Our New Book Sharing Aspects of the Hebrew Way

Last month in my House Newsletter, I sent out an announcement of our "New Look and New book" on HouseoftheBook.org.  I shared the vision & purpose I hold for the HouseoftheBook.org site.  To see this Newsletter click here.  (To see the correct link to this Pilgrim's Course Tutorials class sharing more of this vision, click here.) 

Today, I'd like to share that our Ancient Hebrew book is ready to be pre-ordered!  
Why is this so exciting?  After I asked God what he wanted me to do to prepare for coming days (in 2009) , and was shown (read my story here), I began learning more and teaching what I call Symbolic Hebrew (Ancient Biblical Hebrew).  I quickly began to see our story in this beautiful language.  Not only did I start to learn more of who I really am, I began to see how we all are connected to the Ancient Hebrew people.   

As I researched these things over the years, I found many House of Israel stories which have helped me illustrate more about this Hebrew language and people.   It has been my desire to share those stories with everyone and it is now time! 

This past winter, I awoke from a dream with an idea to share some of what I have discovered, in a simple Alphabet book.  This Early Semitic Pictographic Alphabet book takes the depth of my ten year research, which most are not ready for, and distills it into simplicity.  
This image is a sample page.
Pre-Order Your Copy Today - from THIS Link
The books will be printed and shipped out at the end of May.  If you know others who would be interested in this book, your efforts to share would be much appreciated so we can keep the cost low, or, buy in bulk and save on shipping. 
I can't wait for you to read it!   Learning more about this Ancient Hebrew can greatly add to your understanding of the scriptures, the Ancient Tabernacle and your connection to them, and also ~ many aspects of the Hebrew Way. 

God bless you in learning, living and becoming with your family!

Katie Hansen