My Inspirations

What inspires and uplifts you?  Is it movement like dance or Yoga?  How about a canvas with the beauty of color?  Or could it be the solitude that stillness brings? For me it's music and Nature.  Here are just some of my personal pickings on Inspirations.  Try them.

Words of Truth and Virtue Garnishing My Thoughts

A must read is Enzio Busche's story:  Yearning for the Living God.  If you find you have this same  yearning you'll find your way out of this world and onto a better.  Here are a great set of daily words to lift and rise us.


I met Kerri on one of my random journeys.  I bought this picture and it has been a lifeline for me in my home for the past 7 years.  I have needed it's visual reminder!  I love Kerri.  She is a beauty creator!


I found another favorite!  Wow, this has been on in my house all week.  You can own it too.

Listen here for some of my inspiring favorites.

Alex Boye did amazingness to this song. Thank you for strengthening my soul to rise.

My children and I have grown to love The Piano Guys.  Their music is on in my home quite often.  And they inspire my sons to play the piano.  Jon Schmidt performed at a park many times close to my home a few years ago, and we never went to see him.  Now he costs big bucks.  It's a bummer :)

This young lady speaks my story of music and the inspiration the Holy Spirit gives.  I grew up essentially without music, besides a few tunes which my mother played.  With that void, I eventually turned to the radio, got addicted and my listening choices were not the most uplifting.  I had a respite for a year or two and joined a choir, but again, when my desires turned to the "world" or away from my true Divine Nature, I took a one-eighty.  I began snowboarding and following a crowd which brought me less than happiness.  The music I listened to rapidly turned to ugly and ugliest, dark and darkness enveloped me.  Once again, my course was set back within good boundaries.  Having distance between me and that time, I awoke to the power music had over me.  Like an recovering alcoholic, I abstained.  I stayed far away from any music that was on the radio, until I was introduced to classical music by my husband.  Ever so slowly, I grew in culture and within my limits.  One day, I decided I would not fear anymore.  I have been opening ever since and today, I am free!


Classic Stories

Listen HERE to an amazing classic story where a man's journey brings him the unexpected, he opens his door and he begins anew.

On Canvas

This is a painting I was able to help create.  Twenty-five ladies and I attended The Liberated Soul, a healing retreat for women providing environments that illuminate, and a canvas was just one environment. Try finding the part I added :)
View amazing and uplifting art at the online store HERE.


I love her story of healing through dance!  She is a great example of being brought high after she was low.

Courage. The first step along with Faith to face the fears of this life.



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