Is God's Ultimate Purpose to Continue His House & Seed?

If this truth (right) could have been preserved in the original 5 Books of Moses, where would it have been taught?
Would it have been ~
  • In the building of His House and Tabernacle, where the measurements and ordinances all point to our return? (Exodus 22-35)
  • In the Treaty where God and the House of Israel entered into a Covenant relationship, with Him telling His Heirs that He loves them and wants them to return to Him by keeping those 10 Commandments? (Exodus 20, Deut. 5)
  • In the story of Abram becoming Abraham and entering into a Covenant? (Genesis 15-17)
  • In the evidence that God preserved 8 souls on Noah's ark to continue His children on the Earth? (Genesis 6-7)
  • After the Creation where He instructed Adam and Eve to multiply and replenish the Earth? (Genesis 1)
Or, would it have been in another place?
We praise our God in all things and in honor of Him, praise be to God! Is it possible He wants us back with Him and to help bring to pass our Immortality and Eternal Life, which in the end, Glorifies His work? Is it possible this part got left out of Moses writings? Just because this truth may not have been mentioned in the Bible, it doesn't mean we can't go to the original sources to search for the full picture of this truth.

With the help of the Holy Spirit and God's Word (Ancient & Modern Prophets), and our syntopical study through faith, we've been discovering the Principles of Creation. Understanding these "Principles" helps give greater insight into the Old Testament because they stem from the original language of the Bible. (Biblical Hebrew) With that as our foundation, we believe God wants to "Continue His House" and Seed on the Earth for His Glorious purposes. (See Seed in Foundation Builder Guide's Early Semitic Pictographic Alphabet Book.)
What are your thoughts?

Here is a song about how God may want us to share our light and how it Glorifies Him.

Twenty and two Years: The Formula for Peace & Prosperity

December 23, 2018 ~ Today is a miracle to me.
This picture has hung on our wall for nearly 20 years.
Two years ago, in a very rough time for our family, on a very hard day at a time when I was angry and tempted to give up, I heard a crash in the other room.  I went out of my room to see this picture had fallen onto the wood floor.  Glass shattered tearing the picture in the process.  That was interesting!  I knew we were under serious attack from darkness, but to have that happen was a witness of who was behind that intense trial.  I left it there and when my husband came home to see that he was shocked.  I nonchalantly told him it it fell off the wall.  Because the picture was destroyed, I ended up throwing it away, then later found my husband had taken it out of the trash and tucked it away anyway, which was sweet to me.
Today, we are now celebrating 22 years of marriage.  
It's been a special year.  A year of trusting and witnessing the light move ahead more than we've ever noticed before. A year of living God's patterns of 22 even more.  I'm deeply changed to have experienced such growth through these last twenty and two years of being married.
In one of my favorite books, The Book of Mosiah from the Book of Mormon, the families inherited the land of their fathers for the space of 22 years. The men and women stood in their roles to protect & provide and nurture & create, and they prospered.  For 22 years they had continual peace and the Kingdom was able to be established.
And it came to pass that we again began to establish the kingdom and we again began to possess the land in peace. And I caused that there should be weapons of war made of every kind, that thereby I might have weapons for my people against the time the Lamanites should come up again to war against my people.   
And I set guards round about the land, that the Lamanites might not come upon us again unawares and destroy us; and thus I did guard my people and my flocks, and keep them from falling into the hands of our enemies.
And it came to pass that we did inherit the land of our fathers for many years, yea, for the space of twenty and two years.
And I did cause that the men should till the ground, and raise all manner of grain and all manner of fruit of every kind.
And I did cause that the women should spin, and toil, and work, and work all manner of fine linen, yea, and cloth of every kind, that we might clothe our nakedness; and thus we did prosper in the land—thus we did have continual peace in the land for the space of twenty and two years.
These verses in chapter 10 of Mosiah teach me there is a formula for receiving peace and prosperity, to the end of inheriting God's Kingdom.  When two come together in God's house with His covenants, within His sealing ordinance, receiving peace & prosperity is truly possible.
It takes the two of us to stand together in our roles in the home and house; just like the male & female who are within the house as found in Natures Laws.  As we learn and stand in our roles as husband and wife, and act in those responsibilities, I am beginning to know, even more than ever before, we will inherit God's peace and prosperity. 

