The Empty Vessel Principle

Have you ever tried to keep a vase empty on your counter?  Notice it.  Observe the results.  You may find it interesting what ends up in it.  Mail, leftover toys pieces, pencils, coins, etc.  Keep cleaning it out and see it happen again and again.  When you have seen this, come back to read on....

Can we notice this pattern other places?  Is there a story that shows this principle?  Let's look at The Beginning.  In the creation story, there was a void, an empty vessel.  Darkness filled that void and then the Creator divided the light from the darkness. (see the First of the Five books of Moses)

How does this story or principle apply to ourselves?  Can we notice areas within where we are stuffed full of unnecessary items; things out of place?  Do we long to clear out our inward vessel so that better things can come into our life; like the love of God perhaps?

There is an arduous process here and maybe it is quite remorseful.   But there is more, there is hope.  When we recognize this principle, we can see there is a way to be transformed.  Our vessels may be emptied and through Goodness and Light, they can be Re-Formed.  

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Unknown said...

And I would add, be more fit to "receive" all that Father desired for us!