Discovering Mission

Do you ever wonder, "Why am I here?  Who am I really?" or "What am I doing here? and Where am I going?" Well, I do.  I have wondered and wondered and desired so much to understand my specific purpose.  "What is it I am to learn while I wander in this lonely world?"  

Well, one day while I was in my daily studies, I noticed a pattern.  A man named Saul was traveling around slandering the names and reputations of friends and family; committing serious injuries.  He did this until one day, a light appeared shining around him and His Creator stood, and told him it was not in his nature to act in such ways.  It was as if he awoke.  In astonishment, he ask this crucial question, "What would you have me do?  

Then another man, John Lathrop.  He was burdened heavily because of his desire to worship his God according to his conscience.  His loyalties to his country were challenged.  He felt called to preach a truth which was not accepted.  His wife begged him to please stop gathering in meetings and to stay quiet, for the sake of their family.  Although he felt torn, it was that deep feeling inside the marrow of his bones and the Holy Spirit that had put the cause into his heart.  He would not turn aside what he knew he was to do; spread light to his fellow captives.  

After reading both these stories, I noticed that each of these men received answers to their questions.  Questions like, "What am I to do?"  Each of these men were shown in their hearts or minds, or both, what they were to do and they did it, gaining confidence in their guidance.  Their stories live on today, I would argue, because their yearned for questions were answered and they knew what they needed to do.

After discovering these men asked similar questions to mine,  I realized, instead of just wondering, I should do the same, and ask.   Well, I did.  "Lord, what would you like me to do?  The result can be seen through My Story of Asking.  

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