That is twenty and two years to me.  After a great release and Jubilee leading up to our 21st year, a pattern of peace followed; God's formula for inheriting peace and prosperity is making itself known to us.

At The Shrine of the Book in Israel 2017 in our 21st Jubilee Year
Our union these 22 years is such a gift to me!   Thank you Michael for this opportunity of grow and progress towards receiving greater peace and prosperity.   Thank you wonderful friends and family for all your examples of union and strength.  
Here is a witness in Nature. Two unfolding gifts revealing their peace and prosperity.

As we all stand in this commitment to act in our roles as husbands and wives, we are truly lighting the world! 

  • Read Mosiah 10 for this formula of Peace & Prosperity

Cry of the Shofar, A Cry to Heaven

I love hearing this sound!   It is the sound of the Shofar on a Jerusalem street filmed as we were walking from the market.  
Maybe it's because I have come to understand it represents one crying out to Heaven to be able to come back into their presence; one who is deeply longing to return, to come home to a place of safety and comfort?  Maybe it's because I have come to personally relate to it and I feel that sound within me, crying out to Heaven, deeply longing to return?

According to the Jewish history, this time of year is holy.  It resembles a time of new beginnings and a time when Adam recognized he was "lost" and turned towards the Garden of Eden, calling out to our Father in Heaven filled with remorse, with a desire to return home.   Each year this special sound can be heard, representing all faithful Israelite's calling back to that Garden of Heaven's presence.  

This can be summed up in a simple parable from Rabbi Israel Baai Shem Tov:
A King had an only son, the apple of his eye. The King wanted his son to master different fields of knowledge and to experience various cultures, so he sent him to a far-off country, supplied with a generous quantity of silver and gold. Far away from home, the son squandered all the money until he was left completely destitute. In his distress he resolved to return to his father's house and after much difficulty, he managed to arrive at the gate of the courtyard to his father's palace.
In the passage of time, he had actually forgotten the language of his native country, and he was unable to identify himself to the guards. In utter despair he began to cry out in a loud voice, and the King, who recognized the voice of his son, went out to him and brought him into the house, kissing him and hugging him.
The meaning of the parable: The King is G-d. The prince is the Jewish people, who are called "Children of G-d" (Deuteronomy 14:1). The King sends a soul down to this world in order to fulfill the Torah and mitzvot. However, the soul becomes very distant and forgets everything to which it was accustomed to above, and in the long exile it forgets even its own "language." So it utters a simple cry to its Father in Heaven. This is the blowing of the shofar, a cry from deep within, expressing regret for the past and determination for the future. This cry elicits G-d’s mercies, and He demonstrates His abiding affection for His child and forgives him.
This parable illustrates beautifully a Pilgrim wandering in a strange land becoming accustomed to the language and forgetting the King's language to pass the gate.  I can't help but relate it to my life and all of God's children.  Could we be that Prince or Princess?  Could we have possibly forgotten the language of the King?

This I do know, the moment we feel this cry swelling within our breasts, we turn and do cry out to Heaven.  The King of Heaven and His Angels hear that sincere desire and His eldest son, our Savior Jesus Christ, walks out to embrace us and carry us back.  His atoning power envelopes us, free's us, enable's us, protects us.  And do you know what?  

His merciful arm is outstretched still.    

Great Resources to read more:

Tabernacle of Moses Discovery Guide ~ A Perfect Resource for Celebrating!

Have you ever attended a harvest-themed gathering where families bring pies from their own garden surplus?  It kind of sounds like a scene from Little House where they bake all day, then travel through the big woods to visit family and play with cousins.  Or, those olden days in America where families gather for a barn raising and some singing and dancing in the evening. 

