Symbolism in Creation

If you have found yourself curious about all the new talk about geometric shapes and numbers having symbolic meanings, then you are in the right place.
When you see numbers in Creation, remember each number correlates with a shape.  As you begin to see these patterns, they can hold a symbolic meaning in our minds because our minds were created to make connections and see more meaning than just one or the literal connotation.  

  • But from where do these symbolic meanings come?  I would definitely say they need to come from the most original source like a Godly record and be verified from God.  
  • Where do we find the most ancient source of these meanings?  From the most ancient record we have, which is the Bible and it's original language which is Hebrew.

I have discovered principles within "Hebrew," known as the Language of Creation to the Jews, which are also the original source of mathematical symbolism in Creation, the source of Sacred Geometry and which is what I call Symbolic Hebrew.   These Principles of Creation, aka "Symbolic Hebrew," are the oldest record we have of these symbolic patterns and principles in all Creation.  

If you are interested in learning the original source of symbolic meanings of shapes and numbers, I invite you to join me as I mentor individuals to make their very own connections, giving the practice needed to build confidence in the subjective process of learning the language of Creation.  

I currently mentor women to see these Principles of Creation in the Bible, through words, definitions, stories and whatever else comes up in our Tutorials.  These tutorials are crucial!  They provide a way all participants can practice studying to become more independent in seeing poetically and symbolically.    This way, they can be taught by God when they are in the House of God, in Nature, reading classical stories, studying humanity, seeking to find order in the Universe, searching truths and patterns, verifying and building foundation.

Come join us in learning the language of Creation and add to your foundation today!

For the live Tutorial discussions
Join the Foundation Builder Guide Membership site (which houses all the recordings and also the content to additionally teach these Principles in your homes) and I will send you the classroom link and Foundation Builder Study Guide with all the instructions on how to prepare for our Tutorials.  

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For a Self-directed previously recorded class -
The Hebrew Project:

Come join me in Discovering The Creator Through Symbol & Story!! 
It is an 11 week Online Study of Ancient Symbols, Numbers, Shapes & Stories.

We will use the Hebrew Alphabet and Stories as an outline to discover the Power of Symbol, Shape, Number and our Story.  I illustrate the principles through Stories, Symbols and Workshop-type Tutorials in the scriptures, with words, and discovery exercises.  Be prepared to be inspired and see your pattern recognition ability increase to inspire a love of study and seeking!

The Work for this class will be: 
  •       Read and discuss from original sources on the Principles of Creation
  •       Teach what you have learned through sharing and discussing. 
  •       Practice using your Skills of Discovery throughout the class through Symbols, Stories, Shapes & Numbers.
  •        Practice discovering through hands on arithmetic and geometric exercises. 
  •        Reflect through simple writing exercises.
  •        Do a Multiple-Layered Study on Common Hebrew Words from the Bible.

When:                           This class is available anytime!  Purchase the Course materials 
                                       and complete your Self-directed study!  
Where:                          In your own home.  Into your inbox. Online video links.
Course Materials:       The Hebrew Project Mentors Guide-pdf  and Recorded Class Videos
Cost for Mentors:        $99.00 

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(Here is a picture of my Hebrew Sketchbook)

If you'd like to have this unique Hebrew Sketchbook to take notes in,Order the 5x8 size Hebrew Sketchbook HERE

Testimonials of Katie's online Hebrew (Principles of Creation) class:
"Thank you, I look forward to this class and all the different subjects and I'm sad to see it end.  I'm so glad that I had the class because now I understand so much more!! :)"  
Tresta, UT
"I walked around the park thinking about the idea of protect and shield which is part of Samech. It made me think of the Sacred Grove where Joseph Smith went to pray because it looked like a safe, secluded and protected place to be.  -- After discussing Tav and looking for it in nature, I was reminded of the story from my core book where the father names the mountains/valleys, rivers after his sons hoping they will be constant and strong.  It made me think of the idea of beginning with the end in mind - I thought of mountains, valleys and rivers as geologic monuments.    ----  I saw another quirky coincidence, in view of the reveal-conceal idea in Mem is that one of the readings for the O. D. Mentor class is by Bastiat and it is called "That which is Seen and Not Seen."   Christine,VA
"I have learned so much!  Thank you for giving us this opportunity.  This class has been life-changing!"  RaNae, UT
Testimonials of Katie's Hebrew (Principles of Creation) Hiking class:
"I absolutely loved our hiking class.  Please tell me when you do another one ; if my schedule permits,  I would love to go.
"Thank you so much for blessing my family's life with the lessons we learned through your class.  Just the hiking alone was worth it.  I wondered if my children were getting anything out of the experience since they weren't too interested in the discussion or readings.  But they did.  Just being in nature and being introduced to the possibility that there is more than meets the eye opened their hearts and minds.  Just one example,  my 14 yo shared with me that he learned on one hike that everything God creates is infinite: self-sustaining and lasts forever.  But things man creates are finite: erodes,  corrodes, crumbles, falls apart, and doesn't have the ability to regenerate.  He learned that just from observing.
"I'm so glad to know you.  Thank you for blessing us."  Rachelle, UT