The "Hebrew Way" of Reading in-Depth

If you missed our free article offered on our Foundation Builder Guide organization site's House Newsletter, Nurturing Our Skills of Discovery, you may be missing a lot.  Though simple in it's presentation and application, it is actually an in-depth concept.   

Just like reading in English has a variety of levels, reading in Hebrew does too.  This level of "reading" may come easy for some and is often passed over by others, but it is real.   

Those who fully complete our Introductory Hebraic Principles of Creation class, begin to experience the realness of these "Skills" and get a glimpse into what our organization is offering.  We are not exactly studying a Foreign Language.  We are nourishing Women & Families from within, in preparation for impacting and building the Foundation of our Next Society.   Are you called to that as well?

Find the article in your inbox or in our Intro Class - The Pilgrim's Course Tutorial to begin "reading" more in-depth and learning in The Hebrew Way.   

The cover will look like this:

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We are beginning our 3rd Round of Study rotation in October so now is the best time to join with us in this Hebraic Study program and "University."