Usually each fall, our Celebration committee creates family gatherings similar to these, but within our modern context and story; celebrating our Pilgrim's Course story of similar struggle with day to day living within our efforts of returning home.

This year, we are offering a special resource for your family in honor of a special time in the Original calendar.   Monday, September 9th is actually the New Year and the Hebrew people have kept this Original calendar since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden.  These next two days marks the end of the year 5,778.  September 10th will then be the year 5,779 - Five thousand seven hundred eighty years since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden.  

It's interesting huh?  

It's not common we hear of the dates being tracked since that time, but the Jews have been keeping their instructions to keep the records.

This time of year is holy to the Jews and those who honor our Original beginnings.  It actually resembles a time of new beginnings; a time that is known among the Jewish culture, where Adam recognized he was "lost" and turned towards the Garden of Eden, calling out to our Father in Heaven filled with remorse, with a desire to return home.   A tradition ensued at some point, according to the Jews, where each year they gather all their unrepentant sins, burdens, mistakes and call out to G-d to release them in efforts to return back.  This showed their re-commitment to renew, to transform and to begin again to be God's people.   
To read more about the cry of the shofar and the Head (beginning) of the Year, see here.
Read a very interesting article about what happened in 1827 in America on the Feast of Trumpets date. 
Now in our Christian worldview, we know our Creator and Redeemer came to free us and was that gate keeper for Adam and Eve and all their posterity; us.   Even though he came in the meridian of time, Adam was taught to look forward and participate in certain rites which would help them remember and believe in His coming.   And we know, each weekly Sabbath is a symbolic time for us to return back towards our Father through the power of the atonement; to recognize, release and renew along with our families.

Nevertheless, this time of year is significant because I believe it holds certain seasonal or energetic turnings.  For example, my life seems to be Divinely in-tune with these turnings.  
Each July I begin re-evaluating my schedule and life and spend the next few months organizing or ordering, in some way, to begin a new pattern in Sept/October.  I began noticing this pattern some years ago.  It was just happening to me without thinking about it, like it was my second nature.  I believe it was my inner light communicating truth to me actually.  Maybe it is a pattern you have noticed?  If not, try observing it for yourself.
Since this time of year is not only significant to me, but to our Original family of old, I feel the need to share about the importance of our gathering in Celebration of G-d and all His Creation.    Although that should be done daily, weekly and on a personal scale, this year, we are sharing a free resource to be used within our homes.  

Come join my family and I as we gather around our table and search to learn more about G-d's Tabernacle of Moses through Tracie Hyde's Tabernacle of Moses Discovery Guide!

As more families participate in this kind of "turning back" to our Original Judeo-Christian heritage, we will come to understand the significance of the Israelite's efforts to perform exact obedience through building this Tabernacle.  We have the opportunity today to engage in this study and in doing so, assist in the awakening of the family and people of Israel.  (Romans 11)

Many thanks to Messages of Christ for creating this video!

We have this pdf for you - Tabernacle of Moses Discovery Guide by Tracie Hyde - on this link (scroll down to middle of the page).  Gathering around the table to study words is a great way to gather and celebrate the New Year! 

Join us!

~ Katie 

What is the Hebrew Way?

The Hebrew Way is an Ancient culture, understanding and way of life.   It involves becoming self-reliant in all ways of learning & living.  We have lived and inherited the linear mindset or the occidental, western or Greek ways.  Since we have forgotten our original heritage, we no longer walk these paths. The trails have been long overgrown.
"Now, if you think of everything you know about the Ancient Nomadic people, the ones who walked these trials and who recorded their spiritual teachings and history in the Bible, and then you are getting closer to understanding The Hebrew Way.   Sometimes we may be tempted to think because our Ancient forefathers did not have technological advances like we enjoy, they couldn't possibly have known the truths we do today?  Well, we are living the same patterns because we have the same human nature.    
"Do you know that the term Hebrew is referring not only to the Jewish people, but also to all the other Tribes of the House of Jacob or Israel?  Hebrew is not only a foreign language, but as I've found, also a symbolic language containing a cultural story and principles to lead our lives?  It is my hopes to share what I have been taught and add it to what we already know of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"The Hebrew Way encompasses a whole new mindset of culture and principles which make life meaningful in every turn.  It takes what we already know of The Gospel of Jesus Christ as Christians or Christians with a latter-day restoration world-view, and gives additional perspective and insight. At the same time The Hebrew Way aligns perfectly with what Christ taught in His life, through His Words and His prophets.  The Hebrew Way shows us how to live a life that is principle-based and to lead from principles in everything we do.
"Ultimately, The Hebrew Way shows us how to be and do."   
Taken from The Hebrew Way: A Principle-based Life that Leads us Home by Katie Hansen

