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Take another look at Nature!  Did you know God has left us evidence of His order everywhere?

I model and guide through our most important "Skills of Discovery" through practice, practice, practice!  In the Foundation Builder Guide Principle of Creation Tutorial Discussions, once a month, I guide others in practicing making their OWN discoveries through the symbolic Principles of Creation.  These skills are not skills we are used to giving credibility to.  It's like discovering the spirals in this pine-cone, but more!  It takes observation practice.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

That's how we do learning Music & Arithmetic. 
For Music, we've loved beginning with:
  • Suzuki Music for Strings and Piano 
  • Simply Music for Piano.  They have online video, audios, and wonderful Suzuki-like methods. 
For Arithmetic, we've tried everything.  Think of it like Music, it's just practice that needs to be complete daily.  Our favorites include anything with an Original source way. 
  • If you are joining the Foundation Builder Guide's Principles of Creation Resources, and want an alternative to the Newtonian Math approach, and want to follow the Symbolic Hebrew, the Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe is the all time best because it goes along with the Principles of Creation!  They have Constructing the Universe Activity books here.  It goes perfectly with along with Original sources, The Hebrew Way
  • Waldorf also has Original source way's of learning math because they consider the symbolic meanings behind the math and they use stories to teach the concepts.  Here is a great resource I also use.
  • To see numbers in 5's & 10's easily, Right Start Math games resources follows this pattern, with the Al-Abacus.  This Abacus resource is patterned most after our bodies and the way we see things and group into multiples of Five.  Look at our bodies!  How many 5's do you see? It follows a pattern in Creation and our brains naturally know what a group of 5 looks like.  So the Al-Abacus helps us regroup numbers of things into 5's.  ie: instead of 4+3, get it into a 5+2 and our brain knows the answer faster. 
Here are some videos of my husband and children playing some of these games:   
  • Math-U-See  They have wonderful manipulative's to see numbers in real objects, kinda like an Abacus. 
  • Khan Academy  This resources helps you go from K-12 finding any holes or gaps you missed in your building blocks foundation of understanding the how's of Arithmetic.
  • Saxon Math 
  • Using Native American Stories to teach math.

After enhancing our skills to discover symbolism all around us, storytelling is a next key skill in The Hebrew Way; to share symbolic stories with others.  Stories reach our whole brain and are not TELLING, but allow us to discover their individual messages on our own time.  Yes, they protect our God-given agency.  They teach freedom.

It is best to have YOU, the Mother or caregiver, be the Story sharer and to only tell stories you Love!

Read, Read, Read

Reading and Storytelling is how we do History, Language Arts, Geography, Spelling, Writing. (or at least it spring boards us into writing..... See this natural Writing Tutorial method done at Oxford. My children have benefited so much from this way!  My oldest wrote and completed his second book before he turned 19 and left the country to volunteer in Russia for 2 years.)

For Reading, go to The Best Sources and books.  They inspire all of us in the house!  They bring our minds to higher places of thought, not just to the jokes we can play on our school friends. 
  • Libraries of Hope reprints Original works, TONS of them.  They inspire the heart in every subject and have stories from every country!
  • Classics.  This is the best Classics lists I've seen and chosen books from often.  The DeMilles's get it!  And they have one of the best education's I've seen in my 25 years in Education.

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