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Sharing great resources with you about taking care of natural healing in our families.  

These following "principles" can be seen in all plants and in our bodies.  Want to learn how to how?  Come join our Biblical-based Principles of Creation Tutorial Discussions. 

This company is the best!  The Fermented Herbs have helped me so much!  My most favorite, Living Sage, has been helping my mind pull out of emotional trauma.  It's amazing I was shown that I needed nourishment from Sage over 15 years ago, and am now receiving that help!  I have used Living Thyme to rid my body of yeast (most women have) and oregano to kill bacteria growing everywhere too. Love them!
Order them here!

You can order these amazing Biodynamic Demeter Oils and wild crafted Primavera Essential Oils HERE or email me at

They have amazing Blends, Floral Waters, Airsprays, Body Care Products as well as these "Living Herbs" which are fermented  & packed with good bacteria.

I love this company the most.  You will love their blends!

I am a Zone Balance Practitioner & Coach, aka a FootZonologist.  
Because I have had this skill, I have been able to sustain some intense work with building what I have been called to build.  
For example, I have helped my adrenals when I couldn't wake up very well in the morning from being over taxed, my vagus nerve at the breathing point when I was under extreme stress putting on a huge retreat and through trauma recovery, balance my pineal gland to help keep creative ideas flowing into my mind in the mornings, my family though their sicknesses, myself be restored to the true Katie ~ fun, playful, excited about life!   
Those of us with this level of training have the depth in understanding the body with the signal system of the feet, back, hand or face!  If you need a Zone or are interested in becoming a Footzonologist and are near the Salt Lake City, Utah area, look here or contact me.    

The next set of classes begins July 2019 in Montana at the Footzonology Institute.

I also highly recommend Yolaunda Keith.   801.678.9899  She faciliates in a variety of emotional releasing methods and has been such a blessing for me over the last years.  She can also help long distance!
In August 2014, I organized a woman's retreat for the Foundation Builder Guide.  I also finished the first year of the Home-learning Resources for that program to be distributed there.  It was a huge amount of work in a couple months.  Well, the week before the event, I began having "anxiety attacks" where I couldn't breath normally and had pain in my chest.  Never happened before!  So I pulled out all my tools.  I prayed for protection, did yoga & breathing, releasing fear and replacing with positive statements, used Essential oils and received a priesthood blessing.  All these helped.  The blessing helped the most.  But, the difficulty breathing came back.  I had the thought to call Yolaunda.  She worked with me long distant and the attack was completely gone!  We found it was stemming from trauma in my childhood which had not completely been released.  I was able to complete my commitments without have that debilitating condition.  Hallelujah and praise the Lord, for real, for gifted earthly angels!!  
When this happened a second time a few months later, I pulled up my feet and did a ZoneBalance treatment and it was gone.  My Vagus Nerve to the lungs was thrown out of balance.  I had no idea this was going on and so glad to learn more of the benefits of the ZoneBalance.  God be praised for the restoration of the ZoneBalance!

Got questions about Immunizations?
See this Hearing from 2000 with many Dr. and researchers sharing.  I read an article from the Dr. Singh (read at 1/3 the way down from that Hearing link), published in the Utah State magazine about how important the Immune System is in being able to handle those injections.  Read that here.

Here is a great video on the benefits about Movement.  Motivational!

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