And wonderful news my friends.  These long-forgotten trails are currently being walked by a few.  And this Original heritage is currently in the process of being restored!
Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began. See Acts 3:21
For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.  Romans 11:25-26

Those who are interested to learn more on this topic, come join us in a free Pilgrim's Course Online Retreat!

A Place, Holding Space

When I first started this blog for a woman's retreat in 2009, I felt strongly this "Gathering Place" sharing about the "Hebrew Way," would be to unite those in the North.  From where I lived to the North, I could see a need for there to be some unity in our community.     

Aside from that, I soon after found that the Hebraic meaning for those "in the North" is "lost" and "in sin."  I was feeling the impression to help those in the North, come out of the North; to turn around, be found, and come South "into the Light;" come unto themselves and come to their true identity.  As I moved forward with an impression to teach the Principles of Creation I was discovering, I began teaching women, children and some men, how to use their very own Skills of Discovery.  Using these skills must be engaged by us and once we fully choose them, bring an inward awakening.  I have described this awakening as a feeling of coming home:  home to who we truly are, home to our original family and home to our Maker and the lessons he has to teach us.  

My experience has been a turning to my Original family roots.  Farther back from those who fought the American Revolution to bring Freedom to the world so the Restoration of Christ's truths could be restored to the Earth, from those exiled from England for their religious convictions, or from the English-Saxon or France Kings, or from those living in Palestine at the time of Jesus.   But, to those of my fore-fathers who lived true to their God and the Covenants He offered them, in which great promised blessings of Divine inheritance and a seed that would cover the Earth.  
This idea of The Hebrew Way has brought me and many others, to a coming home of who we are and to look from where we came for answers for our future.  If we do not know who we are, we cannot fully come into the Light and return from the North.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  -George Santayana
After wondering for 10 years why I was impressed to call this blog the Gathering Place for Families, and seeing the tides change towards returning to our Original family roots of the family of Israel, I can say the role of Gathering Place for Families has been to hold a place, holding space for us to look towards our Original Hebrew roots, those principles taught there and being a connector and Tent Peg between Modern Israel and Ancient Israel.  Another crucial space this has provided has been of the discovery the foundational Principles of Creation and the unveiling of the unknown Art of the "learning of the Jews." 

In this great In-Gathering of families happening all over the world, another deliberate place has been held, here at least, for the return of those in the North to their more Original and Abrahamic Hebrew roots.  

Concepts referenced:

Your Word, Your Principle

Did you choose a word for the year?  

Choosing a word is the same as living your life from a principle.  The result is the same too.  You start to see that principle everywhere.  That principle shapes your life. 

How does it work? 

A principle is a law comprehending many subordinate truths. (Webster's 1828)  As we put a principle within our sight, it is through belief and our focused intention that we see it's truths all around.  In other words, we choose to trust as we go forward living with that principle in mind.  We trust that principle will help us.  We focus and search for that principle in our life. 

The result? 

We start to see things differently.  We observe anew.  We are taught lessons we may not have noticed before.  We experience new insights.  We ask ourselves new questions.  The world around us has new perspective for us.  

