My Story of Discovering Celebrations

I have been on a journey and I am beginning to see why...

In 2001, after 12 weeks of bed-rest and 2 months of recovering postpartum, I had a profound spiritual experience which altered my life.  I began reading, researching and learning like I have ever done before.  Plant & herbs books, storage guides, cooking books, etc. 
A sample of the books which started my natural learning. 
I began gathering whole grains, seeds and other supplies and learned to cook with them!  I made concoctions like Echinacea Glycerites & Super Tonic my Aunt Marie showed me.  My insatiable desire to learn only increased.  It grew into areas of 
nurturing, relationships, parenting, music, education, history, governments, mathematics, sciences, biographies, language, etc.
My insatiable desire to learn only increased.
By 2008, I felt more complete as I was now cooking with alternate grains to avoid our problems with wheat, gluten, gmo's and dairy.   I had even began learning how to make winter camping pants and acquired a few necessities such as water filters, hand grinders, etc.

In 2009, God started leading me down another road.  I awoke one morning with the words The Hebrew Way with a triangle.   (I am a very visionary learner.)  I held a woman's retreat, had another child, started this blog, gathered the readings here and then began classes.  (That year I also went on a Vision Walk with my friend Jodi and I saw myself inserting a key into people's hearts which symbolically has to do with what I am specifically called to do.)   I was lead to study symbolic Hebrew which has increased my ability to interpret the scriptures from a symbolic ancient perspective, as well as my vision and dreams :) And I have created a program teaching it to mothers and the husbands who want to join along. (Search here for Foundation Builder Guide or Here)
Finding The Pilgrim's Course and Symbolic learning.
One of the major connections or epiphanies I have made over these years is that all the cultures around the world, have similar patterns in their Celebrations: clothing, color, singing, dance, family events, food ~ and when they gather for their Festivals, they all share their cultural STORIES.  

One of the things I was taught by a wonderful friend Mentor on this journey, was that after Adam and Eve left the garden, they gathered each year with their families to share the Creation story.  These gatherings and teachings have been spread over all the cultures down from prophets & scriptures, and into fairy tales, myths and sagas sharing elements of these original stories and gatherings.  (Thank you Kelli for teaching me:)  This has lead me to ask myself??  What of our culture??  Where do we in America celebrate our stories??  Of course, we have scriptures and powerful teachers guiding us in our congregations.  We can see youth are celebrating Our Story during re-enactments or Temple Celebrations.  Why not whole families?  Thankfully, some of us celebrate our story of freedom during Independence day.  What are the other parts of our culture which needs celebrating?  

Well, after filing these observations, question's and wondering's in the back of my mind over the years, creating a class around the Principles of Creation and providing healing environments through the arts for women and learning from history that it is through the art’s that a culture survives -- bondage, turmoil and loss (all random things!!!), it all came together last in March 2014 into a beautiful proposition and epiphany!     Could we be entering a time as other cultures around the world experienced?  A downfall of American life as we know it?  Will we be experiencing such great need that we must cling to our healing arts and Our Story to lift and preserve us?

Regardless of if these things happen, I have decided that my journey has brought me to this today and I will proceed to fulfill this dream of my heart.
So, while we are preparing for times such as these or not, I proposed we all begin incorporating the healing environments which will keep us (our mind, body, heart and spirit) whole, healthy and joyful in whatever future we face!  

I also propose that we who are remnants of Israel right here in America begin telling Our Universal Pilgrim's Story through America's cultural dance, Storytelling, Singing, Fiddling, Healing Resources, Quilting Circles, Family Research, Materials of Creation like: Whole & Cultured foods, Plants, Paint, Twine, Wood, Sounds, Breathe, etc. and Music & other songs reminding us of Our Story.  (For those who already are, I applaud you!)

Come JOIN many families and I in Celebrating -- Our Universal Story -- on Friday September 23rd 2016!   Theme:  Our Journey Home!

This year marks a 50th yr. Jubilee on the Jewish Calendar and we are joining in on the year of Celebration!! It is my hope to help unite, connect and strengthen the families in our neighborhood and help us begin celebrating like all the other cultures around the world who I believe are remnants of Israel with their own stories. (One day I'm excited to hear more of them.)

Register HERE ! 


Leah said...

Katie I love what you're doing. ! Just wish I stilled lived in Utah to join in with you ! Leah Spencer

KH said...

Leah, You CAN join what we are doing! ONLINE! We have online discussions and have a depths and wealth of resources for the Mother to learn and teach in her home. Read more here! Our community would really benefit from you!!