Building Foundation Through The Principles of Creation

How do you help your children build their foundation?   Really??  How do you "do" it?? How do you "Be" it for them so they know how?   I'd love to hear!  If you have any thoughts, please leave a comment in the section below.  
Building Foundation has been a major focus in my years as a mother.  Maybe it is because of my life experience growing up in the East and being one of those under-protected children roaming from field to field.  Or the fact that I didn't have much adult guidance and learned mostly from my peers, which wasn't much to be desired and left me unprepared for my desired path as a Mother. 

After 10 years of focusing on learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my morning devotionals with my children, my direction shifted slightly as I began to see in new angles and perspectives.  It was when I fell in a pit, you know, and searched harder and stronger because I had an even greater need.  During that time, I was asking questions I had never thought of asking.  Un-coincidentally, I was also receiving and recording in a way I had never done before and I began seeing circles all over my scriptures.  We began memorizing these scriptures and it has changed they way I view my world.  It is what happened through this that brought me on the journey I am on today.  I began learning principles and truths from a ancient paradigm much broader and more applicable to my life than I could have imagined.  I was awakening and finding a gem which stirred a love that lay hidden within me.   I share this with you because this love and passion has given me something I need to share and teach with the world; something I know I was born to do.  

It is here where I began teaching this love outside my home.  Not only was I building my own foundation on Christ and developing an even deeper relationship with Him through this whole process, but I was learning how foundation building those principles were and I experienced first-hand the effect the principles had on the hearts of others.   

Since I began, I have spent 3-4 years researching stories and resources to share with others as I teach.  It is my desire to help spread these true principles in an agency-protecting way so that you too can strengthen your foundation and grow your relationship with Christ through discovering these "Principles of Creation" from the Language of Creation - Symbolic Ancient Hebrew, as well as, helping you help your families.  I have also learned this process of foundation building by self-discovering The Principles of Creation through freedom is part of The Hebrew Way, which is here and there - very organically for you to discover on this site.  

What are these Principles of Creation?  Let me explain a little here in this video.

Allow me to guide you in discovering these Principles of Creation in my online Workshop/Discussion Calls so that you can share and mentor them in your homes.  Through: resources of storytelling classic children's stories, mathematical and scientific exploration and discovery, creating with The Organic Environment and Materials, original children stories, songs and cultural dances, positive affirming scripts, devotionals, scriptures, poems,etc.  I am sharing these through a program called The Foundation Builder Guide.

If you are curious what I provide in this Foundation Builder Guide, here is one quick example of a Fairy Tale and discussion I could have with my children to teach one of the principles from one of the "letters" of the Symbolic Ancient Hebrew.  The key is knowing the principles and asking the right questions and that's what I mentor Mother's through and to do, in my Principles Workshops/Calls online.  (more examples coming as well)

Now look at the many academic subjects this simple discussion entails:
Language Arts: Classic Literature, Art
Scientific Thinking Skills:  Analyzing, 
Comparing, Evaluating, Observing, 
Exploring, Relating, Internalizing, Creating. 

If you are interested in learning these Principles of Creation for yourself and/or to teach them to your children, in your homes, once a month, week or everyday, I am starting a discussion call Saturday, January 23rd.  Sign-up by January 18th to receive all the resources, study materials, recordings, etc. to prepare yourself for our discussion.   

The schedule is here.  We are meeting in an online class every last Monday morning at 6:30 am MST, starting August 29th, 2016 through March 2017, to discuss the 1st - 8th Principles. This will help you the Mother, discover these Principles for yourself so you can invite your children to play and learn with you.  Register for the class by purchasing a Family Membership on the House of the Book (dot) org site.

What is the House of the Book?
Want to see more sample videos?

Since you may not have my particular passion to share these principles, I'd love to hear about how you help your children build foundation.  I know you are already building foundation in your homes to some extent or another.  And, I'd love to hear how!  Come share your comments below.