Through this process, we are using our God-given "skills of discovery."  Observing, noticing, reaching through the eyes with an intent to find because our heart is hungry and thirsty for knowledge and understanding; for seeing how this word and principle can teach us.  These skills and this process are in all of us; been there from the origin of mankind.  We just have to believe, trust the process and choose to act with a principle in mind. 

Now, what principle or principles are you living and experiencing?  

Biblical Principle Addressed:
  • Seek, Ask, Knock - Duet. 4:29; Ezra 7:10; Matt 7:7-8

The Connector of All Connections

This month we have been celebrating the True Connector; The Creator of all connections.

  • Connecting us all back to our Eternal home through His birth, life and death.
  • Connecting and protecting families with His atoning power throughout the Universe.  
  • Connecting families to become Eternal.
  • Connecting our mind & hearts with Light & truth.
  • Connecting light to the world.
  • Connecting goodness and virtue. 
  • Connecting all of the House of Israel; all God's children. 
  • Connecting Aleph and Tav; Alpha and Omega.
  • Connecting all stories.
  • Connecting Heaven with Earth.
  • Connecting the Ancient people with the Modern.
Tell the true story.

Use nesting dolls to illustrate and share it.  Paint it.  Sing it.  Dance it.  Write it.  Carve it.  Create it with any organic materials.

Tell the true story, our ultimate Connector with His binding power has come!  Christ was born to save us, free us, heal us and CONNECT us!!

It may not matter who previously instituted dates of Christ's birth and symbols persuading a counterfeit worship.  But, it does matter what we choose to do, who we choose to focus on and worship.

Let's tell the true story and let our light shine everyday by focusing on, celebrating and making connections with Christ.

Would You Like to Join Us?

Would you like to join to discuss with others who hold this same vision?  
We know that our life will be best when focusing on Christ and building foundation by searching for true principles which are ultimately tied to Light and His Creation. 

Here are some of the principles I have discovered in my search for understanding a more Original way of learning and living, The Hebrew Way:
  • The symbolic Principles of Creation are interconnected with our Creator
  • These Principles can be seen throughout the Holy Records, Classic stories, Plants, Our Bodies, Relationships, Songs, Virtues, Art, Mathematical Geometry, etc. 
  • The story of Israel is our human story
  • The Wilderness is a HARD place to be
  • The House of Israel is returning as they awaken
  • Celebrating through Spiritual Rituals and Gatherings help us remember who we are
  • Singing, dancing, breathing, storytelling, music & sound, virtuous words & pure language, original sourced Creation-based whole food & plants and smells, color, and more truly nurture our souls and bring us healing  
  • We truly need to cleanse our vessels to return
  • We return by turning our hearts towards Him
  • Our character needs refining to see Him
  • Seeing poetically, symbolically and in many meanings helps us see God more (Sensus Plenior) 
  • We must have a pure desiring heart in our search for truth
  • We can discover truth through observation, exploration, asking and comparing back to our core understanding of Truth (seek, knock ask)

I invite you to add to our discussion on the facebook group - Gathering Place for Families.
Come discuss with us!

~ Katie Hansen

Principles Learned from:
  • To learn more about Sensus Plenior, see The U.S. Constitution and 196 Indisputable Principles of Freedom, Chapter 1 by Oliver DeMille.
  • The Old & New Testament.
  • The Book of Mormon.
  • The House of the Lord.
  • The study of Footzonology.
  • The study of Leadership Education & Education for Real Life.
  • Multiple Intelligences.
  • My favorite Hebrew resources on this site.
  • Formal and Informal Mentoring over the last 15 years.

How Multi-layers in Nature Can Teach Us The Language of Creation

When you see the multiple layers in the Earth, what does it teach you?  Does it remind you of all the other layers we can see in our world?   

Let’s see...  

There are multiple layers of the Earth and it’s atmosphere.  There are layers in our hair and our skin.

There are multiple layers of emotional needs and layers of light.  There are layers of writing a story and many many layers of meaning in literature.

With these reminders, I believe we can probably say things with multiple layers is really a part of our world; that there is a pattern of multiple-layered things in all Creation.

