On the Relationship Bench


  This is the best picture of what the relationship bench can be.  Mom and Dad sitting there, discussing the many facets of home and family life.    Can you not imagine?  Younger or older, the Man and the Woman always need to take time for talking and growing their love and respect, their happy's and sad's,  their trust and disappointments, their friendship and boundaries;  their relationships.                                    

Are you searching for a way to have peace in your conversations to preserve the loving kindness connections?

Are you enjoying "Love Seat" Conversations with your spouse when the need is Crucial?  Are you meeting each week for a couples meeting?  When you experience issues are you keeping an "Issues List?"  

These are just some of the skills we've learned from our favorite Marriage relationship coaching.  And after searching for the best, we found them!
The Path of Peace training organization is based on “Sending the Right Message, 9 Agreements” - 9 powerful and life-changing ways of looking at your relationships for singles, couples, families or businesses.  
We love this Path of Peace program and coaching resource.  They can even coach and connect with you through their online Path of Peace resources and classroom.  
Since everything I do seems to be about finding the most Original and Best sources, we are not surprised it is one of the best!  This man saved our marriage at a crucial time.  We are glad to share.  Learn these vital skills to improve your connections with your spouse.

Women, I have also found the Best Wife resources. 

Ramona Zabriskie has helped soften and change my heart towards my husband in many ways,  Mostly, I have finally learned to understand my man!  If only I had learning these wife skills when I was in my 20's. 

Wife For Life is the Best resource for the Wife to learn about how to help her husband help her!   Believe me, I have seen remarkable changes because I've learned how powerful I am as a woman in my own home to affect my relationship with my spouse.  And, I've learned the language to attract and nurture our connection which adds to my happiness.  

Have you ever noticed that you never get around to doing some of those important things on your list?  Do you suffer from depression or negative thoughts more often than you'd like?  Do you have a sugar addiction that you want to beat?  Do you struggle to exercise?  

Eternal Warriors is a Latter-day Saint worldview class which helps participants become aware of and engage in the continuing war against those on earth.  Believe it or not, following through with anything good gives you unbelievable power, acting power, and this power grows the more you use your God-given will towards good.  

Here is a tutorial and personal testimony from my friend Karen, of the power of using this Calendar as a tool.

Do you need the best parenting resources?  Again, I have found her.  Please learn more on this website.  She has helped us learn these 4 skills to help correct 99% of all behavior.  And how to remain calm.

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