Building Community

Building Community is one of my favorite calls.  My Intelligent Designer made me with the love & desire and tools within to do it.  When I was waking up to this principle, I found my self asking some pretty direct questions.  But WHY?  What is the point to building community?  Was it just to glorify yourself? (Or maybe it wasn't me that was asking myself these questions)  I had heard of it many times from the DeMille Family, but I was in my misty cloud of lostness and I could not figure it out.  

Over the course of a year, in 2009, I made a large sacrifice of time and effort in behalf of building community.  But what I didn't realize at the time, it was a worth well and acceptable sacrifice and my Creator blessed me to come to see and feel a glimpse of my desires to serve and build community.   It was a year of ingathering for me.

Here is a video my husband made to celebrate our Family Commonwealth Community's past semester fun!   The work that goes into a community like this has much need of celebration!


What comes after Building Family?  Building Community!

I have found that an excellent way to do this is to put on a play!  For your youth or the entire family. Why?  It involves the abilities and skills of entire families, a sacrifice of time and joining together for a common vision.

See more pictures of a previous years Commonwealth play.
See more about our Commonwealth School here.

Connect with Other Community Builders
New Commonwealth Schools 

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