Life Mission Principles

We are really doing this!  I am super excited because I have waited for us to work together on this topic for over 7 years.

My husband and I have created a simple 11-week webinar course to share the Principles which are universally apart of this earth and everywhere we look in God's Creation.  It is exciting!  It's been hard not to wonder if this is why I began on this whole journey.

Since the time we were married, my husband has loved the Jewish people.  Our first book was a large coffee table book about Jerusalem.  I always thought it was interesting, but didn't feel the same desire.  It was his thing.  Although I was counseled to study the Ancient (and Modern) prophets to prepare myself for my mission, that I was to come to understand the importance of the Abrahamic covenant and that I would share the principles upon which our land was founded (Creation) throughout the world, I didn't have that same inward motivation....   That is until I asked "what God would have me do?" with a sincere desire.... (I've shared that story on other posts below if you want to tie it together.)

If you would like to learn these universal Biblical companion "Life-Mission" principles of The Hebrew Way in 2 1/2 months, through simple 1-hr webinars, this will be a great scaffolding to help add to your vision for your very own journey!  Think of it as gaining a top of the mountain perspective and a greater ability to see principles to apply to your Course.  Throughout these webinars, you will have the opportunity to "practice" seeing these principles everywhere and by the end, your perspective and ability will be increased.  We respect your personal compass and want you to be practicing comparing what you learn back to your own understanding of truth and your foundation.  That is the best way.   
Come see the class outline and more about this exciting webinar here !!  
Registration is there too.

2018 UPDATE ~ We'd love to share our 20 minute video with you about "Seeing Principles Everywhere."  If interested, send an email to entitled "Seeing Principles Everywhere."

(By the way, Michael is dynamic and humorous and I feel it always makes everything even more fun and exciting when he is involved.  :)