Ancient Arts: Ancient Symbolic Language & Ancient FootZonology

March 2017
While you most likely have heard of the Ancient language called Hebrew, have you heard of the Ancient Art & Science called FootZonology? 
  • FootZonology is an Ancient Art & Science.  It entails the science and study of the signal system on the feet.  If you can think of our bodies like a computer, our feet are like the computer's wireless keyboard.  These signals are light vessels which are directly connected to the DNA-code in every cell of the body and from the DNA-code to our Inner Blueprint.  
Footzonology also entails The Art of ZoneBalance and ZoneAnalysis.  
  • ZoneBalance is the method which reconnects the broken connections to the DNA, balances and repairs unfavorable imprints in the DNA-code and reconnects with the Inner Blueprint. ZoneBalance renews our cells in line with our Inner Blueprint, raising the body's life energy (conscious or chi) and our awareness.  It balances our four bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) into alignment with our Blueprint and helps us become our True Self and what we were meant to be.
  • ZoneAnalysis is the method to see, feel the present condition, and notice where the DNA-code is disconnected from the Inner Blueprint.
Fascinating huh! 

Do you know I have been discovering that this Art & Science is a part of The Hebrew Way?  It too has been restored to the Earth over a process of over a hundred years.  Amazing!  It is yet another way for us to become more self-reliant in preparing for our future.  Please know God has not left us without help here. He has ways which provide for us and always will. 

FREE Intro to Foot ZoneBalance Class Recording:

I am a ZoneBalance Practitioner & Coach and this therapy has helped the true "Katie - Creator" to come out!  Truly!  I tell my friends, if it was not for me having this training, which I do on myself regularly, I would not have been able to teach, create and live my purpose as I have over the last 4-5 years, which has been intense.  A fellow practitioner and I have held a free class introducing others to this amazing whole body cellular-level therapy.   This therapy broadens your understanding of nutrition, the body & anatomy, using essential oils, herbs & whole alkaline foods, the 10 meridians, the 7 horizontal energy systems, etc., etc.  It's a great skill to have if you feel called to it!

Register for this FREE class HERE.  It has been recorded and we will send you the link in your confirmation email to watch at your convenience.   
If you want to schedule a ZoneBalance or learn the Art & Science of Footzonology with me, click here.

Now what about the Art of Ancient Symbolic Language?

Did you know discovering the mathematical symbolism in Creation is also an Art.  It take practice.  Practice just like creating a beautiful masterpiece on canvas or a detailed hand-worked quilt, or just like the ZoneAnalysis takes practice (above).  

The more you practice and the more you believe and explore through this mathematical symbolic language, the more you'll trust your own mind's ability to make the connections and see more meaning in simple things like Nature.  It's a very essential Art!  Learning to make connections and thinking.  Imagine being able to grow up always making connections between stories and shape and symbols.  Imagine being able to explore with it and being asked questions by your Mother comparing stories you read with Biblical stories and symbols.  Seeing our Creator in the Creation (the source of symbolism or symbolic Hebrew) of everything and the connections between, would be a part of your natural life and thinking abilities!  You'd be raised with the ability to think, observe, notice and see.  You'd be an Artist!  Learning from Creation through the Principles of Creation definitely leans us towards becoming mini-creators!
I continually mentor Mother's through this Art, to enjoy observing, exploring & asking to discover for themselves the Symbolic Hebrew I call "Principles of Creation."  This practice enhances the Mother's ability to trust she can make connections and see God behind symbols in Creation or our Ancient Biblical story.   It's Mathematical.  It's purely the symbolism in Creation! 

With these classes, I provide a membership site with a plethora of family resources she can use to teach in her home!  This gives her practice a purpose and enhances greater discovery and connection with her while introducing these skills and principles to her children.  With additional fairy tales, classic stories, original positive scripting children's stories & songs, storytelling lessons, Discovery Experiences, etc., it is truly a whole-brain natural learning playground for the Mother and Child!   

Explore more here on Symbolism in Creation (tab above) to learn more.

Good NEWS!! 

A friend has arranged for Mom's to bring their children 6 - 11 to a demonstration class to learn some of these principles of Symbolic Hebrew.  It will help you begin to learn more about these principles as well as see how you and these little Artists can be nurtured in these concrete ways through the Skills of Discovery.

If you are near, join me in this Hebrew Principles class!

  • It's on April 10th1:00-3:00 pm.  In South Jordan, Utah. 
  • It's only $5 per child.  Click here to register.
  • Contact me if you want to host me to teach this in your area.
2018 UPDATE ~ If you are interested in hosting me to teach this class, contact me at

I believe the age has turned, and we are now preparing our children to be raised as practicing Artist's in the Age of the Artist.  Observers, Explorers, Innovators and Creators!

~Katie Hansen
Mentor, Coach, Teacher & Poetic Creator

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