Preparing Women to Restore Our Original Culture

How are we doing this?
With the help from God and many others, we have built a not-for-profit organization, called Foundation Builder Guide, to help prepare and train Women for helping restore original holistic ways of nurturing, learning and healing in our homes & community.  In the days ahead, we are going to need women who can see in a balanced whole, connected, and principled way to live, learn and become. 

Are you called to prepare in these ways?

Through a Symbolic Women's Retreat Training:
As women, we believe we were made for relieving the poor, mournful, hungry & thirsty, persecuted... in society. Come join us in preparing to nurture the wounded in this time of turmoil. Many will be gathering in groups around us and our need to increase in our ability to see truth and have "eyes to see" ~so that we can nurture them~ is upon us. We believe it is time. It's time to restore these ways. It's time for this restoring event.
Begin your leadership training through these essential Principles of Creation today.  See here.

Registration opens January 2024 so begin your online study and preparations now.

Through Symbolic-Study for Women:
This incredible study for women, of the Hebraic Principles of Creation, strengthens and fortifies foundation in our mind & heart clarifying all truth. The immediate benefit is ~ increasing our ability to make connections ~ and it gives THE framework for a lifetime! These God-centric principles become the Guide.  Women's and Mothers, this program is powerful.

Here are some images of our two study resources - The Principles of Creation Study Guide & Companion Workbook, and online study site.

To learn more about this Hebraic Study, begin by taking the Intro Principles of Creation Class ~ The Pilgrim's Course Tutorial.  Click here to learn more

Symbolic-Learning Home Resources for Mother's:
Building foundation in the home couldn't be more easy with our Symbolic-Learning at Home Resources!! If you are concerned more about your children's lifetime learning path of becoming a person of character and choosing Godly directed life-mission choices, then what you need is to help set their foundation on character-based principles and learn all the subjects out from there.
Foundation Builder Guide's discovered Hebraic Principles of Creation, helps set and correct foundation on how it really ~is.
This non-profit effort is a gift to the world to help the mothers prepare their children for their role in the next "Founding" phase of America, after this Crisis. Come participate in these incredible Symbolic-learning Resources!! Learn more here about these resources for Mothers!

If you act fast and come join us in our Intro class, you will be prepared to join us and our Biennial Women's Retreat Training!  (Learn more 
Women's Retreat)  
Yes, we are preparing as Facilitators to help the learning, in the homes in all ways of true Nurturing, as we prepare Facilitators and Principal Mentors for communities.

NUR'TURE, verb transitive
1. To feed; to nourish.
2. To educate; to bring or train up. ~ He was nurtured where he was born.

To learn more about the Unlocking the Chambers Women's Retreat.

Foundation Builder Guide’s Mission:
To nurture our roots through the Organic Principles, Environments, Materials & Skills, which build foundation & unlock the chambers within, for Christ-centered Women, Sisters, Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, & Daughters called to assist in the awakening of Israel in their homes and communities. Foundation Builder Guide mentors The Hebrew Way - our Original Culture, through Tutorials/Workshops, Retreats and Celebrations.

Foundation Builder Guide’s Vision:
Through nurturing and empowering Principal Mentors of the home with the wisdom and understanding of the Organic Principles, Environments, Materials, and Skills, Mothers will be prepared to stand ready to nurture the communities in which they are called to serve, thereby restoring the original ancient nurse-midwives of Israel, for the purpose of “relieving society.”

Come join us!!
~Katie & Michael Hansen,
and FBG Community

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