Discovering the Principles of Creation

I invite you to come discover the Principles of Creation with me!  

Invitation to Foundation Builder Guide from LiberLabs on Vimeo.

It’s a Hebraic principles program mentoring the Mother and providing positive affirmation thematic & holistic experiences for children incorporating all subjects and 7 Liberal Arts.

Our next set of monthly classes begins Monday, August 29th at 6:30 am.
And we have added bonus online Storytelling & Project Building Workshops on Aug. 24th & 25th from 6:-7:30 am.  All in the Foundation Builder Guide Welcome.

Read more about it here:

The Skills of Discovery

I want to share this simple un-edited video of me sharing about the Skills of Discovery.  I talk about them tons on this site, but it may help you in your journey of challenging assumptions and discovering personal meanings through Nature.  

Enjoy finding God in everything!

A Natural Learning Process

I just laugh inside when i think of this...

Last Fall, my daughter began reading a series of books when I saw her countenance change a bit for the worse.  There were a few other factors to consider for the reason, but I did what I felt necessary, and told her I needed her to stop reading them; to take a break and to read other great books we had on our shelves.  She didn't like that "No" answer and said she wouldn't read anything.  I said without fear, "Okay."

One day after a few months (she had still read books around the house), I randomly printed off a Reading Chart I found on the internet (like the one below) for a few of my children, and put them under the plastic cover on our dining room table.  After a few days, she said with excitement, "Mom, if I read fifty classics, can I read the ______ books again?"  I said, "Sure."

So, she began discovering many amazing characters and world's through the eyes of great people who lived and live great lives.

The other day she said with a laugh, "What if those books aren't exciting anymore?"   "That's very possible," I said with a smile....Then an older child chimed in on that as well.

Today she did it!!  She finished fifty other books I agreed were more classic. 

While her story will continue onward, I smile inside for the small miracle this experience has been.  She has read like she never read before.  I have seen her face lighten up with excitement over the stories of the Girl of the Limber-lost, Anne of Green Gables, Phantom Tollbooth, Charlie's Monument, Little Women, Little Men, Mother Theresa, etc.   Will the other series be exciting still?  Time will only tell, but I love how she has learned to trust.  Trust there is greater substance in some of those stories on the shelves than she thought Trust to move forward with more faith-fullness and hope.   Her faith has been verified in this process.   Her ability to choose more wisely is increasing.  Her heart has been affected for the good and her light and vision has increased.  
Subjects learned in this process:
Language Arts-Reading, Discussing, etc.
Scientific-Exploration and Discovery, etc.
Mathematics-Charting progress, Analyzing, etc.
History/Geography- Biographical Stories and Locations.
Added benefits: Value of Family & Mentoring, Gaining greater Vision,
Faith in Believing "I can things that seem harder." etc.
I didn't plan it.  But, I knew there was so much more valuable content to inspire her elsewhere and I completely trusted God's natural learning process with humble followers.

As she became more humble in accepting the situation, she searched for more options with getting what she desired and she asked.  She began seeing options she had never considered and her trust and faith grew.

We all learn in these same ways.  It's the same process that brings us inward growth and character, that inner strength and courage to act - believing something will work out, and move in directions which may seem undesirable or unknown at first.  Whether it is learning in our minds, for our bodies or social/emotional lessons in relationships, it's all the same process.  And remember, God does not separate learning into different buildings or age groups.  God gives us families and relationships to learn these most important learning lessons.  

