Ancient Arts: Ancient Symbolic Language & Ancient FootZonology

While you most likely have heard of the Ancient language called Hebrew, have you heard of the Ancient Art & Science called FootZonology? 
  • FootZonology is an Ancient Art & Science.  It entails the science and study of the signal system on the feet.  If you can think of our bodies like a computer, our feet are like the computer's wireless keyboard.  These signals are light vessels which are directly connected to the DNA-code in every cell of the body and from the DNA-code to our Inner Blueprint.  
Footzonology also entails The Art of ZoneBalance and ZoneAnalysis.  
  • ZoneBalance is the method which reconnects the broken connections to the DNA, balances and repairs unfavorable imprints in the DNA-code and reconnects with the Inner Blueprint. ZoneBalance renews our cells in line with our Inner Blueprint, raising the body's life energy (conscious or chi) and our awareness.  It balances our four bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) into alignment with our Blueprint and helps us become our True Self and what we were meant to be.
  • ZoneAnalysis is the method to see, feel the present condition, and notice where the DNA-code is disconnected from the Inner Blueprint.
Fascinating huh! 

Do you know I have been discovering that this Art & Science is a part of The Hebrew Way?  It too has been restored to the Earth over a process of over a hundred years.  Amazing!  It is yet another way for us to become more self-reliant in preparing for our future.  Please know God has not left us without help here. He has ways which provide for us and always will. 

FREE Intro to Foot ZoneBalance Class Recording:

I am a ZoneBalance Practitioner & Coach and this therapy has helped the true "Katie - Creator" to come out!  Truly!  I tell my friends, if it was not for me having this training, which I do on myself regularly, I would not have been able to teach, create and live my purpose as I have over the last 4-5 years, which has been intense.  A fellow practitioner and I have held a free class introducing others to this amazing whole body cellular-level therapy.   This therapy broadens your understanding of nutrition, the body & anatomy, using essential oils, herbs & whole alkaline foods, the 10 meridians, the 7 horizontal energy systems, etc., etc.  It's a great skill to have if you feel called to it!

Register for this FREE class HERE.  It has been recorded and we will send you the link in your confirmation email to watch at your convenience.   
If you want to schedule a ZoneBalance or learn the Art & Science of Footzonology with me, click here.

Now what about the Art of Ancient Symbolic Language?

Did you know discovering the mathematical symbolism in Creation is also an Art.  It take practice.  Practice just like creating a beautiful masterpiece on canvas or a detailed hand-worked quilt, or just like the ZoneAnalysis takes practice (above).  

The more you practice and the more you believe and explore through this mathematical symbolic language, the more you'll trust your own mind's ability to make the connections and see more meaning in simple things like Nature.  It's a very essential Art!  Learning to make connections and thinking.  Imagine being able to grow up always making connections between stories and shape and symbols.  Imagine being able to explore with it and being asked questions by your Mother comparing stories you read with Biblical stories and symbols.  Seeing our Creator in the Creation (the source of symbolism or symbolic Hebrew) of everything and the connections between, would be a part of your natural life and thinking abilities!  You'd be raised with the ability to think, observe, notice and see.  You'd be an Artist!  Learning from Creation through the Principles of Creation definitely leans us towards becoming mini-creators!
I continually mentor Mother's through this Art, to enjoy observing, exploring & asking to discover for themselves the Symbolic Hebrew I call "Principles of Creation."  This practice enhances the Mother's ability to trust she can make connections and see God behind symbols in Creation or our Ancient Biblical story.   It's Mathematical.  It's purely the symbolism in Creation! 

With these classes, I provide a membership site with a plethora of family resources she can use to teach in her home!  This gives her practice a purpose and enhances greater discovery and connection with her while introducing these skills and principles to her children.  With additional fairy tales, classic stories, original positive scripting children's stories & songs, storytelling lessons, Discovery Experiences, etc., it is truly a whole-brain natural learning playground for the Mother and Child!   

Explore more here on The House or on this membership site to learn more.

Good NEWS!! 

A friend has arranged for Mom's to bring their children 6 - 11 to a demonstration class to learn some of these principles of Symbolic Hebrew.  It will help you begin to learn more about these principles as well as see how these little Artists can be nurtured in these ways through the Skills of Discovery.

