Climb out of the MainStream

Are you in the mainstream? Do you know where it is heading? Could it be going off a cliff?

It occurred to me the other day that if we are floating along downstream in the main stream of water, we are technically heading downward. Downward to where? Is the “stream” we are floating in heading off the highlands and over a waterfall, or, could it be heading down and out to the vast chaos of the sea?

What if our source of drinking water comes from the mainstream after it has traveled over a length of miles over fields of cow pastures, pesticide-disrupted farmland and artificial hormone-filled human waste plants? Is the water really pure enough to drink or soak in?

If we could all clearly see the effects of hanging out in the mainstream or drinking the water from downstream, we may choose to not want to be in it or to drink from that source. However, the effort it takes to turn around and head upstream to find safer sources of water, just makes the journey seem too hard. The truth is, the way up stream is harder. It takes a lot more effort and may not seem worth it at first.

However, wouldn’t we much rather be nourished from the spring of fresh water up the mountain, instead of staying acclimated in the downstream? Wouldn’t we want to get our source from the pure spring of truth?

Reality tells us it’s time to make the effort to climb out of the mainstream. This well-traveled course is heading off a cliff and the “drinking water” there is no longer safe for human consumption. As I think more on it, is it even prudent or safe to sit and hang out in it at all? If what is coming down the mainstream is corrupted or poisonous, drinking or being immersed in it would not only be unsafe physically, but also mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

A great leader and a modern Apostle of the Lord, Jeffrey R. Holland said this:

“We are witnessing an ever greater movement toward polarity. The middle-ground options will be removed from us as Latter-day Saints (or any Saints and Christians). The middle of the road will be withdrawn.

“If you are treading water in the current of a river, you will go somewhere. You simply will go wherever the current takes you. Going with the stream, following the tide, drifting in the current will not do.

“Choices have to be made. Not making a choice is a choice. Learn to choose now.”
From the source of the Spring, comes forth a depth of principles and laws given by our Creator. The Hebrews call it the Language of Creation (symbolism, poetry, art, etc.) This bold statement attributed to Martin Luther gives us a glimpse into the value of drinking from the source of the Spring.

Drinking from the mainstream is almost worse than drinking or learning from the Latin/Roman’s puddle, because since that time, we’ve had 2000 years of Westward expansion (from the Roman Empire to the United States today). Could there be anything of substance left in the puddle? Many things could have been changed, perverted or corrupted in between all those years.

It is time.

Let’s head to the hills and search for the water springing out from the mountain-top source. It is pure and oh, so refreshing! “Drinking” from the most original sources is where to find truth as well as associate with others who drink from that source.

Note: I awoke with these thoughts this week and drew this picture of people drinking from the mainstream. I am planning on drawing it on my whiteboard, which we use in our family room, to place on display, and then, to let my children ask me about what this is so we can discuss it together.