My Real Passion: The Gathering of Isreal

Have you ever wondered why I have a gathering theme here as I share about The Hebrew Way?
When I began this journey,  the name The Gathering Place and the wheat theme was very clear.  So I began building and gathering resources to share about The Hebrew Way.  But, I was not sure exactly what that entailed.  After I was directed to start classes and began learning the symbolic and principle-based nature of the Hebrew Alphabet, I learned a breadth and depth about learning and teaching in the original ancient way.  This has given me a complex understanding of what I am called to teach, as well as how I am to teach it.

Well, I have had an inkling that all this had to do with the Gathering of Israel to some degree, but i really couldn't imagine that this girl could do much about that.  However, when I began, I had a strong impression that what I had to share was for those in the "north."

As I began learning symbolism, one of the words which really jumped off the page at me was the symbolic meaning of "north."  In the Hebraeic cultural understanding, when one went "north" they were "going into sin" and became "lost."  So it became known to me that as I taught these truths and principles, I would be bringing others to a remembrance of who they were in relation to Israel's story or to a larger understanding of what happened to the family of Israel and therefore where they fit in that story; God's story.

That is what my Hebrew study has given me.  Along with learning from the Source of the ancient symbols, the principles which compliment the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it has given me the context of the story of the House of Israel; what has happened to us, both today and anciently.  (I include you and I because most of America is a remnant of the House of Israel purely because our ancestors came out of Europe or another Island where the remnants were, or because we have accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior.)

Last weekend I had the chance to share my message in a simple conversation with 3 others and as I did, my real purpose came out; how I think I may be helping in some way in The Gathering of Israel.  They exclaimed, "Why aren't you saying that? You obviously are passionate about this and are being called and taught about it, so why don't you say that?"  My jaw was wide open with a smile... "Can I say that???"  (I realized I have had a guy on my shoulder saying, "Who are you to say that?" for quite some time.)

I knew it immediately.  They were absolutely right!   This IS why I am searching and learning.  This IS why I am teaching.  This is why I am teaching the principles that build foundation and the principles that unlock our chambers.  It is because I want to help gather my family of Israel.  I want to assist in bringing others to an awareness or an awakening to truths they already know and which will connect them to OUR story.  This is also why I am passionate about building community.  All I want is for us to unite and come feast at the table together with Christ.

So there it is.  I found it.

Here we are.

I only ask, if you have this love and desire like me, please help.

I am calling all who want to assist in The Gathering of Israel, to join me.

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Keep in touch!

The Hebrew Way: A Principle-based Life

What is the Hebrew Way?

The Hebrew Way is something I have been taught on my journey after I began asking what it was God wanted me to do, like Paul in the New Testament did.  This journey and discovery has nurtured a love within and I have come to know it relates to what I love and what God has called me to share.

If you think of everything you know about the Ancient Nomadic people who recorded their spiritual teachings and history in the Bible, then you are getting closer.  But most likely, you may think you and I are evolved in some form or that we are better than them because they may not have had technological advances like we have and therefore they couldn't possibly have known the truths we do today.  Even with many modern prophets and truths which have been restored to the Earth once more (see, sometimes we may be tempted to think they didn't know quiet everything.  

If you think of everything you may know about Hebrew, you might be getting a little closer.  Do you know that the term Hebrew is referring not only to the Jewish people, but also to all the other Tribes of the House of Jacob or Israel?  If you do, you are right.  Do you know Hebrew is not only a foreign language, but is also a symbolic language teaching a cultural story and set of principles to lead our lives? If you do, you are getting lots closer.   

The Hebrew Way encompasses restoring the original way of living, being and doing; a whole new mindset of culture and principles which make life so meaningful in every turn.  It takes what we already know of The Gospel of Jesus Christ as Christians or Christians with a latter-day restoration world-view, and gives additional understanding and perspective while at the same time aligning perfectly with what Christ taught in His life and through His Word and prophets.

The Hebrew way shows us how to live a life that is Principle-based and to lead from Principle in everything we do; including how to learn from principles and how to teach from principles.

Ultimately, The Hebrew Way shows us HOW to be and do.

Come experience the Hebrew Way with us!