What is Your Story?

I am doing something, that I have wanted to do for a long time, but didn't know how.  I would like to invite you to join me in encouraging others to come to know their story - this very important Journey of Discipleship, which is Our Pilgrim's Course!

I want to hear your story!!   This story pattern does not just show up within my story, it's with everyone who has breath.  I am supposing, the more we share, the more others will awaken to their own stories.   If you are brave, will you share your story here?  Or even your beginning?  What is your beginning?  I know many of you have experienced one.  

I have seen my life change because I have made serious sacrifices to have beginnings.  Each time I make those sacrifices, my life transforms for the best!  
When I was 19, I was reborn!  Completely and at a surprise to me.  The joy and personal inspired direction in my life increased and brought me to the top of the mountain.  I took a turn and fell off the cliff and into a deep pit.  I continued the best I knew, but I was blind and asleep; for many years.  After looking around me and coming to a realization something was wrong, I began reaching, searching, calling out for help, digging and knocking loudly.   After seven years of climbing, I have awoken!!  I know Who I am and Why I am here!  I also found out I had fallen asleep and it was THE same PATTERN in which Israel has found herself time in and time out.  
So what is your story?  Who are You and Why are you here?
Questions to ask yourself or Writing Prompts:

  • Was there a time my life dramatically shifted for good?
  • Have I received truths after seriously searching? 
  • What does a beginning look like and what is mine?
  • Have I had a serious witness of my God-led path?
  • Have I been reborn?  What happened next?
  • Has there been a time in my life where I felt heaven's help?
  • What truths have I been discovering about my journey?  

Begin today!  If you are interested in sharing here, email me your story or beginning, and a picture of you or representing your journey!  Otherwise, I highly encourage you to begin writing your story today. 

'Till then, Carry On!

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