If you are near, join me in this Hebrew Principles class!

  • It's on April 10th1:00-3:00 pm.  In South Jordan, Utah. 
  • It's only $5 per child.  Click here to register.
  • Contact me if you want to host me to teach this in your area.

I believe the age has turned, and we are now preparing our children to be raised as practicing Artist's in the Age of the Artist.  Observers, Explorers, Innovators and Creators!

~Katie Hansen
Mentor, Coach, Teacher & Prolific Creator

Emptying Our Vessels

Have you ever felt so much pain you see no way out of it? Do you struggle with challenges, trials, tribulations or traps which stump you more than you'd like?
Have you tried pushing through your pain through praise? This morning, I tried it. Twice! I prayed this prayer and found powerful truths relating to The Hebrew Way. The duality of choosing faith over fear, choosing the opposite and seemingly "impossible" to help.
The following prayer can be applied to all of us weary travelers on this Course called Life, especially those traveling through their wilderness.
"Dear Father, I thank thee and I praise thee for this experience of........and the good it can create. I thank thee and I praise thee that this is so hard and painful to me. I thank thee and praise thee that I can be on this earth to even have this privilege; the privilege of this kind of experience. I thank thee that through this you are trying to bring me home. I thank thee and I praise thee for turning this weakness into my strength. For consecrating this infirmity to my gain; that you are willing to do this; that you love me this much; that I mean this much to thee. I thank thee that I can give this all to thee - that I can put all of my feelings on the alter of your healing power. Please take my broken heart. Please heal everything that is confused, hurt or broken inside of me. I give this all to Thee Father and ask thee to take it from me. I thank thee for taking this all from me." 
(special thanks to John Canaan's Breakthrough process)
When meeting life's many challenges and mortal carnal-man experiences, we will inevitably come face-to-face with our greatest fears, causing us pain and turmoil. Many of us do not have the knowledge to understand that the fears which are being manifested are just appearing real because we have held onto them instead of releasing them to Christ and believing otherwise. We simply cannot see that the fears are deeply held within us from our childhood, life experiences or generational beliefs prior, and are coming out in our life as a mirror giving us a chance to address our weakness or character flaws, so we can then release them and move upwards to more light.
Un-coincidentally, a friend also shared her dream with me this morning. I am sharing it with her permission.
She was surrounded by deadly snakes and her husband was releasing them everywhere. Then through the power of God, the snakes started exploding and disappearing. She realized they were not real after all, but an illusion.
She had believed it was her husband releasing the snakes and was blaming him, but it was her deeply held fears which in essence brought the snakes to pass.  Even though her fears of the snakes were held on to, and were an illusion, they really were there manifesting a threat to her.  Until she called on God for help to blast them away, she was truly manifesting them in her life.  Her pain was real and really there.  
If life has brought your fears to you, or not, you can see them, observe them, and release them through the power of Christ.  Only He has the power to help us empty our vessels.  We do have to do some looking, seeing, asking, and identifying though.

If you'd like to try identifying and releasing your fears through Praise, recognize the fears you have and which you resist: 
  1. Start by identifying the feelings or beliefs you have from seeing or experiencing behaviors of loved ones around you that cause you to feel bothered or uncomfortable.  For example, we may sometimes feel rejected by our son from his behavior, but in hopes to not be rejected, we lack holding boundaries for ourselves and we ignore learning about boundaries and keep feeling rejected by son.  Or we may feel hopeless and let an experience happen over and over because we think there is nothing we can do about a situation (stay the victim).  Or we wish this or that person would stop something painful to us which is causing us to feel _____.  Then,
  2. Choose to push through the fear and pain by putting your effort into the opposite - Gratitude!  Then praise God for this life's experience.  Visualizing Christ holding you while you say this prayer may be helpful as well. 
This is just a beginning of moving through our fears which are causing us pain, sorrow and sadness.  There are hundreds of ways to continue through this journey of releasing so we may grow upwards towards light; to empty our vessels to receive the Light in which God wants to fill us.
Is this why great men and women in our history are filled with praising God in spite of the turmoils they endured? Check out how it feels to praise God through your pain today!

