My Story

My Natural Life & Style

You can call me a Tree-hugger, a Granola or all Na-tur-el.  These would be better than other names I've been called.  Because I love choice, natural childbirth, natural learning environments, natural sources of nourishing: like things grown in the Earth called plants, being in the woods, growing & using herbs, or just plain Nature, I may fall into those labels.  But I prefer the term Crunchy Con.  It works for who I am: very open-minded towards goodness and God's guidance, Light and Truth, with an organic and natural emphasis on living.  It also includes my firm understanding of each souls inevitable ability to act for themselves and fail.  The most exciting thing about my Natural life is this organic style I seem to be manifesting.  Actually, I have been playing it out my whole life, but now that I can look back, I can see it crystal clear. 

My open-mindedness has lead me to a lot of truths and I have come to realize I  wholeheartedly believe in the Law of Openness.  I have found as I open my heart and open my mind to the many understandings and possibilities, I am always guided towards my next step from The source of Light and Truth.  I know it works.  I have used my natural scientist abilities and methods of observation, exploration, asking and exploring more, then discovering!

My Story of Observation & Seeking

As a little girl, I would run from here to there looking. Under rocks and leaves, in gutters, in ponds and streams, in my mother's hiding places, or siblings rooms. I sought, I found...all kinds of things. I began to seek what great challenges I could perform with my body. Back handsprings, flips, 100 yard dashes, high jumps, cliff jumps, half pipes, three-sixties, etc. From there I moved to seeking to understand. This journey began with The Book of Mormon. After reading it, I saw my life and desires transform. I did a one-eighty. A love grew within me; A love of learning or seeking.  From nine on up, I got caught in a severe trap of life.  I became pretty much clueless as I suffered from the compulsive environment I found myself in mostly.  If I had any clue who I was or what I loved, it was lost as I was caught in following after this or that for approval.  At sixteen, I learned I could barely read a loud, when I was overcome by fear of peers.  I also never read anything that was not required and my comprehension of what I read was limited.  It was this book that propelled me forward in my skills and confidence.  I began reading more, searching and coming to understand what was hidden from me for so long.  This searching and discovering propelled abilities within and the discovery has not stopped.

Through challenges new and old, it has been this ability, to seek: a desire to ask and find, which has carried me here. Here to a place where I realize I am seeking to become who God made me to become; to fulfill my mission and purpose.  Ultimately, for me, it is a process of becoming pure in heart.  It is an individual journey of learning and discovery.  As I seek, I see this process in my own life, discovering strengths in my character and weakness which needs refining.

It is my observation that the journey of discovery and seeking never end.  If added upon, it may be like the seasons, full of life and change and possibility.  Color, aroma, beauty or perspective.  Which ever it will be, you get to choose.

My Story of Exploring

I had been attending conferences, seminars and retreats for educational purposes for the last seven years and had moved into a small bedroom community.  Up until this time, I had gained a whole community of friends in a variety of places.  When I started getting to know people at park days and events here and there, I noticed there was such a divide in philosophical ideas.  It was drastic.  This group does not do "that," that group does not do "this."  

As I saw this divide in my small community, a desire grew within me to unite us.  I wanted to shout out upon the roof tops, "Let us Unite!"   As time went on and I put the issue in the pondering file in my mind, I awoke one morning with a picture and words.  (I commonly awake this way.)   It was something like this:
I recorded it in my Commonplace Notebook and went on wondering what that was all about.  A month later I, as I was serving on the Moms' Retreat Board and there were more women who wanted to attend then there were available spaces, the Founder asked if anyone felt called to host another retreat to accommodate more women.   Another month went by of thinking and ignoring that one, when I awoke another morning and knew I needed to do it.  I wanted to host a retreat which would possibly unite us; those where I lived and North.  I remembered my recording of the Theme which came and those who could help me.  It was scary!  But wow, what I learned.  Things like paypal buttons, websites, and how following thru with hard things brings huge blessings.  "I can do harder things!"

Hmmm.  It changed me.  

My Story of Asking

As I was preparing for this retreat which I called, The Gathering Place: A Retreat for Moms, through studying a few of my favorite stories, I noticed a few major patterns.  Saul, John Lathrop, Corrie Ten Boom and Maria Von Trapp all had a similar beginning.  It was so similar, but looked different.  So I did it too.  One day in my daily ritual of prayer....

My Story of Discovering

My Story of Music

I once watched a young lady share her story of music and the inspiration the Holy Spirit gives.  Her story inspired me to share my experience with music.  

I grew up essentially without music, besides a few tunes which my mother played.  With that void, I eventually turned to the radio, got addicted and my listening choices were not the most uplifting.  I had a respite for a year or two and joined a choir, but again, when my desires turned to the "world" or away from my true Divine Nature, I took a one-eighty.  I began snowboarding and following a crowd which brought me less than happiness.  The music I listened to rapidly turned to ugly and ugliest, dark and darkness enveloped me.  Once again, my course was set back within good boundaries.  Having distance between me and that time, I awoke to the power music had over me.  Like an recovering alcoholic, I abstained.  I stayed far away from any music that was on the radio, until I was introduced to classical music by my husband.  Ever so slowly, I grew in culture and within my limits.  One day, I decided I would not fear anymore.  I have been opening ever since and today, I am free!

My Story Of Breath

A few years ago, I had a serious tooth ache. I knew it was my root.  I was in constant pain from a Friday evening - Sunday.  The dentist was not available of course, so I did every natural thing I knew to help the pain and possible infection.  Silver water, clove.  I may have even tried lots of garlic. I had birthed four babies without drugs.  With a fever came an intense headache, one like I have never before experienced. I knew it was a big deal because I never have headaches.  I had the feeling to get into the bath, which is one thing I try when I may be dehydrated.  While I was laying there, I had the words "breath of life" come into my mind.  So I began immediately Ujjayi breathing, something I learned from yoga; inhaling from my lower abdomen, middle ribs and upper lungs area, then directing my exhales over the back of my throat and allowing the breath to flow through me down to my toes.  After ten to fifteen minutes I realized that the headache was gone.  I got out of the bath and went to sleep.  The next day it was gone; the pain, the fever, the headache.  I went to the dentist the following Monday and he took care of everything.  My tooth had lived its last day and was dead.  The turning point which helped me out of my pain was breath.

What I was up to before I started building this blog...

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