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House of the Book   Provide yourself and your children a solid Hebraic foundation in "The Book" which has endured time.   The House of the Book is a major aspect of the Hebrew Way.  It is the development of the character & education on foundational principles as found in the Bible, Classics and all Creation.  

House of Learning
The House of Learning is a place of individual creation within.  To truly flourish, The Organic Environments and Materials which unlock the chambers within, must be utilized to create growth and true learning.  

The nurturing of the House with this organic lifestyle, unlocks the inward abilities of the True Self.  For us today, only after our House of the Book and House of Learning has been nurtured, can we really be ready to nurture our House of Study, a place where we find out our why.    (See the above tab - Foundation Builder Guide)

For those who want to incorporate these principles of The Hebrew Way in their homes please read more on the page above Symbolism in Creation or this post - How Multi-Layers in Nature Teaches Us the Language of Creation.   To see more about the resources in FBG to help you bring this Ancient Hebrew (concrete principles easily understood) to your children, see The Foundation Builder Guide.  

Do you have children under the age of 11?  Then you might have children who are of the Artist Generation and are ready to become the Creators, Innovators and Artist's of the Age. 

Joining this exciting new community by implementing  The Foundation Builder Guide into your life.  See this pdf and join our online Principle Workshops/Tutorial-style discussions always going!   Previous classes were recorded and are on the Membership Site to enjoy at your own time.  

Come learn the Principles from Creation and incorporate Organic Environments which, when combined, grow Creativity, Innovation and Connection for the Mother and the children!  (The Principles and Organic Environments even apply to every age and all our journey's.) 

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Original Photos from Healing Through the Arts Retreat,
The Foundation Builder Guide and Discovering The Creator Through Nature.

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