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Have you wondered, "What is the House of the Book?"

I have discovered an answer I have been wondering about for over 7 years.  In the book, Teach the Children by Neil Flinders, a Hebrew verses Greek educational model is described.  It is clearly shown that the purpose of educating children from the Hebrew perspective, was to help children grow in faith-filled character towards the service that God would call upon them.  This model is also a servant leadership way. Beit HaSafeer or The House of the Book was the name of the first school a child attended on this Hebraic servant leadership path.   More importantly, the sole curriculum used was the Books of Moses or the Old Testament.
As I have worked to understand over these last two years, asking and writing deliberately about it, I have been taught and have come to understand what the "House of the Book" really was.  The words which came into my mind one morning were, Developing the House on Foundational Principles.  Oh how sweet and clarifying they have been to me!

Now have you heard of The House of Learning?

Another principle I have been taught over the last four years has been of the House of Learning.   I started organizing this blog with tabs and I realized each tab had a theme of different rooms in my house.  I have always called my family room, The Learning Closet and of course I have my Herbal Cabinet.  Well, a wonderful friend came into my life and started teaching me of what she saw - small houses with different elements in each house.  Her reaction when she saw my blog was interesting.   I began teaching my Symbolic Hebrew classes - Discovering God through Symbol & Story, called The Way Up The Mountain at first, and we worked together on a Healing Retreat putting her 'houses vision' in action.  Afterwards, I turned and began working on a totally new thing and a new friend inspired me to put my Hebrew classes into this Mother's and children program.  After that year I saw I was building "The House."  I understood this was significant because of a dream I had of my future girl whose name is Eliza Beit, Beit meaning The House in Hebrew.  So, I went with that name assuming it went along with the House of the Book.  About a month later I awoke with the word "of learning" in my mind.  

Oh, did that make sense because the second school a Jewish child attended was called the House of Learning.   Even though the Jewish people may have literally utilized this term in a physical school, through this God-led journey of study, mentors, simulation and field experience (see A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille), I have come to understand and know that the House of Learning is a term describing an entire organic learning process that unlocks the chambers within a persons heart and soul.  This process, if really traveled, brings forward an individuals Genius or Divine Nature which involves bringing out creativity, innovation and the Artist within.
This truth is best realized through the utilization of the Organic Environments & Materials as well as utilizing our Skills of Discovery.  (For a free PDF article on this, subscribe on this site to the RIGHT.)

The Purpose of the Foundation Builder Guide

The Foundation Builder Guide is designed with this in mind.  It teaches the mother the Principles of Creation which are a major part of our life whether we realize it or not and stems from the Symbolic Hebrew.  As I have been shown, these principles show us the "Way Up the Mountain."  For those of you whose life is already founded on Jesus Christ, these principles add more clarity and understanding to us about His Gospel.  For those who are not already connected with Him, it could help you see the importance of Him in our Universe.  Then, the Mother can apply the principles with the storytelling, singing & dancing, devotionals, discovery activities covering all subjects, simulations and other classic stories with her children.

The Foundation Builder Guide also encourages mother's to incorporate the Organic Environments & Materials which teach to all 8 of the different "multiple intelligence's."  The more parents, teachers and mentors bring these environment and materials, the more they will be helping to unlocking the Genius of their children and those they influence.

To purchase the House of the's Foundation Builder Guide, a 3 year program and resource which comes with:

  • 22 Stories 
  • 22 Songs 
  • 22 New Positive Scripts
  • 22 Simulations
  • 22 Dances
  • 22 Rhythm Activities
  • 8 Storytelling Lessons
  • Station Environments
  • 22 Journal pages
  • etc.
AND, this year's 8 Principles of Creation online classes called Principles Workshops

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Building Foundations & Unlocking Chambers the Hebrew Way,  

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