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Take another look at Nature!  Did you know God has left us evidence of His order everywhere?

I model and guide through the most important "Skills of Discovery" through practice, practice, practice!  Join my Foundation Builder Guide Principle Workshops & Discussions for once a month mentoring and practice in your OWN discoveries of the Principles of Creation (Symbolic Hebrew).  

It's like discovering the spirals in this pine-cone!

After enhancing our skills to discover symbolism all around us, storytelling is a next key skill in the Hebrew Way.

Kim is a fabulous storyteller!  She will be story telling all my children's stories for sure!  Join in one of her training's and increase your ability to tell a great story!

Once upon a timestories were used to inform, inspire, and give meaning to the human experience.  Now science has discovered what children have always known, the power of story.  A story fully engages the brain.  It connects logical thought with emotional reaction.  Stories are powerful.  At “Tale Spinners your children will find their own power in story.  Let them inspire and give meaning to the human experience today at Tale Spinners”.

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