Calling All "Artist's"

Our Artist Story

Once Upon a Dimension not far from here, there was an Artist.  This Artist had become known as "The Master Artist" throughout the land.  He had learned and mastered all the Principles, Environments, Materials,and Skills which all Artists have the ability to master.  (See the Principles of Creation here) He not only mastered these Principles, Environments, Materials and Skills, but placed their existence and movement in perfect order; an order set precisely to work and self-generate producing life and endlessness.  The combination of these certain Principles, Environments, Materials, & Skills created a beauty and flow which acted as a key.    The Master Artist used this key to Unlock the Chambers of all Creations.
  • He began with One.  One Day, One Sphere, One Form, One Space; a great Oneness uniting all the Principles, Environments, Materials and Skills.  Circling all Art into one great whole.
  • He went on to Two.  Dividing that great whole into halves.  Two Parts, Two halves, Two Opposing Forces, Two Spaces within one; creating a balanced pull in two directions.
  • Next came Three.  Three Lights, Three Pillars, Three Extensions.  Three Skills.  Patterns of three extending out help towards all.
  • Then He moved on to Four.  Four Corners, Four Kinds, Four Areas over the expanse.  Reaching over and encompassing the entire.  A Door of true penitence.
  • He then founded the Five.  Five Categories. Five Steps.  A Breath of Life within the Five; bringing Life and Hope.
  • This Master Artist added onto these the Six.  Six. All the foundation was laid for you and I to enter the scene, for you and I to become connected to this our Master Artist.  We became immersed in the Principles, Environments, Material and Skills which brought beauty and order a midst the chaos.  These tools helped us overcome the Natural Man and become the Divine within us. You and I could accept this connection and follow The Course and Path to become like this our Master Artist or make our own way to our own ends.  The choice was ours and the Conflict began.
Yes, the sun shown bright and beautiful then the clouds came and cast vicious shadows on the light.  The first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth times have all shown the sun and then clouds and turmoil of days better forgotten.  Death and pain and destitute hearts.  Broken. Broken. Broken.
No worries however.  All boundaries were planned and in proper order by this Master Artist to create the beauty and promise of the enabling Principles, Environments, Materials and Skillsunlocking the chambers within all creation to flow and change and move upward towards light and life; all at the right time.
  • Lastly, the Seven.  Seven for Rest and Rejuvenation.  A space was created for feasting unto completeness.  A feast of a spiritual realm.
Today, the time is now to combine the Principles, Environments, Materials, and Skills.  You and I have the keys within to unlock this beautiful creative flowing movement and change upward toward light; to Become.  You and I can become the facilitators to help others to do the same.  In this process, we follow the Master Artist.
Now, The Master Artist, Artist of all Artists, is waiting.
~ Katie


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