Celebrating Our Ancient Story: Passover

Consider Celebrating Passover with your family this Spring.  Why Celebrate it?  
The symbols and order of foods teach humility and gratitude, remembrance of our Ancient story and of Christ.  It compliments everything we Christians believe.
How do you do it?  
Gather the foods.  Make the Unleavened bread or buy Matzah.  Make the Haroset or use Applesauce.  Pre-read the stories of Ancient Israel in the Bible.  (I get my lamb from a local Greek Take-out.)  
Passover Simulation from Foundation Builder Guide done at Liber Academy 2015.
Here is the simulation I wrote in 2014 in the thematic unit of the Foundation Builder  Guidebook Principle 7. 
The OBJECTIVE and purpose of this simulation is to give the Mothers and children an experience with a “Jewish” feast and the symbolism connected with it. As the food is eaten, have the lead mother or designate another to tell the stories of the Hebrews and ask questions about the symbolic foods.  If you hold both feasts in one day, it is suggested that in between these two Feasts, the children are taken outside or to another area to participate in the Mattock Dance while the next feast is set up.
SUGGESTED SET-UP:  Place utensils, napkins, and saucers with salt water like condiments on the “tables.” Prepare the plates as a Seder plate with the seven different foods, then pass out plates to children.  For background understanding of purposes and symbolism of Jewish Passover Feasts, read the Haggadah, Celebrate! by Gilda Berger (Jewish author) or Celebrating Passover by Marianne Monson-Burton (LDS author).
INSTRUCTIONS: Passover Feast: Gather, present and eat these seven symbolic food items for a Passover Feast. Tell the following stories: Israel’s Flight from Egypt, The Unleavened Bread, The Last Supper .
  1. Unleavened bread – This symbol originally represented the needfulness of Israel fleeing with their bread not yet risen. Bread without yeast can last a long time and leavened bread goes bad. Today, it can represent the Savior as the Bread of Life and the corruption of sin and the Incorruption of the Savior, just as the unleavened bread is easily incorruptible.
  2. Greens – (Romaine Lettuce or Parsley Dipped in salt water) Dipping the greens in salt water represents the tears of Israel in Egypt under bondage. The greens represent the hope and rebirth of freedom as the hope of spring after a long winter.
  3. Grape Juice – This represents the covenant the Lord made to Israel (Exodus6:6-8)
  4. Haroset – This represent s the mortar in Egpyt, another reminder of their slavery.
  5. Horseradish – This represents the bitterness of bondage/slavery and sin.
  6.  Egg – This symbolized a new life and the temple, which are both derived from the Hebrew word home.
  7. Lamb – A lamb was used for the sacrifices in the Temple. This lamb had to be the first born with no blemishes, no broken bones, etc. This Paschal Lamb represents the Christ, the lamb without blemish who paid the price for our redemption and who is the bride price for Israel.
Passover Simulation from Foundation Builder Guide done at Liber Academy 2015.
Passover Simulation from Foundation Builder Guide done at Liber Academy 2015.
Tell the Stories of Israel being set free from bondage while eating the Passover foods.  
"Let my people go." - Moses Exodus Ch 7 - 11
The Passover meal: Exodus 12
Found on Google Search
Eat the foods and discuss. Ask questions like:
What do you notice? Why did our family of Israel eat these bitter herbs? Why unleavened bread? Why the lamb? Do we feast together as a family today? When? Where?
Let your children come up with the answers!  When learning symbolism, it is important to allow them to make their own connections.  If you want to tell them what it could mean, STOP and tell a story instead.  That way, the visual images of the stories will invite, engage the mind, heart - appealing to the senses of your children, and it will be so much more meaningful and memorable!!
You can also add the stories our future feast with Christ through these:  
  1. The Parable of the Ten Virgins - emphasizing the Wedding Feast,
  2. Fairy Tale: King Thrushbeard (A story of the Bridegroom, His dealings with Israel and His coming Wedding Feast).
Found on Google Search, Author Walter Rane   

Dance in between and at the end if you want!   No worries, dancing is our Original Culture!!

Enjoy these recipe's:
2 tart apples1/2 cup walnuts1/4 teaspoon cinnamon1 teaspoon honey1 tablespoon apple juiceCore apples (it is not necessary to peel them). Chop apples and walnuts together in food processor blender or by hand until finely chopped (the size of grape nuts) With a wooden spoon, stir in the cinnamon, honey and apple juice until well blended. Will serve 10-12 people. Serving is 1 teaspoonMix all ingredients.Add enough juice to bind the mixture.
Unleavened Bread--
Ingredients:1 teaspoon all-purpose flour for dusting*1 cup all-purpose flour*1/3 cup water, or more if needed1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, or as needed (optional)1 teaspoon olive oil, or as needed (optional)Directions:Move an oven rack near the top of oven and preheat oven to 475 degrees F (245 degrees C). Preheat a heavy baking sheet in the oven.Dust a clean work surface and a rolling pin with 1 teaspoon flour, or as needed. Place 1 cup of flour into a mixing bowl; set a timer for about 16 minutes (18 minutes maximum). Start the timer; pour the water, about 1 tablespoon at a time, into the flour. Stir the water and flour together with a fork until the dough forms a rough ball, remove the dough to the prepared work surface, knead rapidly and firmly until smooth, about 30 seconds to 1 minute. 
Divide the dough into four equal pieces; cut each piece in half again to get 8 pieces total. Swiftly roll each piece into a ball. Roll each piece of dough out into a 5-inch pancake, dusting the top and rolling pin with flour as needed. Gradually roll the pancakes out to a size of about 8 inches, increasing the size of each by about 1 inch, then letting the dough rest for a few seconds before rolling again to the finished size. Roll from the center out. The bread rounds should be very thin. Using a fork, quickly pierce each bread about 25 times, all over, to prevent rising. The holes should go completely through the bread. Flip the bread over, and pierce each piece another 25 times with the fork.With at least 5 minutes left on the timer, remove the hot baking sheet from the preheated oven, and place the rounds onto the baking sheet. Place the baking sheet onto the rack near the top of the oven, and bake for 2 minutes; turn the breads over and bake an additional 2 minutes, until the matzot are lightly browned and crisp.Transfer to a wire rack to cool. Lightly anoint each matzah with olive oil, using a brush, and sprinkle generously with salt.
Celebrating Our Ancient Story,

