Our Story & Culture in the Bible

When was the last time you read the Old Testament?  How about the New?  Did you know of the foundation it has layed for cultures all over the world and how it's culture lead in Equality, Moral & Ethical Code, Justice, and Marriage & Family? 

               A set of scriptures lying on top of a pile of other activities, paired with the words “Uncover Buried Treasure.”

As I have read, pondered, explored, asked, sought, knocked and noticed through the record of the Jews known as Hebrew, I have truly been taught from the Ancients the story of Israel.  If it wasn't for my asking, 'What it was God wanted me to do,' heeding Paul's example, I don't know how I would have gone on this journey learning Our Story in the way I did.   And it has literally revealed to me how I am to prepare for my future service.  
Clarify your questions, then go digging everywhere for the answers in that book.

The Hebrew Way is in there.  

Reading the Bible cover to cover is great, but I do suggest finding your purpose for your search.   We have a great responsibility to seek after, understand and live the teachings in these stories.  We have a great responsibility to be that relatively few and small community, penetrating through the onslaught of false ideas and beliefs about God, His kind and our True culture and story.    

I would argue it is our purpose and mission. 
"Do we appreciate the fact that its God-inspired values—preserved by a relatively small community—survived ages of widespread turmoil and false beliefs to eventually spread teachings regarding God and morality throughout the world in preparation for greater revelations to follow?" 
                                                                  -Chris Conkling 
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Anonymous said...

Great thoughts, Katie! And the Ensign article was a true gem! You have certainly been lead on an interesting path!