille, Leadership Education Mentoring Institute and many, many Friend Mentors, Workshops, Classes and Seminars.)  
Some of the books I recommend are the Bible & the Record of Nephi, Zenos, Zenock, Ether and Mormon for getting a very large picture of what we are doing here and what has happened to the Hebrew people; The Making of America for understanding how America came to be; articles and books on this site; Shakespeare unabridged to understand the ridiculousness of human nature and motivation to change; The Whole New Mind for a new appreciation of all of our talents;  The Element for seeing the potential of our abilities; The Fourth Turning gives you a picture of cycles in our american history; Understanding the Times gives a christian perspective on worldviews.  The list could go on... Maybe I'll add more another time.

These resources below will help you begin to understand the symbolic levels of the Hebrew Alphabet which will help you increase your ability to "see"  and/or study.  They are inspiring.  

On this site, I mentor a study through these original Hebraic Principles of Creation.  It's more than just "Hebrew."  It's learning in the Hebrew Way and much more than just one or two meanings.  Please see my above Tabs/Pages on Symbolism in Creation or Foundation Builder Guide 

Why do we study?   
To come to know our Creator and receive vision and direction from Him for Why we specifically are here.  To learn more about ourselves and extend our branches to share our gifts and fruits with the world.

It's the Hebrew Way:  Receiving and Living Mission

Introduction to Ancient Hebrew, Part 1 of 7

The DNA of creation, Part 1

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