Building Family

Building Family

Christ-centered Families need a larger community to help in many ways.  Most importantly, they need other families who get Christ and include Him in everything they do.  When this happens, families truly have the needful support from a community tribe.

Celebrations to help nourish families through movement and carry forth their stories of God and their Creator in their lives and are one of the main Hebrew Ways of preserving a Godly culture.  Start a Gathering Celebration near you! Contact to get an outline of elements to hold one in your area.

Here are a few cultures' dance which helps them tell their stories at the same time, release burdens they carry day in and day out.

I Love Cousin Camp!

In our family we love cousins and we love attending cousin camp.  We have been creating Cousin Camps for nine years and they are cherished gatherings among us all.

Our Vision of Cousin Camp is to Build Our Family.  This includes Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents and Cousins!  We meet yearly and have had talent shows, treasure hunts, horseback riding, beach times, Nature walks, and the beloved Candy Roll.

We have also created t-shirts which is additionally fun to wear through out the years.

A Great Cousins Song!
Check out more ideas for your Cousin Camp Gatherings.

Our Mission Statement

The power of Mothers is God's greatest defense against all that ails the world. For by her and through her, are the generations of mankind promoted and secured. She alone, holds the secret of all life; The power to nurture, serve and to protect, 'The Precious Ones of God.' For by her stands no other, in her noble role indeed. For no other takes her place in the heart of her child born in love. The power of Mothers is to create on earth, the loving Home of God within her arms of love, and bear forth upon the generations, the love of all mankind, which she receives from God. For Mother~ Love is God's love, laid down upon the earth, and as we come to personify that love in whole, we emblazon on the hearts of those within our care, the tender mercies of their God, who is the Father of mankind. For thus laid down, does man arise and noble honor give her. For she personifies the love of God, by which all things are made possible in life. For love is the turning power of the universe, that brings all things to bear, and sets aright for all mankind, the future of all time. For this is the greatest ower in the world, which Mothers alone possess. For with her love can great things come to pass which never would have been. Join us now to see great things occur, as we go forth hand in hand, as Mothers of God; To~ enlighten minds, empower souls and to bring to pass the miracles of God, through understanding and great light. For Mothers are the greatest force in life, for good and together, through this website, shall we explore the many ways that this is true, through research, words, and power from the past. From our time together, you shall find: ~The power, love and light for God's love within your Motherhood ~The great worth to all mankind that Motherhood is meant to be and... ~The strength to assert your noble role and make a difference in the world!

  "For Home is the place from which woman rules the world!"


Protect Families around the world.  Click HERE to sign the World Family Declaration.
Protect the Conscience of our children.  Read more HERE.
Nicholeen Peck has been around the world teaching about Self-Government and protecting families.  On the TV show, The World's Strictest Parents, in England, Scotland and China and now at the United Nations.  Her teachings of the 4 Basic Skills and more have saved my parenting efforts!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tree of Life Mothering is a great gathering place to go for resources on building your natural family.


Deep Roots at Home
Visit one of my favorite sites on building a beautiful home life.  Jacqueline is promoting the proper the role of women in the home and family.  She has recipes for in the kitchen, how to's on preserving food form your garden, teaching children from uplifting classics and her story.  It is spectacular! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~