A Natural Learning Process

I just laugh inside when i think of this...

Last Fall, my daughter began reading a series of books when I saw her countenance change a bit for the worse.  There were a few other factors to consider for the reason, but I did what I felt necessary, and told her I needed her to stop reading them; to take a break and to read other great books we had on our shelves.  She didn't like that "No" answer and said she wouldn't read anything.  I said without fear, "Okay."

One day after a few months (she had still read books around the house), I randomly printed off a Reading Chart I found on the internet (like the one below) for a few of my children, and put them under the plastic cover on our dining room table.  After a few days, she said with excitement, "Mom, if I read fifty classics, can I read the ______ books again?"  I said, "Sure."

So, she began discovering many amazing characters and world's through the eyes of great people who lived and live great lives.

The other day she said with a laugh, "What if those books aren't exciting anymore?"   "That's very possible," I said with a smile....Then an older child chimed in on that as well.

Today she did it!!  She finished fifty other books I agreed were more classic. 

While her story will continue onward, I smile inside for the small miracle this experience has been.  She has read like she never read before.  I have seen her face lighten up with excitement over the stories of the Girl of the Limber-lost, Anne of Green Gables, Phantom Tollbooth, Charlie's Monument, Little Women, Little Men, Mother Theresa, etc.   Will the other series be exciting still?  Time will only tell, but I love how she has learned to trust.  Trust there is greater substance in some of those stories on the shelves than she thought Trust to move forward with more faith-fullness and hope.   Her faith has been verified in this process.   Her ability to choose more wisely is increasing.  Her heart has been affected for the good and her light and vision has increased.  
Subjects learned in this process:
Language Arts-Reading, Discussing, etc.
Scientific-Exploration and Discovery, etc.
Mathematics-Charting progress, Analyzing, etc.
History/Geography- Biographical Stories and Locations.
Added benefits: Value of Family & Mentoring, Gaining greater Vision,
Faith in Believing "I can things that seem harder." etc.
I didn't plan it.  But, I knew there was so much more valuable content to inspire her elsewhere and I completely trusted God's natural learning process with humble followers.

As she became more humble in accepting the situation, she searched for more options with getting what she desired and she asked.  She began seeing options she had never considered and her trust and faith grew.

We all learn in these same ways.  It's the same process that brings us inward growth and character, that inner strength and courage to act - believing something will work out, and move in directions which may seem undesirable or unknown at first.  Whether it is learning in our minds, for our bodies or social/emotional lessons in relationships, it's all the same process.  And remember, God does not separate learning into different buildings or age groups.  God gives us families and relationships to learn these most important learning lessons.  


KH said...

She did it! She looked at me while she put her book down and said with a smile, "Mom, it's not that exciting anymore."

Unknown said...

SO cool :)