Foundation Builder Guide

Mothers and Women,
Come join me in discovering and discussing the Principles of Creation (Hebrew) for the purpose of increasing your own ability in making connections.  

As you practice, and if you have children in your homes and wanted to share with them, you can also use the Foundation Builder Guide's Mother's Resources to mentor and guide them in these Principles. 

This Guide offers Mentoring by Katie:

*Engage in the Tutorial discussions of the Principles of Creation in an Online classroom.  (aka Ancient/Modern Hebrew Alphabet including pictograph illustration, number, shape, Biblical story, plant, words, etc.) 
*Practice using your Skills of Discovery in discovering in The Bible, one of the core books of America, through words studies and in Nature.
*Reflect and writing answers to questions on the Principles.
*Explore observing and exploring in Nature.
*Record in the unique FBG Hebrew Sketchbook.

*Introducing the nurturing Organic Environments & Materials.

The additional Foundation Builder Guidebooks (Mother's Resources) has:
*22 Whole-brained thematic units including:
*22 Original Positive Script Children's Stories & Songs
*22 Original Hebrew Journal pages for children
*22 Original Cultural Dances
*22 Simulations/Games to do with your children.
*22 thematic Discovery Experiences in all the subject.
*8 Storytelling Lessons and Flipped-classroom Videos
*Videos of the Principles, Dances, Implementing at home
*Sharing of the many Additional Songs and Resources to help you

*Community License Options

When are the Discussions?
  See HERE
How do I join the class?!?
  •  Become a Family Member on .  SEE this PDF 
  •  Or send Katie the cost through paypal and she will connect you to the Membership site manually with all the content to use in your family. 

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