An Original Way of Learning

Are you searching for more of a natural organic way of learning and teaching, which will protect the agency of your children and connect you all to our original culture and story?  

Maybe you are satisfied with your Government-led, left-brained approach to schooling and are not looking for better solutions, but if you are not satisfied and would like a more Original Way to learn, my husband and I have been busy creating a principle-based guide to help Mother's (& Father's) teach this culture and story in their homes;  through character building stories & storytelling, project building, discovery experiences, etc.  

This Guide encourages:
Learning through relationship building connection and Play.  ~Exploring and discovering Principles of Creation:
  • In Nature - through shape, number, symbols, exploring in mathematics;
  • In Language - storytelling original stories, and includes storytelling lessons and videos for 8+ year old children  (Mother's too) and storytelling 22 stories of Israel, Positive scripting and words;
  • In movement - song & dance, simulations, games, project building, exploring all sciences.   
When you do this, then + Add your family/individual reading time with classics sharing wholeness, journaling, calculating, measuring, family & home work, etc. with Christ in the center.

What do you get?

= Whole-brain, Project-learning, Liberal Arts thinking skills, Charlotte Mason, Montessori style, Multiple Intelligence-learning.  Storytelling.  
And introducing: Principles of Creation delivered to children, The Organic Environments, Skills of Discovery, Positive Scripting Songs and Stories.   
(All the while giving your children a Servant-Leadership Education) 

= Real Learning

It's called The Foundation Builder Guide (with additional printed Guidebooks).  It is original thematic units teaching symbolic principles for Mother's to use with their children.  (That means there can be endless of ways to use this because their are multiple layers of meaning with the symbols.)

 These Guidebooks can be used as a whole curriculum or a 
supplement in your family or home learning.   

Principle 1 - 8 Guidebooks are ready for ordering in a set.

See details here.

I know you will love this heart-nurturing experience in your family!  

Happy Day,

Our Story & Culture in the Bible

When was the last time you read the Old Testament?  How about the New?  Did you know of the foundation it has layed for cultures all over the world and how it's culture lead in Equality, Moral & Ethical Code, Justice, and Marriage & Family? 

               A set of scriptures lying on top of a pile of other activities, paired with the words “Uncover Buried Treasure.”

As I have read, pondered, explored, asked, sought, knocked and noticed through the record of the Jews known as Hebrew, I have truly been taught from the Ancients the story of Israel.  If it wasn't for my asking, 'What it was God wanted me to do,' heeding Paul's example, I don't know how I would have gone on this journey learning Our Story in the way I did.   And it has literally revealed to me how I am to prepare for my future service.  
Clarify your questions, then go digging everywhere for the answers in that book.

The Hebrew Way is in there.  

Reading the Bible cover to cover is great, but I do suggest finding your purpose for your search.   We have a great responsibility to seek after, understand and live the teachings in these stories.  We have a great responsibility to be that relatively few and small community, penetrating through the onslaught of false ideas and beliefs about God, His kind and our True culture and story.    

I would argue it is our purpose and mission. 
"Do we appreciate the fact that its God-inspired values—preserved by a relatively small community—survived ages of widespread turmoil and false beliefs to eventually spread teachings regarding God and morality throughout the world in preparation for greater revelations to follow?" 
                                                                  -Chris Conkling 
Read more in this article called The Book That Built a Better World

My Real Passion: The Gathering of Isreal

Have you ever wondered why I have a gathering theme here as I share about The Hebrew Way?
When I began this journey,  the name The Gathering Place and the wheat theme was very clear.  So I began building and gathering resources to share about The Hebrew Way.  But, I was not sure exactly what that entailed.  After I was directed to start classes and began learning the symbolic and principle-based nature of the Hebrew Alphabet, I learned a breadth and depth about learning and teaching in the original ancient way.  This has given me a complex understanding of what I am called to teach, as well as how I am to teach it.

Well, I have had an inkling that all this had to do with the Gathering of Israel to some degree, but i really couldn't imagine that this girl could do much about that.  However, when I began, I had a strong impression that what I had to share was for those in the "north."

