A Place, Holding Space

When I first started this blog for a woman's retreat in 2009, I felt strongly this "Gathering Place" sharing about the "Hebrew Way," would be to unite those in the North.  From where I lived to the North, I could see a need for there to be some unity in our community.     

Aside from that, I soon after found that the Hebraic meaning for those "in the North" is "lost" and "in sin."  I was feeling the impression to help those in the North, come out of the North; to turn around, be found, and come South "into the Light;" come unto themselves and come to their true identity.  As I moved forward with an impression to teach the Principles of Creation I was discovering, I began teaching women, children and some men, how to use their very own Skills of Discovery.  Using these skills must be engaged by us and once we fully choose them, bring an inward awakening.  I have described this awakening as a feeling of coming home:  home to who we truly are, home to our original family and home to our Maker and the lessons he has to teach us.  

My experience has been a turning to my Original family roots.  Farther back from those who fought the American Revolution to bring Freedom to the world so the Restoration of Christ's truths could be restored to the Earth, from those exiled from England for their religious convictions, or from the English-Saxon or France Kings, or from those living in Palestine at the time of Jesus.   But, to those of my fore-fathers who lived true to their God and the Covenants He offered them, in which great promised blessings of Divine inheritance and a seed that would cover the Earth.  
This idea of The Hebrew Way has brought me and many others, to a coming home of who we are and to look from where we came for answers for our future.  If we do not know who we are, we cannot fully come into the Light and return from the North.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  -George Santayana
After wondering for 10 years why I was impressed to call this blog the Gathering Place for Families, and seeing the tides change towards returning to our Original family roots of the family of Israel, I can say the role of Gathering Place for Families has been to hold a place, holding space for us to look towards our Original Hebrew roots, those principles taught there and being a connector and Tent Peg between Modern Israel and Ancient Israel.  Another crucial space this has provided has been of the discovery the foundational Principles of Creation and the unveiling of the unknown Art of the "learning of the Jews." 

In this great In-Gathering of families happening all over the world, another deliberate place has been held, here at least, for the return of those in the North to their more Original and Abrahamic Hebrew roots.  

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