Sharing The Hebrew Way

I am so excited!  have found the way I need to share my discoveries about The Hebrew Way!  
First, Through the Principles of Creation and Facilitator Workshops with Mother's! 
Second, Through Celebrations:  Singing, Dancing, Sharing the Organic Environments & Materials with Families.  (Read my FREE article about these Environments here.)  Our next Celebration is coming up!  Come join us on Friday, September 25th from 5:30 - 9:30 for some Singing, Dinner & Dancing in the park.  
These events are all connected!  They softly create environments for those participating to take inward steps towards truly recognizing who they are!  It is in those small moments of discovering through the up-lifting Principles to our mind and hearts and the nurturing Organic Environments & Materials to our heart, body and spirit that brings us closer to love and joy; to the Creator's, Innovator's and Artist's within!

Come join us for Our next Celebration - FridaySeptember 25th from 5:30 - 9:30 for some Singing, Stories, Pot Luck & Dancing in the park.  
Save $19 by joining before Sept 14th - THIS Monday at midnight - for The 8 Principles of Creation in-depth Workshops (2 hours for each class)    To purchase this class, read instructions and... 

Watch this video to see more about my why and what I am sharing in the online Workshops and Foundation Builder.   All the Character Virtues/Principles are listed!  Then, if you want to join along with me in the Principles 1 - 8 in-depth classes, starting next Friday, register today!  

It's only $80 /Mother attending the online class.  After Monday, Sept 14th, the price goes up to $99! 

What does it include? 
It comes with the Family Membership -Year 1 on House of the Book (dot) org.    It is a yearly subscription for three years, but if you don't want to join us next year, just cancel your subscription after you have enjoyed this year's 8 Principles Workshops and the many resources which can be used in your homes.      

What?  8 weeks of classes, plus all the resources in the Foundation Builder for only $80?  YES!!!

Read more about my 8 in-depth Symbolic Hebrew (Principles of Creation) class here.
Here is the place you will get all of my research.  I'm not holding back!  

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