As I began learning symbolism, one of the words which really jumped off the page at me was the symbolic meaning of "north."  In the Hebraeic cultural understanding, when one went "north" they were "going into sin" and became "lost."  So it became known to me that as I taught these truths and principles, I would be bringing others to a remembrance of who they were in relation to Israel's story or to a larger understanding of what happened to the family of Israel and therefore where they fit in that story; God's story.

That is what my Hebrew study has given me.  Along with learning from the Source of the ancient symbols, the principles which compliment the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it has given me the context of the story of the House of Israel; what has happened to us, both today and anciently.  (I include you and I because most of America is a remnant of the House of Israel purely because our ancestors came out of Europe or another Island where the remnants were, or because we have accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior.)

Last weekend I had the chance to share my message in a simple conversation with 3 others and as I did, my real purpose came out; how I think I may be helping in some way in The Gathering of Israel.  They exclaimed, "Why aren't you saying that? You obviously are passionate about this and are being called and taught about it, so why don't you say that?"  My jaw was wide open with a smile... "Can I say that???"  (I realized I have had a guy on my shoulder saying, "Who are you to say that?" for quite some time.)

I knew it immediately.  They were absolutely right!   This IS why I am searching and learning.  This IS why I am teaching.  This is why I am teaching the principles that build foundation and the principles that unlock our chambers.  It is because I want to help gather my family of Israel.  I want to assist in bringing others to an awareness or an awakening to truths they already know and which will connect them to OUR story.  This is also why I am passionate about building community.  All I want is for us to unite and come feast at the table together with Christ.

So there it is.  I found it.

Here we are.

I only ask, if you have this love and desire like me, please help.

I am calling all who want to assist in The Gathering of Israel, to join me.

Subscribe here. Spread this message. Connect with me on FB.  I will be beginning free classes teaching the principles with OUR story.

Keep in touch!

The Hebrew Way: A Principle-based Life

What is the Hebrew Way?

The Hebrew Way is something I have been taught on my journey after I began asking what it was God wanted me to do, like Paul in the New Testament did.  This journey and discovery has nurtured a love within and I have come to know it relates to what I love and what God has called me to share.

If you think of everything you know about the Ancient Nomadic people who recorded their spiritual teachings and history in the Bible, then you are getting closer.  But most likely, you may think you and I are evolved in some form or that we are better than them because they may not have had technological advances like we have and therefore they couldn't possibly have known the truths we do today.  Even with many modern prophets and truths which have been restored to the Earth once more (see, sometimes we may be tempted to think they didn't know quiet everything.  

If you think of everything you may know about Hebrew, you might be getting a little closer.  Do you know that the term Hebrew is referring not only to the Jewish people, but also to all the other Tribes of the House of Jacob or Israel?  If you do, you are right.  Do you know Hebrew is not only a foreign language, but is also a symbolic language teaching a cultural story and set of principles to lead our lives? If you do, you are getting lots closer.   

The Hebrew Way encompasses restoring the original way of living, being and doing; a whole new mindset of culture and principles which make life so meaningful in every turn.  It takes what we already know of The Gospel of Jesus Christ as Christians or Christians with a latter-day restoration world-view, and gives additional understanding and perspective while at the same time aligning perfectly with what Christ taught in His life and through His Word and prophets.

The Hebrew way shows us how to live a life that is Principle-based and to lead from Principle in everything we do; including how to learn from principles and how to teach from principles.

Ultimately, The Hebrew Way shows us HOW to be and do.

Come experience the Hebrew Way with us!

Building Foundation Through The Principles of Creation

How do you help your children build their foundation?   Really??  How do you "do" it?? How do you "Be" it for them so they know how?   I'd love to hear!  If you have any thoughts, please leave a comment in the section below.  
Building Foundation has been a major focus in my years as a mother.  Maybe it is because of my life experience growing up in the East and being one of those under-protected children roaming from field to field.  Or the fact that I didn't have much adult guidance and learned mostly from my peers, which wasn't much to be desired and left me unprepared for my desired path as a Mother. 

After 10 years of focusing on learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my morning devotionals with my children, my direction shifted slightly as I began to see in new angles and perspectives.  It was when I fell in a pit, you know, and searched harder and stronger because I had an even greater need.  During that time, I was asking questions I had never thought of asking.  Un-coincidentally, I was also receiving and recording in a way I had never done before and I began seeing circles all over my scriptures.  We began memorizing these scriptures and it has changed they way I view my world.  It is what happened through this that brought me on the journey I am on today.  I began learning principles and truths from a ancient paradigm much broader and more applicable to my life than I could have imagined.  I was awakening and finding a gem which stirred a love that lay hidden within me.   I share this with you because this love and passion has given me something I need to share and teach with the world; something I know I was born to do.  

