Between Heaven & Earth

Do you want greater connection between yourself and Heaven? 

Have you considered your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies may not be balanced, connected, nourished and properly aligned? Click here for an Introduction Webinar.

Because I have been able to ZoneBalance myself, I have been able to sustain some intense work with building what I have been called to build.  
For example, I have helped my adrenals when I couldn't wake up very well in the morning from being over taxed, my vagus nerve at the breathing point for panic attack when I was under extreme stress putting on a huge retreat and through trauma recovery, balance my pineal gland to help keep creative ideas flowing into my mind in the mornings, my family though their sicknesses, myself be restored to the true Katie ~ fun, playful, excited about life!   
Consider being ZoneBalanced by myself or another Footzonologist near you.  

Call to schedule an appointment with me.  
Email if you'd like to find a Footzonologist near you -

Those of us with this level of training, have the depth in understanding the body with the signal system of the feet, back, hand or face!  If you need a Zone or are interested in becoming a Footzonologist and are near the Salt Lake City, Utah area, contact me! 

To become a Footzonologist yourself, my next set of beginner classes start February 2018.
When you take this training from me, you get an understanding of how the Principles of Creation, aka Symbolic Hebrew - as taught to me, apply to the body.  

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