Laying It All Down

I awoke this morning with this song going through my mind.   It was one more answer to a question I continually ask about in connection with several dreams I have had over the years about my long awaited, beautiful baby girl, Eliza Beth.

After I had my first child, I had an impression she would come last, be our second girl.  When I was pregnant with our fourth son Peter, named after my cherished paternal Great-Grand father, I had a horrifying dream where I was laying her down on an altar of a white cloth with a man on the other side.  My arms released her and were outstretched as I pulled out from under her and I slowly walked backwards. 

I awoke then with my mind racing, yet the transition from asleep to wake was imperceptible and I knew God was teaching me something in that dream.  "Was I ever going to have her?,"  I wondered.   "What did this dream mean?"

I continued to have dreams about her.

One was of having a long labor where it seemed like there was a lack of oxygen on the part of the baby.  "Oh," I thought preemptively making assumptions, "She will be disabled.  Maybe she will come much later in my life?"  I have since learned it means something different.  

That name, Eliza Beth/Beit, popped into my head one day while I was thinking about her.  Beit/Beth is the name of the 2nd Hebrew Letter, representing the House/Family/Tent Floor Plan/etc. (See The Early Semitic Pictographic Alphabet book)  Eliza just happens to be the the name of my maternal Great-Grand Mother.   At that moment I realized I had unexpectedly named all my children after family members who long ago passed into the Spirit realm, so it made sense to me that her name would be Eliza, and Beit, for "the House."   
When I came to understand that the "school" I'd had impressions I would one day build, was that very "Hebrew School" I had been looking for to send my children to (see Katie's story here), and that it was called the House of the Book, I stopped.  THAT word.  The House.  The Beit.  Was this Eliza?!

As I began to go forward in building the website, developing the Foundation Builder Guide program, and teaching more, I kept thinking of that girl.  Both her and this "House."  I wanted them both, yet I was seeing the House of the Book could really be this baby.  Then, when I began to have really hard experiences, the answer was always there to remind me.  I began learning to "lay it down" and "let her go" in ways I never could understand before.

Since that time, I've had to learn greater lessons of "laying it all down" in many different ways.  Once when I nearly lost my closest friend because she wanted to give ownership of what I was creating to another, I had an opportunity to release the pain of that experience and learn to trust again.   Or, when I was faced with my greatest fears and felt I almost lost my family, I was able to release childhood traumas and see God's hand guiding me through the results of crafty enticings of the devil.

I have learned many important things on this journey I call my Pilgrim's Course and I have had many interpretations come as I apply my understanding of symbols from my research with the Symbolic Hebrew, and move forward in faith.  However, the most important lesson I know I can learn from this "wandering" I am doing here and with birthing this "ElizaBeit" baby is this: 

What if it is in laying it all down that we finally receive?
What if it's by surrendering that we show that we believe?
What if it's in letting go that we are really holding on, 
And that we finally see that He's been there holding on all along?
A Believing Woman by Caitlin Maxfield Connolly
Now what are some of your stories in "letting go" and "laying it all down?"

May the sun always shine upon you,
~ Katie

  • The idea of ~ the transition from asleep to wake was imperceptible and I knew God was teaching me something in that dream ~ from Richard G. Scott's, To Learn and to Teach more Effectively 
  • Learn more about the "Beit" or the "Open Palm" in my recent Ancient Hebrew Alphabet book, The Early Semitic Pictographic Alphabet.
  • This post aligns with a "help in our Wilderness" concept taught through Foundation Builder Guide's Intro Principles of Creation class called The Pilgrim's Course, teaching this important "Sun at Horizon" principle. (see The Early Semitic Pictographic Alphabet book)
  • See here to learn about the Foundation Builder Guide teaching the Principles of Creation.

Calling All "Artist's"

Our Artist Story

Once Upon a Dimension not far from here, there was an Artist.  This Artist had become known as "The Master Artist" throughout the land.  He had learned and mastered all the Principles, Environments, Materials,and Skills which all Artists have the ability to master.  (See the Principles of Creation here) He not only mastered these Principles, Environments, Materials and Skills, but placed their existence and movement in perfect order; an order set precisely to work and self-generate producing life and endlessness.  The combination of these certain Principles, Environments, Materials, & Skills created a beauty and flow which acted as a key.    The Master Artist used this key to Unlock the Chambers of all Creations.
  • He began with One.  One Day, One Sphere, One Form, One Space; a great Oneness uniting all the Principles, Environments, Materials and Skills.  Circling all Art into one great whole.
  • He went on to Two.  Dividing that great whole into halves.  Two Parts, Two halves, Two Opposing Forces, Two Spaces within one; creating a balanced pull in two directions.
  • Next came Three.  Three Lights, Three Pillars, Three Extensions.  Three Skills.  Patterns of three extending out help towards all.
  • Then He moved on to Four.  Four Corners, Four Kinds, Four Areas over the expanse.  Reaching over and encompassing the entire.  A Door of true penitence.
  • He then founded the Five.  Five Categories. Five Steps.  A Breath of Life within the Five; bringing Life and Hope.
  • This Master Artist added onto these the Six.  Six. All the foundation was laid for you and I to enter the scene, for you and I to become connected to this our Master Artist.  We became immersed in the Principles, Environments, Material and Skills which brought beauty and order a midst the chaos.  These tools helped us overcome the Natural Man and become the Divine within us. You and I could accept this connection and follow The Course and Path to become like this our Master Artist or make our own way to our own ends.  The choice was ours and the Conflict began.
Yes, the sun shown bright and beautiful then the clouds came and cast vicious shadows on the light.  The first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth times have all shown the sun and then clouds and turmoil of days better forgotten.  Death and pain and destitute hearts.  Broken. Broken. Broken.
No worries however.  All boundaries were planned and in proper order by this Master Artist to create the beauty and promise of the enabling Principles, Environments, Materials and Skillsunlocking the chambers within all creation to flow and change and move upward towards light and life; all at the right time.
  • Lastly, the Seven.  Seven for Rest and Rejuvenation.  A space was created for feasting unto completeness.  A feast of a spiritual realm.
Today, the time is now to combine the Principles, Environments, Materials, and Skills.  You and I have the keys within to unlock this beautiful creative flowing movement and change upward toward light; to Become.  You and I can become the facilitators to help others to do the same.  In this process, we follow the Master Artist.
Now, The Master Artist, Artist of all Artists, is waiting.
~ Katie