By Precept & Example

By Precept & Example by Katie Hansen
Show love of God
In all our ways
Be blessed by Him
In all our days.

How shall we show?
By precept we say.
How shall we guide?
By example each day.

What are pre - cepts
That we can say,
To show and guide,
And open a way?

They are God’s Laws,
Principles and Ways,
That lead His people
To better days.

What example we show,
When we go and pray,
And sit, walk,
And talk and lay?

That we love our God
In all His ways,
And are blessed by Him
In all our days.

So be true, be true,
Stand fast today.
Bind for a sign,
His blessings pray.

  • Deuteronomy 6
  • Topical Guide: Precept
  • The Bible, Book of Mormon & Doctrine & Covenants