Our Story: In Honor of Creation

Published July 14, 2014 on houseofthebook.org 

Our Story

Once Upon a Dimension not far from here, there was an Artist, a Master Artist. This Master Artist was a dreamer and wonderer.  He had learned and mastered all the Principles of the Universe and the organic Environments & Materials, which produced nurturing and growth which all Artists have the ability to master.   His favorite thing to do was to wonder about things.  He wondered and wondered and he noticed, explored, asked questions and more questions, and observed more, until he could see an image in his mind.  Then he would go and create it with his hands.  He learned the precise the combination of these certain Principles, Environments & Materials, created a beauty and flow which acted as a key. The Master Artist used this key to Unlock the Chambers of all Creations.

The first image he wondered about, explored with, asked himself about was a sphere.  When the image came to his mind, he began to shape, mold and form it.  One form. One space. one day.  Uniting all principles into one.  He called it Earth.  

The second image he observed, explored and asked about was a division of the sphere into 2 halves.  When he saw it he created it.  Two spaces within one, each balancing the other.  Water and land.  
Next came many questions.  He saw three's and triangles.  How could...?  What about...?  Ahah!!  Three lights came to be.  Extending light to all.
Crossing the entire area, he scanned and found another pattern.  From noticing 4 areas over the expanse, he was inspired to form four courners - reaching over encompassing the entire.
He took a deep life filling breath, and found hope and discovered his hands.  Five.  Is there a pattern here?  he asked himself.  He noticed and formed a pentagon. Five points. Five steps.
Oh!  He made a connection after wondering and wondering about his hand.  This Master Artist added principles of the Six to his work.  He worked all night long and by morning, he had made a new artist in his own image.  And another. These new artists, began filling up the Earth.  They made new ones, and the new ones made new ones. And do you know what they loved to do?  Dream, wonder and discover.  And to use the Principles of the Universe, the Organic Environments & Materials which brought beauty and wholeness.  He called these new artist his children.  They called him their Creator.
Lastly, The Master Artist rested.  He knew what he had made was good. Seven for Rest and Rejuvenation. A space was created for feasting unto completeness. A feast of a spiritual realm.
Yes, the sun shown bright and beautiful, then the clouds came and cast vicious shadows on the light.  These artists had dual Natures.  They were like the Master Artist, but also like the Earth they were formed from.  They tried to become like the Mater Artist, but they forgot and got lost.  Darkness entered the scene.  It was hard to see the light.   After being lost for long enough they were tired of being broken.  Death and pain and destitute hearts. Broken. Lost and Broken more.  

Their connection!   

They slowly began to remember the Course and Path which lead to remembering and seeing.  They rediscovered the tools which helped them overcome the Natural Man and become the Divine within.  They began to find beauty and create like the Master Artist. 

Now, you and I have entered this scene.  We can accept this connection and follow The Course and Path to become like this our Master Artist or make our own way to our own ends. The choice is ours.

The first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth times have all shown the sun and then clouds and turmoil of days better forgotten.

    No worries however. All boundaries were planned and in proper order by this Master Artist to create the beauty and promise of the enabling Principles, Environments & Materials, Unlocking the chambers within all creation to flow and change and move upward towards light and life; all at the right time.  All we have to do is Release & Receive HIM, our Master Artist and Savior.
Today, the time is now to combine the Principles, Environments, Materials, and Skills. You and I have the keys within to unlock this beautiful creative flowing movement and change upward toward light; to Become. You and I can become the facilitators to help others to do the same. In this process, we follow the Master Artist.

Now, The Master Artist, Artist of all Artists, is waiting.

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