Put God First Today

Each day, how much time are you giving to God?  Do you focus on getting to know him daily?  Do you sacrifice things that you want for things He may want for you?
What we choose to do in our "Tent," "House," "Earthly Tabernacles" or personal lives, will determine our future destiny and happiness.  What we do this year, this month, this week, this day and this very hour, will determine the peace we enjoy soon.  Or Not.   Satisfaction comes when we take the road less traveled.  From my experience, taking a road less traveled has been for the best, so I know it truly becomes apparent that "taking the road less traveled" is for our general welfare.  It will not satisfy your specific wants at this moment, but you will see, if you consider the end goal or the longer view when you make decisions today, your satisfaction and peace will be far worth the reward of short term satisfactions.
Sometimes we may have to stop one small choice to make another.  I like to just decide what I'm doing for my God and forget about what I was doing with that time.  Many times it has been, increase my Temple attendance from monthly or bi-monthly to weekly.  Or add a few more minutes to reading or listening to His holy word. 
Just a few days ago, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jew (one that believes in Jesus as the Messiah) said:
"You've got to replace something for God. 
If you're going to give time to God, that's time that you would have been doing something else. You have to sacrifice that time in front of the television. Or sacrifice that time doing that other thing so you can give it to God. Then it's worth something. You would not accept leftovers. He would not accept leftovers to build a Tent of Meeting
You know, that is, if you wonder, what if God was that way with us, if He said, 'Well, you know, I don't have time for you now"? You're ready to worship Him and we take it for granted that He's going to be there. He doesn't have to be there. But He is there. We need to put Him the same way. We expect God to meet us at His whim, and yet, with our schedule, it revolves around us. That's not how He showed up in glory."  
"One of the signs that your life is revolving around God is that you revolve your schedule around God, not the other way around. You give the best. What's a tithe -- the tithe it's not the last part, it's the first part. You give the best part of your time. The best part of your devotion. The best part of your attention. Full attention!" 
"We are so plugged in to the world, that it's hard to be plugged in to God. We have to put things aside."  
"God required the [ancient Israelites'] tabernacle to be exactly, everything in it's place. Everything! And the thing is, if you build carelessly, if the Israelites built it carelessly, God would never show up. If they made a recommendation, if they couldn't care less, so you wonder and say 'How come I don't feel the presence of God"? Well, how much are you putting into your prayer life?"

I loved how Jonathan Cahn referred to this concept as "the presence in our tent."  The "Tent" or "House" or our "Tabernacle of clay" is us and the number two principle of the Hebrew Alphabet. (If you'd like a very important interview with Jonathan Cahn about the patterns seen from the Hebrew Calendar or God's Calendar with the Earth, please email me at Katie@gatheringplaceforfamilies.org and I'll send it to you.)
This concept of putting God first in our lives is the first principle of the Hebrew Alphabet.  It is many other things too, but if we will follow this #1 thing, to Put God First, we will grow and become our True Divine Selves which we were destined to become.  This will be so satisfactory to you and will definitely be for your general welfare!  I know it and I promise!!