Your Word, Your Principle

Did you choose a word for the year?  

Choosing a word is the same as living your life from a principle.  The result is the same too.  You start to see that principle everywhere.  That principle shapes your life. 

How does it work? 

A principle is a law comprehending many subordinate truths. (Webster's 1828)  As we put a principle within our sight, it is through belief and our focused intention that we see it's truths all around.  In other words, we choose to trust as we go forward living with that principle in mind.  We trust that principle will help us.  We focus and search for that principle in our life. 

The result? 

We start to see things differently.  We observe anew.  We are taught lessons we may not have noticed before.  We experience new insights.  We ask ourselves new questions.  The world around us has new perspective for us.  

Through this process, we are using our God-given "skills of discovery."  Observing, noticing, reaching through the eyes with an intent to find because our heart is hungry and thirsty for knowledge and understanding; for seeing how this word and principle can teach us.  These skills and this process are in all of us; been there from the origin of mankind.  We just have to believe, trust the process and choose to act with a principle in mind. 

Now, what principle or principles are you living and experiencing?  

Biblical Principle Addressed:
  • Seek, Ask, Knock - Duet. 4:29; Ezra 7:10; Matt 7:7-8