An Original Way of Learning

Are you searching for more of a natural natural way of learning and teaching, which will protect the agency of your children and connect you all to our original culture and story?  

Maybe you are satisfied with your Government-led, left-brained approach to schooling and are not looking for better solutions, but if you are not satisfied and would like a more Original Way to learn, my husband and I have been busy creating a Hebraic principle-based guide to help Mother's (& Father's) teach all the Liberal Arts from the most original source in their homes.  It includes a Godcentric view of learning, called teaching in The Hebrew Way, through our original character building stories, storytelling, and discovery experiences in all the subjects.  

This Guide encourages:
Learning through relationship building connection and Play.  ~Exploring and discovering the Hebraic Principles of Creation:
  • Through Nature - through shape, number, symbols, exploring in mathematics;
  • Through Language - storytelling original stories, and includes storytelling lessons and videos for 8+ year old children  (Mother's too) and storytelling 22 stories of Israel, Positive scripting and words;
  • Through Movement - song, dance, simulations, games, project building, exploring all sciences.   
When you do this, then, 
+ Add your family/individual reading time with classics sharing wholeness, journaling, calculating, measuring, family & home work, etc. with Christ in the center,

What do you get?

= Whole-brain, Project-learning, Liberal Arts thinking skills, Charlotte Mason, Montessori style, Multiple Intelligence-learning.  Storytelling.  
And introducing:  The Principles of Creation delivered to children, Organic Environments & Materials, Skills of Discovery, Foundation Builder Guide's Positive-affirmation Songs & Stories.   
(All the while giving your children a Servant-Leadership Education) 
= Real Learning

It's called The Foundation Builder Guide.  It is a Symbolic-Learning at Home, original thematic unit resource, teaching symbolic principles for Mother's to use with their children.  (That means there can be endless of ways to use this because their are multiple layers of meaning with the symbols.)

 This resource can be used as a whole curriculum or a 
supplement in your family or home learning.   

See details on this Symbolic-Learning at Home resource here.

I know you will love this heart-nurturing experience in your family!  

Happy Day,

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