What the World Needs is More Babies

When God wants to change the world, he sends a baby! Each year we Celebrate this beautiful plan when we remember the life and birth of Jesus Christ into this Earthly World.

The Christ Child | Light the World (comeuntochrist.org)
As God first gave Adam and Eve the ability to procreate and have babies, we see His plan to change the world come into action by giving each of us the ability to continue His “house” or family here. Every single baby, then, has the potential to literally change this world by bringing new divine souls into it.

In more recent births, from the year 1254, with the birth of Marco Polo, to the year 1637 of Father Jacques Marquette, God sent over 20 babies to Italy, France, Spain, England, and Portugal, to accomplish the discovery of the New World. Yes, those babies followed their hearts inclinations and families' traditions as they turned to the sea to expand Westward across the great Atlantic ocean. 

Although, sadly, harm came to the inhabitants of the Americas because of it, the good they did for the world in setting into action events of the Gentile people moving into that land, was World changing. God knew what He was doing for He is the one who sent those Explorers. From the birth of John Smith in 1580, or Elizabeth Tilley in 1607, these Fathers and Mothers birthed men and women who established the freest nation and government the world has ever known. And, it was all because of the birth of a whole new age of babies like the Heroic Madelon in 1678, James Otis and Crispus Attucks in 1725, and George Washington in 1732.
And for this purpose have I established the Constitution of this land, by the hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose, and redeemed the land by the shedding of blood. (recorded as instruction from the Lord given to Joseph Smith in the Doctrine and Covenants chapter 101 verse 80)
Frank William Boreham, born in 1871 in England, noticed this Divine Pattern as well. He stated:

“In 1809 men were following, with bated breath, the march of Napoleon, and waiting with feverish impatience for latest news of the wars. And all the while in their own homes, babies were being born. But who could think about babies? Everyone was thinking about battles… In one year between Trafalgar and Waterloo there stole into the world a host of heroes: Gladstone was born in Liverpool… Oliver Wendell Homes in Massachusetts, and Abraham Lincoln in Kentucky. 

“But nobody thought of babies, everyone was thinking of battles. Yet, which of the battles of 1809 mattered more than the babies of 1809? We fancy God can manage His world only by the great battalions, when all the while He is doing it with beautiful babies.

“When a wrong wants righting, or a truth wants preaching, or a continent wants discovering, God sends a baby into the world to do it.”
What might your reason be for coming to this Earthly World? How might that be contributing to the continuation of God’s House and Family?

F. W. Boreham knew it was babies who really changed the World; babies sent from God. From Adam to Abraham, from David to The Christ, these special babies had a mission to continue God’s family of believers and be a witness for thousands of years of His-Story of continuation and redemption of the World. As he wrote on The Quality of Mercy, in The Heavenly Octave, p. 87, he said,

"As a result of fifty generations of Christianity, something of the spirit of Jesus has become ingrained in the very blood of the race, and it would take a thousand years of atheism to get it out again."

If I could have any influence in this world, it would be to keep atheism and secular humanism from taking root in my lineage and to have it be etched away and daily battled against in the communities in which I reside. My heart's desire on how that can be accomplished, is summed up in a Hebrew parable written after the pattern of generations of families who carried on traditions of righteousness. We can read the story from which I feel the words of this parable was inspired, in the 18th chapter of Genesis when Abraham prayed for righteous people who lived in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah to not be destroyed just yet:
If there are 20 right-doing men in the world, my son and I will be among them.
If there are 10 right-doing men in the world, my son and I will be among them.
If there are 5 right-doing men in the world, my son and I will be among them.
If there are 2 right-doing men in the world, they will be my son and I.
If there is one right-doing man in the world, I will be that man.

Like this ancient parable, I can be that woman who carries on the right-use of truth by showing and nurturing my children in the way they can go and in mentoring them in following their heart's desires. I can trust God has planted in those hearts that Divine seed of potential which He sent them here to blossom forth to this world.

Henry Ossawa Tanner (American, 1859–1937), 
Christ and His Mother Studying the Scriptures, ca. 1909. 
Oil on canvas, 48.8 × 40 in. Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas.

How might this Spirit of Jesus continue to be ingrained in your generational line? What can you do to continue God’s story here in this sinful world? Will you be among those right-doing women and men?

And, who will be with you if not your own babies?

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