The Principles of Creation 1 - 8 Workshops


Would you like to create a natural learning environment in your home for your younger children?  How about one that is Christ-centered and incorporates principles that teach positive virtues through Storytelling the original Hebraic Children's storiesProjects & PlaySinging positive affirmation songs, the Thematic Cultural Dances,  Nature,  Movement of all Creationand Language & Classic Stories? 

When I was younger, I received specific direction to study the teachings of the Ancient and Modern Prophets to prepare myself in every way to become a valiant servant in building God's Kingdom.  For a long time, I didn't know how to do that.  After a while I began diligently reading biographies, articles, speeches and anything from Modern Prophets.  As I applied this first step, I awoke one morning with a visual picture in my mind.  It said, "The Hebrew Way" and there was a triangle shape with it.  After applying that direction the best I could, about 2 years later, I awoke another morning with a visual idea of myself going "Up the Mountain" and applied it into a class where we discussed the Hebrew Principles while hiking.  This began a 4 year study and it grew a passion within me.

I found that the Hebrew Alphabet were not just letters, but symbols representing principles such as, Rebirth & Transformation, Virtue & Obedience, etc.  I also connected that they were geometric shapes - which actually went along with the Hebrew numbering system, and a few plants associated with each.  This was not in any of the books I had been studying and I learned God was teaching me something.  But the greatest passion which has come from this journey has been to tell the amazing story which attends it - The Story of Israel.

Just this week I realized, after all this, I have been coming to understand the "teachings of the Ancient Prophets." 

Because I know these truths can help others to strengthen their Foundation on Christ, I have been working for over two years to create a Mother's and children class to help families. 

Come join me in learning and discussing the Principles of Creation for the purpose of increasing your "skills of discovery" for your own learning and teaching and to incorporate them in your homes with your younger children.

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