Just like we can see multiple layers of material in the physical world (both seen and unseen), multiple layers in our emotional needs and feelings and in human relationships, and multiple layers in the intellectual level of creating order and beauty, and even on spiritual levels, we can begin to apply our minds and hearts to understand there are multiple-layers of meaning in everything we learn.   

In fact, our minds were created to do just that.  The human brain is different from the animal brain.  (And I state, that according to the Hebraic patterns, we were Created on a different day!) Our brains were created to be able to see and find symbolic meaning behind concrete objects, words, and relate to abstract ideas, not just things as they materially or literally are.  We were created to find personal subjective meaning from the sometimes mundane concrete or literal as well.  (And it’s okay!  It doesn’t have to scare us because we see a meaning in an art piece and you don’t!)   In other words, we were created for connection between what we see and experience and the lessons we take away from it, for good or bad.  But that’s our choice and probably another topic for another day.

I believe it is the hope of many intuitive parents and leadership educators to help our children utilize the full multi-layered abilities of their minds to learn to think critically and read poetically.  Even more importantly to help our children learn to become self-reliant in searching out Truth from error.  These crucial skills, of seeing multiple-layers of meaning to see truth, to think critically and see poetically, are marks of a truly educated person.  
As I think of one of most influential reasons my husband and I desire our children to learn the language of Creation, aka what I call Symbolic Hebrew, it is for this very point.  Learning this symbolic language will drastically help our ourselves and our children increase in thinking critically and reading poetically, to search through the layers of the dump to find and discover truth, and to begin to see the multiple layers of meaning our Creator has provided in all Creation.   

But How?

Unlike the English alphabet, with its single purpose letters, the Hebrew Aleph-beit letters each have more than 3 meanings behind them.  Meaning, instead of just a sound they make for speaking a foreign tongue, they have a pictograph with its deep ancient cultural illustration & story, a numerical symbol used for arithmetic, a shape which I associated together, a set of words used to describe principles, a tone used for singing, House of Israel stories associated and the list goes on depending on which scholar you learn from and what they have personally connected with it.  
So, what that means is, when we learn these multiple levels of meaning in a simple thing as the language of Creation, over time, we train our brain to use skills God created our brains to utilize, and we begin to apply our multi-level critical thinking abilities to learning everywhere.  And my favorite part, we get an education made for man, not animals :)
For instance, when we read or hear a story, is there a single meaning in that story or are there usually multiple ways we can connect and apply that story to our life?  Multiple ways is right!  Literature is multi-layered.  It would be absurd to claim there is only one way to see things.  Stories are naturally poetic and contain multiple layers of meaning because they contain this language of Creation.  When we are asking the right questions, which spark more thinking, we will see more.  If they are true literature and classics, they naturally contain multiple meanings.  Many for every reader.  And it's completely subjective!  

Now let's explore this thought when learning from the Bible.  Are there only one way to see and connect with the truths there?  No.  But why is it we often hear a symbolic and poetic (Hebraic) story in scriptural text and so easily only see the literal level of meaning?  
Or, when we see the news, articles, events, daily scenarios we experience and books we read?  Are we asking ourselves the right questions to spark our minds to think critically and see things poetically, with our mind and heart so we are receiving the personal meaning that may be there for us?  Or even to find truths our Creator is guiding us to discover?  How about so we can take in the lessons to once and finally apply the truths we are in need of applying into our character? Most importantly, are we remembering and considering there may be another layer or meaning?

The very cool thing I have experienced as I have taught others to see critically, poetically and symbolically over the last 5 years, is that each and everyone can develop these skills with practice, encouragement and trusting the process.   For us parent mentors, if we have a guide, it is even more effective and doesn’t take years and years to make a part of our abilities. But imagine if our children grew up in homes where they were guided to increase their "multiple-layer" seeing abilities, to not just see in a literal or material level, and became efficient in seeing multiple-layered meanings in all Creation.   How would that be?

~ Katie Hansen

Concepts Mentioned: