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House of the Book   Provide yourself and your children a solid Hebraic foundation in "The Book" which has endured time.   The House of the Book is a major aspect of the Hebrew Way.  Simply put, it is the development of the character & education on the God-centric Principles of Creation as found in the Bible, Classics and all Creation.  

House of Learning
The House of Learning is a place of individual creation within.  To truly flourish, The Organic Environments and Materials which unlock the chambers within, must be utilized to create growth and true learning.  

The nurturing of "the House" (our Tabernacles of Clay) with this holistic lifestyle, unlocks the inward abilities of the True Self.  For us today, only after our House of the Book and House of Learning has been nurtured, can we really be ready to nurture our House of Study, a place where we find out our why ~ our life-mission and purpose.    (See the above tab - Foundation Builder Guide)

These Houses are best illustrated by a Tree.  In our roots system we gain strength to grow and recieve nourishment from the soil and the elements in nature.  As we grow upward, our trunk will be influenced by the natural elements and Organic Environments & Materials.  With this growth and at the right times, our tree can go through the seasonal growth periods producing more branches, leaves and fruit.

Is it a coincidence that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life illustrates the story of mankind's life-journey from Divine, to Fallen Human Nature, to the hope of becoming Divine again?  These Trees have much teach us about the original Hebrew view of education.   Through Foundation Builder Guide, we discover, learn and experience a true Original Hebrew Model Education.  

Come learn more about the Hebraic Principles of Creation in the Symbolic Hebrew Way, through The Pilgrim's Course Tutorial & eBook.  

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