P.S. Don't forget to fill your Vessel with truths about yourself afterwards.  The Words of Christ or Life, Affirmations, Declarations of Truth, etc.

Life Mission Principles

We are really doing this!  I am super excited because I have waited for us to work together on this topic for over 7 years.

My husband and I have created a simple 11-week webinar course to share the Principles which are universally apart of this earth and everywhere we look in God's Creation.  It is exciting!  It's been hard not to wonder if this is why I began on this whole journey.

Since the time we were married, my husband has loved the Jewish people.  Our first book was a large coffee table book about Jerusalem.  I always thought it was interesting, but didn't feel the same desire.  It was his thing.  Although I was counseled to study the Ancient (and Modern) prophets to prepare myself for my mission, that I was to come to understand the importance of the Abrahamic covenant and that I would share the principles upon which our land was founded (Creation) throughout the world, I didn't have that same inward motivation....   That is until I asked "what God would have me do?" with a sincere desire.... (I've shared that story on other posts below if you want to tie it together.)

If you would like to learn these universal Biblical companion "Life-Mission" principles of The Hebrew Way in 2 1/2 months, through simple 1-hr webinars, this will be a great scaffolding to help add to your vision for your very own journey!  Think of it as gaining a top of the mountain perspective and a greater ability to see principles to apply to your Course.  Throughout these webinars, you will have the opportunity to "practice" seeing these principles everywhere and by the end, your perspective and ability will be increased.  We respect your personal compass and want you to be practicing comparing what you learn back to your own understanding of truth and your foundation.  That is the best way.   
Come see the class outline and more about this exciting webinar here !!  
Registration is there too.

We are extending out the registration into February, and including a $50 OFF coupon code for subscribers here.  Subscribe here on The House Newsletter and I'll send you the code!  If you are already a subscriber and are interested, send me an email and I'll send you the coupon code as well.

(By the way, Michael is dynamic and humorous and I feel it always makes everything even more fun and exciting when he is involved.  :) 

What else do you have to release?

Would you believe it if I told you when I was 17 I was punched in the face by a girl who I didn't even know?

I had absolutely no idea of the impact that experience would have over my life.  Actually I had completely forgotten about it, that is until last month when I was faced with some devastating shocking news and my neck went out.  I could barely sleep so I headed to the chiropractor.  

He first found I had a disc out in my neck.   As he worked on correcting my muscles, nerves and spine through Applied Kinesiology, he also found there was some emotion in my governing meridian that was linked to the age of 17.  (Even though this may seem unorthodox, it happened to me nonetheless.  Christs Gospel was also unorthodox at His time:)  He asked what that could be?  

I knew the drill.  

Thanks to many friends and facilitators, I have been learning of how our life memories and storage of experiences can be simply recalled when we ask and allow them to come.

I said, "okay" and took a deep breath to ground myself.  Almost immediately I had a memory come to my mind.  

It was an experience of when I was on a date with a guy at the Maryland State Fair.  We met across the street at the bowling alley, where friends worked and often hung out, and we headed over.  There were hundreds of people walking through each row and I was walking with this guy whom I had never gone on a date with and another couple.  Out of no where, a short petite younger girl's fist was coming towards my face from around my right side.  The punch pushed me down on my back side onto the asphalt as she was over me, probably going for more.  I got my feet under me and shoved her with all my might.  She went up and over to the ground where my knee busted on the asphalt and I was now above her.  Two muscle men began holding us back saying, "Alright, break this up."  As if I even wanted it!

I was quite shocked and I think it pretty much ended my date.  

I went forward from there; on with my life patterns, not discovering them.  Not even knowing how they would impact me for ill for the next 24 years.  

Right there in that moment of recognition, in my mind, heart, body and spirit, and with that healing breath, I was able to release the impact of that blow.  I was informed I would go through the next 24-hours and my body systems would adjust.  I actually found myself crying in the evening and weeping through an entire two hour session at my house of worship that next day.  It was obviously connected because crying is not something I have often done since that time. 

From that one negative experience, I learned a few things:
  • That the young man I was with, didn't take her off me while I was down.
  • That I had to be my own defense.  I had to defend myself when accused, threatened, or punched in the face.
  • And boy do I hate the fair!
Now, these are not the only things I learned, but these are some of the false beliefs that cemented.  This impactful emotional experience cemented it well.  It actually again verified the lie that I have been told by my spiritual enemies my entire life.  As I have been releasing these types of things, I have come to understand my real life "wilderness" struggle and this was relevant to it.  

When this date of mine, stood and watched, and I got my feet under me and fought back, I also learned I had to hold-up a false-pride in my defense.  Not to be humble and hurt by someone punching me in the face or trying to take the guy whom I was with away, but to be overly defensive and stand in an overly confident way, when I was feeling shocked and scared inside.  It could be expected that was what I had to do and I believe many would do the same.  But it was this false belief of pride and over confidence and trying to defend from the shock and awe, that I chose to believe in that moment, and which I have continually seen when I feel threatened or scared. 
It was this single negative experience, emotion and falsehood which has been a burden on me and has negatively impacted some of my most important relationships.  I could go on sharing the stories, believe me, but I want to illustrate a very important message.  

Since releasing this single burden through the atoning power of Jesus Christ, I no longer feel a desire to hold up a defense in the face of shock and fear.  I have cried more in the last month than over the last 24 years.  I feel my tears have a deep root and are bringing out more hidden pain to give away to my Savior.   I've been able to see how much more pain, sorrow and burden I have to release through His enabling and atoning power and it makes me wonder, What else do I have to release?  What else is there?  What other pains and sorrows am I carrying?  What is my vulnerability and how can I allow Christ's strength to heal me fully?  (Writing this and asking myself these questions helped me know my next one to really address is fear.)
Look to the Son and shed that which is dead.
I believe this is a big reason why we are here sojourning on this planet Earth and that it should be our biggest educational concern.  But no matter the why, I'm beginning to know it is the only way to return.  We must recognize and feel the pain of our struggles and develop that essential pattern of calling out to our Creator for the comfort of home.  Then, be about releasing those; completely letting them go out and upward towards the Son, so we can be reformed by Him and restored to our true Divine Nature, thus be transformed and renewed.  
This is the purpose of this time of year.  This is the perfect time to renew. 

So I ask.... 

What else do you have to release? 

Pick up a pencil and a paper and write this question.  Then write whatever pops into your head.  Trust yourself.  You know inside.  Your Spirit knows.  Write until nothing comes.  Ask yourself if there is anything else?  God will answer.  Write it.  Then, take a deep breath and let it go out with your exhale.  

This releasing to Christ is truly The Way forward.  What are we waiting for?  Let's travel the course together and return!  

Fall Harvest Gatherings

Have you ever attended a harvest themed gathering where families bring pies from their own garden surplus?  It kind of sounds like a scene from Little House where they bake all day then, travel through the big woods to visit family and play with cousins.  Or those olden days in America where families gather for a barn raisings and some singing and dancing in the evening. 

Essentially, our Celebration committee is creating gatherings similar to these, but within our modern context and story.  Sure our story is of similar struggle with day to day living.  We are just in a different place and time, gathering for the purpose of living principles such as returning.
We are not waiting until the cold sets in, when the pumpkins and apples are ready.  But, we are holding this gathering at a special time in the original calendar.  It's actually the New Year and the Hebrew's have kept this original calendar since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden.  This month marks the end of the year 5,776.  October 3rd will then be the year 5,777 - Five thousand seven hundred years since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden.  It's interesting huh?  It's not common we hear of the dates being tracked since that time, but the Jews have been keeping records.

This time of year is holy to the Jews and those who honor our original beginnings.  It actually resembles a time of new beginnings; a time that is known among the Jewish culture, where Adam recognized he was "lost" and turned towards the Garden of Eden, calling out to our Father in Heaven in remorsefulness with a desire to return home.  A tradition ensued at some point, according to the Jews, where each year they gather all their unrepentant sins, burdens, mistakes and call out to release them in efforts to return back.  This showed their re-commitment to renew, to transform and to begin again to be God's people.   
To read more about the cry of the shofar and the Head (beginning) of the Year, see here.
Now in my Christian worldview, I know our Creator and Redeemer came to free us and was that gate keeper for Adam and Eve and all their posterity; us.   Even though he came in the meridian of time, Adam was taught to look forward and participate in certain rites which would help them remember and believe in His coming.   And I know, each weekly Sabbath is a symbolic time for us to return back towards our Father through the power of the atonement; to recognize, release and renew along with our families.

Nevertheless, this time of year is significant because I believe it holds certain seasonal or energetic turnings.  Each July I begin re-evaluating my schedule and life and spend the next few months organizing or ordering, in some way, to begin a new pattern in Sept/October.  I began noticing this pattern some years ago.  It was just happening to me without thinking about it, like it was my second nature.  I believe it was my inner light communicating truth to me actually.  Maybe it is a pattern you have noticed?  If not, try observing it for yourself.

Since this time of year is not only significant to me, but to our original family of old.  I felt it was the perfect time to add to the gatherings and turnings by inviting others to celebrate the story of us and our journey back home.  Although that is a big task and should be done daily, weekly and on a personal scale, why not do it as our people did in this land in a more recent time; gathering for sharing in the joy from our labors?    

Well, that's what we are doing!   On Friday, September 23rd, 2016 

Our theme:  Our Journey Home
Sing-a-long Song:  Long Way Home by Stephen Chapman Curtis
Pot-luck: Family Recipe Pie theme (dinner, desert or even casserole type-salads)

We are having: 
  • Story-building booth where we add our family stories together and create an original story by the end. 
  • Other Project booths like Waldorf hands-on with beeswax crayons; watercolor, nature creations, a Quilting circle, Food-storage samples, etc.
  • Contra-dancing (America's folk dance)   and open Ballroom dance after 2 ballroom performances.
  • Optional Family Pot-luck.
  • Singing together Long Way Home to accompany our theme: "Our Journey Home."
  • Live Fiddle and Mandolin playing.
  • Foundation Builder Guide children's dances.
  • Family, Like-minded friends, and Fun!

Get this FREE cookbook!
This spring I met a friend who was also preparing to teach others principles and she has made a principle-based cookbook about families who gathered to share in their harvest.  It's called Humble Pie by Ali Eisenach with Lemon Poppy Inc. and she is one of our sponsors for this years family Celebration.  The first 25 families will receive this cookbook FREE with their family ticket.   

And there is only room for 35 families!  Registration ends THIS Thursday, Sept 22nd!

Register and get details here  

However you look at it, it's a great way to gather with other families and begin the new year! 

~ Katie 

Discovering the Principles of Creation

I invite you to come discover the Principles of Creation with me!  

Invitation to Foundation Builder Guide from LiberLabs on Vimeo.

It’s a Hebraic principles program mentoring the Mother and providing positive affirmation thematic & holistic experiences for children incorporating all subjects and 7 Liberal Arts.

Our next set of monthly classes begins Monday, August 29th at 6:30 am.
And we have added bonus online Storytelling & Project Building Workshops on Aug. 24th & 25th from 6:-7:30 am.  All in the Foundation Builder Guide Welcome.

Read more about it here:

The Skills of Discovery

I want to share this simple un-edited video of me sharing about the Skills of Discovery.  I talk about them tons on this site, but it may help you in your journey of challenging assumptions and discovering personal meanings through Nature.  

Enjoy finding God in everything!

A Natural Learning Process

I just laugh inside when i think of this...

Last Fall, my daughter began reading a series of books when I saw her countenance change a bit for the worse.  There were a few other factors to consider for the reason, but I did what I felt necessary, and told her I needed her to stop reading them; to take a break and to read other great books we had on our shelves.  She didn't like that "No" answer and said she wouldn't read anything.  I said without fear, "Okay."

One day after a few months (she had still read books around the house), I randomly printed off a Reading Chart I found on the internet (like the one below) for a few of my children, and put them under the plastic cover on our dining room table.  After a few days, she said with excitement, "Mom, if I read fifty classics, can I read the ______ books again?"  I said, "Sure."

