Emptying Our Vessels

Have you ever felt so much pain you see no way out of it? Do you struggle with challenges, trials, tribulations or traps which stump you more than you'd like?
Have you tried pushing through your pain through praise? This morning, I tried it. Twice! I prayed this prayer and found powerful truths relating to The Hebrew Way. The duality of choosing faith over fear, choosing the opposite and seemingly "impossible" to help.
The following prayer can be applied to all of us weary travelers on this Course called Life, especially those traveling through their wilderness.
"Dear Father, I thank thee and I praise thee for this experience of........and the good it can create. I thank thee and I praise thee that this is so hard and painful to me. I thank thee and praise thee that I can be on this earth to even have this privilege; the privilege of this kind of experience. I thank thee that through this you are trying to bring me home. I thank thee and I praise thee for turning this weakness into my strength. For consecrating this infirmity to my gain; that you are willing to do this; that you love me this much; that I mean this much to thee. I thank thee that I can give this all to thee - that I can put all of my feelings on the alter of your healing power. Please take my broken heart. Please heal everything that is confused, hurt or broken inside of me. I give this all to Thee Father and ask thee to take it from me. I thank thee for taking this all from me." 
(special thanks to John Canaan's Breakthrough process)
When meeting life's many challenges and mortal carnal-man experiences, we will inevitably come face-to-face with our greatest fears, causing us pain and turmoil. Many of us do not have the knowledge to understand that the fears which are being manifested are just appearing real because we have held onto them instead of releasing them to Christ and believing otherwise. We simply cannot see that the fears are deeply held within us from our childhood, life experiences or generational beliefs prior, and are coming out in our life as a mirror giving us a chance to address our weakness or character flaws, so we can then release them and move upwards to more light.
Un-coincidentally, a friend also shared her dream with me this morning. I am sharing it with her permission.
She was surrounded by deadly snakes and her husband was releasing them everywhere. Then through the power of God, the snakes started exploding and disappearing. She realized they were not real after all, but an illusion.
She had believed it was her husband releasing the snakes and was blaming him, but it was her deeply held fears which in essence brought the snakes to pass.  Even though her fears of the snakes were held on to, and were an illusion, they really were there manifesting a threat to her.  Until she called on God for help to blast them away, she was truly manifesting them in her life.  Her pain was real and really there.  
If life has brought your fears to you, or not, you can see them, observe them, and release them through the power of Christ.  Only He has the power to help us empty our vessels.  We do have to do some looking, seeing, asking, and identifying though.

If you'd like to try identifying and releasing your fears through Praise, recognize the fears you have and which you resist: 
  1. Start by identifying the feelings or beliefs you have from seeing or experiencing behaviors of loved ones around you that cause you to feel bothered or uncomfortable.  For example, we may sometimes feel rejected by our son from his behavior, but in hopes to not be rejected, we lack holding boundaries for ourselves and we ignore learning about boundaries and keep feeling rejected by son.  Or we may feel hopeless and let an experience happen over and over because we think there is nothing we can do about a situation (stay the victim).  Or we wish this or that person would stop something painful to us which is causing us to feel _____.  Then,
  2. Choose to push through the fear and pain by putting your effort into the opposite - Gratitude!  Then praise God for this life's experience.  Visualizing Christ holding you while you say this prayer may be helpful as well. 
This is just a beginning of moving through our fears which are causing us pain, sorrow and sadness.  There are hundreds of ways to continue through this journey of releasing so we may grow upwards towards light; to empty our vessels to receive the Light in which God wants to fill us.
Is this why great men and women in our history are filled with praising God in spite of the turmoils they endured? Check out how it feels to praise God through your pain today!

P.S. Don't forget to fill your Vessel with truths about yourself afterwards.  The Words of Christ or Life, Affirmations, Declarations of Truth, etc.


Unknown said...

This is really beautiful Katie! Yesterday I Studied Carol F McConkie's talk "Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire" Towards the end of it she says that we can pray in gratitude for abundant blessings and for the lessons of life. Your article was a second witness to me of this principle.
I was studying the Nun in Adam Rhine's "Hebrew Illumination's" this morning. Something he said there goes along with your article as well, "Every so-called mistake or act of forgetfulness can be a conduit for self-knowledge and a means to draw closer to Hashem.

The Love Family said...

Katie, I love this! Thank you for sharing. It’s really beautiful. ~Pam

KH said...

Thanks so much Lori!
I'm so glad it is another witness of truth for you. God bless you!!

KH said...

Thank you Pam!! So glad this could be a blessing to you.