It is here where I began teaching this love outside my home.  Not only was I building my own foundation on Christ and developing an even deeper relationship with Him through this whole process, but I was learning how foundation building those principles were and I experienced first-hand the effect the principles had on the hearts of others.   

Since I began, I have spent 3-4 years researching stories and resources to share with others as I teach.  It is my desire to help spread these true principles in an agency-protecting way so that you too can strengthen your foundation and grow your relationship with Christ through discovering these "Principles of Creation" from the Language of Creation - Symbolic Ancient Hebrew, as well as, helping you help your families.  I have also learned this process of foundation building by self-discovering The Principles of Creation through freedom is part of The Hebrew Way, which is here and there - very organically for you to discover on this site.  

What are these Principles of Creation?  Let me explain a little here in this video.

Allow me to guide you in discovering these Principles of Creation in my online Workshop/Discussion Calls so that you can share and mentor them in your homes.  Through: resources of storytelling classic children's stories, mathematical and scientific exploration and discovery, creating with The Organic Environment and Materials, original children stories, songs and cultural dances, positive affirming scripts, devotionals, scriptures, poems,etc.  I am sharing these through a program called The Foundation Builder Guide.

If you are curious what I provide in this Foundation Builder Guide, here is one quick example of a Fairy Tale and discussion I could have with my children to teach one of the principles from one of the "letters" of the Symbolic Ancient Hebrew.  The key is knowing the principles and asking the right questions and that's what I mentor Mother's through and to do, in my Principles Workshops/Calls online.  (more examples coming as well)

Now look at the many academic subjects this simple discussion entails:
Language Arts: Classic Literature, Art
Scientific Thinking Skills:  Analyzing, 
Comparing, Evaluating, Observing, 
Exploring, Relating, Internalizing, Creating. 

If you are interested in learning these Principles of Creation for yourself and/or to teach them to your children, in your homes, once a month, week or everyday, I am starting a discussion call Saturday, January 23rd.  Sign-up by January 18th to receive all the resources, study materials, recordings, etc. to prepare yourself for our discussion.   

The schedule is here.  We are meeting in an online class every last Monday morning at 6:30 am MST, starting August 29th, 2016 through March 2017, to discuss the 1st - 8th Principles. This will help you the Mother, discover these Principles for yourself so you can invite your children to play and learn with you.  Register for the class by purchasing a Family Membership on the House of the Book (dot) org site.

What is the House of the Book?
Want to see more sample videos?

Since you may not have my particular passion to share these principles, I'd love to hear about how you help your children build foundation.  I know you are already building foundation in your homes to some extent or another.  And, I'd love to hear how!  Come share your comments below.

What is Your Story?

I am doing something, that I have wanted to do for a long time, but didn't know how.  I would like to invite you to join me in encouraging others to come to know their story - this very important Journey of Discipleship, which is Our Pilgrim's Course!

I want to hear your story!!   This story pattern does not just show up within my story, it's with everyone who has breath.  I am supposing, the more we share, the more others will awaken to their own stories.   If you are brave, will you share your story here?  Or even your beginning?  What is your beginning?  I know many of you have experienced one.  

I have seen my life change because I have made serious sacrifices to have beginnings.  Each time I make those sacrifices, my life transforms for the best!  
When I was 19, I was reborn!  Completely and at a surprise to me.  The joy and personal inspired direction in my life increased and brought me to the top of the mountain.  I took a turn and fell off the cliff and into a deep pit.  I continued the best I knew, but I was blind and asleep; for many years.  After looking around me and coming to a realization something was wrong, I began reaching, searching, calling out for help, digging and knocking loudly.   After seven years of climbing, I have awoken!!  I know Who I am and Why I am here!  I also found out I had fallen asleep and it was THE same PATTERN in which Israel has found herself time in and time out.  
So what is your story?  Who are You and Why are you here?
Questions to ask yourself or Writing Prompts:

  • Was there a time my life dramatically shifted for good?
  • Have I received truths after seriously searching? 
  • What does a beginning look like and what is mine?
  • Have I had a serious witness of my God-led path?
  • Have I been reborn?  What happened next?
  • Has there been a time in my life where I felt heaven's help?
  • What truths have I been discovering about my journey?  

Begin today!  If you are interested in sharing here, email me your story or beginning, and a picture of you or representing your journey!  Otherwise, I highly encourage you to begin writing your story today. 

'Till then, Carry On!