The Universal Story

We are all on a journey.  Whether we know it or not, we are!  We can call it Our Story, The Hero's Journey or Cycle, or The Universal Story.  

After reading my Core books and many amazing biographies listed on this site, with a directed intent to find the specific answers I asked myself,  "What is the Gospel?", "Is there a beginning?", "What does that beginning look like?", I began seeing a pattern and I discovered this Universal Story pattern in the scriptures.  It was first illustrated to me as a circle and I found the name The Course fit it nicely because of the words "the course of the Lord is one eternal round."  I recognized it for what it really is:  A Universal Law.  As I identified this pattern, I began finding it everywhere, my children and I began memorizing scriptural phrases and I gathered the stories here.  Since I knew the source of this pattern, I felt it appropriate to call it The Pilgrim's Course.   It was Abraham, then Isaac and Jacob, which represented the Pilgrim and lineage leaders of God's people called to carry his ordinances, opportunities for Exaltation, forward to the world.  It is he who is known as the covenant leader.  He is the perfect representation of those Pilgrim's who knows they are not of this world and seeking for  a better. 

What I have learned about this story pattern is that it actually is The Way to Be.  This means that there really is a Course and Law which guides our way to Become like the Divine we were meant to become.  
Sure, there are many ways to describe this Universal law.  The Way, the Path, etc. One common way is called Salvation, and, yes, it is always available to each and every one of God's children.  I know this law is governed by The Creator and our Savior Jesus Christ.  He is the ultimate Lord and God of the Universe.  He, too, has many names and followers in many parts of the Earth and throughout history.

My question for you:  Where are you on your Course?  This above picture illustrates this pattern which reveals the common journey of mankind and is based on the Ancient Symbolic Hebrew.  To me it relates to The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I invite you to discover the Pilgrim's Course in your own readings of biographies, fairy tales, scripture stories and your very own story!  

I promise your search will bring you clarity of truth.

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