Celebrating "Pilgrim's" On All Saints Day

Today is All Saints Day.   It is a day to celebrate those who have gone before in God's story of overcoming bondage and obtaining freedom.  It is a day to celebrate those "Pilgrim's" who have traveled their "Course."

I have mentioned a few here on this blog, but for today, join us in reviewing the life of Martin Luther.  He was a munk in the Catholic church, but as he studied the Bible, his conscience led him to stand against teachings of his church at the time.

How did he find the courage to face his greatest wilderness experiences?  When did he gain his convictions and his Course begin?

These are serious questions which could help us find answers to our Pilgrim's Course.  While you watch this or study more into Martin Luther's life, ask yourself questions like these.  And maybe, When was my beginning? Where am I on my course today?

This, Pilgrim's Course, a term I coined to describe us and other great men and women on their life's Journey in relation to the Sun at Horizon (see FBG's Early Semitic Pictographic Alphabet book), is one of the greatest principles of The Hebrew Way.

We own this dramatized movie and watch it each year.  I also recommend this book we have studied in our journey with other youth and families.           

He truly is a great inspiration to all for "standing fast in that liberty wherewith God hath made us free!"

Some other great stories of those who have stood in their Pilgrim's Course.
William Tyndale

John Wesley
William Wilberforce
Corrie tenBoom
Pilgrim's Progress describes this Pilgrim's Course wonderfully.


Unknown said...

I love this article Katie!! So much here to apply to my own journey! Now I'm asking myself, "When DID my Pilgrim's Course begin...?"

LilyoftheValley said...

Thank you! I put all the books in my wishlist cart!