A Gathering Place Celebration

I had a dream a few years ago where I brought all my favorite people in the community together and we celebrated each other.  There was nourishing music and food for us as we visited and ate at beautifully set tables.  We each had displays around the room and we shared what we were creating on our own journeys.  There was such a feeling of love, connection and uniting!

Today, my friend told me The House Celebrations are like A Gathering Place for Families!  I shared with her my dream and how I considered it as I moved forward on following my call to hold them. 

Is it not interesting how when God leads us to do good and share goodness, He always helps prepare a way for us to do it?!  Having that dream allowed me to think and ponder the possibilities.  I wrote it down and it remained with me.  Then, as I kept it in the open options file in my brain, I was able to add more understanding as I discovered more truth.  He knows me more than I know my own journey!  He has been waiting for me to make these connections and I love that I finally am!  If He works this way for me, then I know Our Creator will show Himself Strong for you too! 

Here is a video of me sharing what I see as a Gathering Place for families, as well as other great upcoming Family Gatherings!   [See House of the Book for updated information] 

If you are not close to come Celebrate with us, no worries.  You can start Gathering Celebrations in your very own area sharing your stories.  Or Celebrating Our Universal Story or what I call The Pilgrim's Course.  Contact me for more information. 

Blessings to you!