So, she began discovering many amazing characters and world's through the eyes of great people who lived and live great lives.

The other day she said with a laugh, "What if those books aren't exciting anymore?"   "That's very possible," I said with a smile....Then an older child chimed in on that as well.

Today she did it!!  She finished fifty other books I agreed were more classic. 

While her story will continue onward, I smile inside for the small miracle this experience has been.  She has read like she never read before.  I have seen her face lighten up with excitement over the stories of the Girl of the Limber-lost, Anne of Green Gables, Phantom Tollbooth, Charlie's Monument, Little Women, Little Men, Mother Theresa, etc.   Will the other series be exciting still?  Time will only tell, but I love how she has learned to trust.  Trust there is greater substance in some of those stories on the shelves than she thought Trust to move forward with more faith-fullness and hope.   Her faith has been verified in this process.   Her ability to choose more wisely is increasing.  Her heart has been affected for the good and her light and vision has increased.  
Subjects learned in this process:
Language Arts-Reading, Discussing, etc.
Scientific-Exploration and Discovery, etc.
Mathematics-Charting progress, Analyzing, etc.
History/Geography- Biographical Stories and Locations.
Added benefits: Value of Family & Mentoring, Gaining greater Vision,
Faith in Believing "I can things that seem harder." etc.
I didn't plan it.  But, I knew there was so much more valuable content to inspire her elsewhere and I completely trusted God's natural learning process with humble followers.

As she became more humble in accepting the situation, she searched for more options with getting what she desired and she asked.  She began seeing options she had never considered and her trust and faith grew.

We all learn in these same ways.  It's the same process that brings us inward growth and character, that inner strength and courage to act - believing something will work out, and move in directions which may seem undesirable or unknown at first.  Whether it is learning in our minds, for our bodies or social/emotional lessons in relationships, it's all the same process.  And remember, God does not separate learning into different buildings or age groups.  God gives us families and relationships to learn these most important learning lessons.  

Celebrating Our Ancient Story: Passover

Consider Celebrating Passover with your family this Spring.  Why Celebrate it?  
The symbols and order of foods teach humility and gratitude, remembrance of our Ancient story and of Christ.  It compliments everything we Christians believe.
How do you do it?  
Gather the foods.  Make the Unleavened bread or buy Matzah.  Make the Haroset or use Applesauce.  Pre-read the stories of Ancient Israel in the Bible.  (I get my lamb from a local Greek Take-out.)  
Passover Simulation from Foundation Builder Guide done at Liber Academy 2015.
Here is the simulation I wrote in 2014 in the thematic unit of the Foundation Builder  Guidebook Principle 7. 
The OBJECTIVE and purpose of this simulation is to give the Mothers and children an experience with a “Jewish” feast and the symbolism connected with it. As the food is eaten, have the lead mother or designate another to tell the stories of the Hebrews and ask questions about the symbolic foods.  If you hold both feasts in one day, it is suggested that in between these two Feasts, the children are taken outside or to another area to participate in the Mattock Dance while the next feast is set up.
SUGGESTED SET-UP:  Place utensils, napkins, and saucers with salt water like condiments on the “tables.” Prepare the plates as a Seder plate with the seven different foods, then pass out plates to children.  For background understanding of purposes and symbolism of Jewish Passover Feasts, read the Haggadah, Celebrate! by Gilda Berger (Jewish author) or Celebrating Passover by Marianne Monson-Burton (LDS author).
INSTRUCTIONS: Passover Feast: Gather, present and eat these seven symbolic food items for a Passover Feast. Tell the following stories: Israel’s Flight from Egypt, The Unleavened Bread, The Last Supper .
  1. Unleavened bread – This symbol originally represented the needfulness of Israel fleeing with their bread not yet risen. Bread without yeast can last a long time and leavened bread goes bad. Today, it can represent the Savior as the Bread of Life and the corruption of sin and the Incorruption of the Savior, just as the unleavened bread is easily incorruptible.
  2. Greens – (Romaine Lettuce or Parsley Dipped in salt water) Dipping the greens in salt water represents the tears of Israel in Egypt under bondage. The greens represent the hope and rebirth of freedom as the hope of spring after a long winter.
  3. Grape Juice – This represents the covenant the Lord made to Israel (Exodus6:6-8)
  4. Haroset – This represent s the mortar in Egpyt, another reminder of their slavery.
  5. Horseradish – This represents the bitterness of bondage/slavery and sin.
  6.  Egg – This symbolized a new life and the temple, which are both derived from the Hebrew word home.
  7. Lamb – A lamb was used for the sacrifices in the Temple. This lamb had to be the first born with no blemishes, no broken bones, etc. This Paschal Lamb represents the Christ, the lamb without blemish who paid the price for our redemption and who is the bride price for Israel.
Passover Simulation from Foundation Builder Guide done at Liber Academy 2015.
Passover Simulation from Foundation Builder Guide done at Liber Academy 2015.
Tell the Stories of Israel being set free from bondage while eating the Passover foods.  
"Let my people go." - Moses Exodus Ch 7 - 11
The Passover meal: Exodus 12
Found on Google Search
Eat the foods and discuss. Ask questions like:
What do you notice? Why did our family of Israel eat these bitter herbs? Why unleavened bread? Why the lamb? Do we feast together as a family today? When? Where?
Let your children come up with the answers!  When learning symbolism, it is important to allow them to make their own connections.  If you want to tell them what it could mean, STOP and tell a story instead.  That way, the visual images of the stories will invite, engage the mind, heart - appealing to the senses of your children, and it will be so much more meaningful and memorable!!
You can also add the stories our future feast with Christ through these:  
  1. The Parable of the Ten Virgins - emphasizing the Wedding Feast,
  2. Fairy Tale: King Thrushbeard (A story of the Bridegroom, His dealings with Israel and His coming Wedding Feast).
Found on Google Search, Author Walter Rane   

