An Original Way, not Jewish Way

When you hear of, The Hebrew Way, have you immediately assumed I am promoting the Jewish traditions?  

Well, I'd love to break up that assumption... I'm not!

With the term Hebrew, we tend to assume it is related to the Jewish people because they speak the foreign language of Hebrew originally and today.  But, we forget that the name Hebrew came from the Father of the Jewish people whose name was Abraham when he moved to the land Hebron.  We also forget that Abraham was the Father of many tribes and people.

He is the Father of the family of Ishmael. Today, these Ishmael-ites are most likely known as the Arabs or Muslims.  Should we call them Hebrews?  Their language uses the same roots as the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet.  

Abraham is also the Father of all the House of Jacob.  Jacob, renamed as Israel, had twelve sons of which, Judah was only one, and from which came the Jews.  What came of the Dan's? The Zebulon's?  The Naphtali's? Or the Ephraim's and Manassah's?    These family members also call Abraham their Father.  Can we say they also can be called Hebrews?

After all, Abraham's Fathers were from Eden - Melchizedek, Noah, Enoch, Seth and Adam.  They passed on to Abraham the original way of living and being, connection with Divine and truth.  God, I'm sure clarified mis-information when necessary.  

This Original Way, which I have been taught as The Hebrew Way, is a beautiful natural course of living and becoming.  It is faith-filled with much color, texture, depth and material.  God is, in-fact, creating the most beautiful masterpieces and tapestries.  You!  He is the Master Artist and you are the clay in His hands.

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