Is God's Ultimate Purpose to Continue His House & Seed?

If this truth (right) could have been preserved in the original 5 Books of Moses, where would it have been taught?
Would it have been ~
  • In the building of His House and Tabernacle, where the measurements and ordinances all point to our return? (Exodus 22-35)
  • In the Treaty where God and the House of Israel entered into a Covenant relationship, with Him telling His Heirs that He loves them and wants them to return to Him by keeping those 10 Commandments? (Exodus 20, Deut. 5)
  • In the story of Abram becoming Abraham and entering into a Covenant? (Genesis 15-17)
  • In the evidence that God preserved 8 souls on Noah's ark to continue His children on the Earth? (Genesis 6-7)
  • After the Creation where He instructed Adam and Eve to multiply and replenish the Earth? (Genesis 1)
Or, would it have been in another place?
We praise our God in all things and in honor of Him, praise be to God! Is it possible He wants us back with Him and to help bring to pass our Immortality and Eternal Life, which in the end, Glorifies His work? Is it possible this part got left out of Moses writings? Just because this truth may not have been mentioned in the Bible, it doesn't mean we can't go to the original sources to search for the full picture of this truth.

With the help of the Holy Spirit and God's Word (Ancient & Modern Prophets), and our syntopical study through faith, we've been discovering the Principles of Creation. Understanding these "Principles" helps give greater insight into the Old Testament because they stem from the original language of the Bible. (Biblical Hebrew) With that as our foundation, we believe God wants to "Continue His House" and Seed on the Earth for His Glorious purposes. (See Seed in Foundation Builder Guide's Early Semitic Pictographic Alphabet Book.)
What are your thoughts?

Here is a song about how God may want us to share our light and how it Glorifies Him.