Dance in between and at the end if you want!   No worries, dancing is our Original Culture!!

Enjoy these recipe's:
2 tart apples1/2 cup walnuts1/4 teaspoon cinnamon1 teaspoon honey1 tablespoon apple juiceCore apples (it is not necessary to peel them). Chop apples and walnuts together in food processor blender or by hand until finely chopped (the size of grape nuts) With a wooden spoon, stir in the cinnamon, honey and apple juice until well blended. Will serve 10-12 people. Serving is 1 teaspoonMix all ingredients.Add enough juice to bind the mixture.
Unleavened Bread--
Ingredients:1 teaspoon all-purpose flour for dusting*1 cup all-purpose flour*1/3 cup water, or more if needed1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, or as needed (optional)1 teaspoon olive oil, or as needed (optional)Directions:Move an oven rack near the top of oven and preheat oven to 475 degrees F (245 degrees C). Preheat a heavy baking sheet in the oven.Dust a clean work surface and a rolling pin with 1 teaspoon flour, or as needed. Place 1 cup of flour into a mixing bowl; set a timer for about 16 minutes (18 minutes maximum). Start the timer; pour the water, about 1 tablespoon at a time, into the flour. Stir the water and flour together with a fork until the dough forms a rough ball, remove the dough to the prepared work surface, knead rapidly and firmly until smooth, about 30 seconds to 1 minute. 
Divide the dough into four equal pieces; cut each piece in half again to get 8 pieces total. Swiftly roll each piece into a ball. Roll each piece of dough out into a 5-inch pancake, dusting the top and rolling pin with flour as needed. Gradually roll the pancakes out to a size of about 8 inches, increasing the size of each by about 1 inch, then letting the dough rest for a few seconds before rolling again to the finished size. Roll from the center out. The bread rounds should be very thin. Using a fork, quickly pierce each bread about 25 times, all over, to prevent rising. The holes should go completely through the bread. Flip the bread over, and pierce each piece another 25 times with the fork.With at least 5 minutes left on the timer, remove the hot baking sheet from the preheated oven, and place the rounds onto the baking sheet. Place the baking sheet onto the rack near the top of the oven, and bake for 2 minutes; turn the breads over and bake an additional 2 minutes, until the matzot are lightly browned and crisp.Transfer to a wire rack to cool. Lightly anoint each matzah with olive oil, using a brush, and sprinkle generously with salt.
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