Seeking Our Roots

When I came West I felt like one of the Pioneers. I didn't really realize I had family who left America (past Missouri) and traveled across the plains (Oregon Trail and Mormon Trail). My family had been away from our roots for two generations. Boy did I feel it. I had longed to be reconnected to my ROOTS.
I slowly found who I was by being with my family out west; older brothers, sisters, grandparents. I slowly began to see the land and places from where I came and see the reality of that story.
A deep desire grew in me to go back to my roots. I think it was the influence of my grandmother. I had a sense come over me and longed to understand more, and thought at first I was to connect with just my recent family like grandma Marjorie.
Over the next few years, as I asked and sought more understanding, my searching lead me to my roots for sure. They were deep, and go far back to Abraham. I learned even my roots explain this The Hebrew Way thing I have been teaching and writing about on this blog, and now in the Foundation Builder Guide. The recording of these things are not finished yet. My challenge has been to get it out into comprehend-able words. It's quite a task for a right-brained dyslexic genius ;) My motivation? If I can write for my children and leave a blazed trail for them, they too can be connected so deeply to their roots. They too can know who they truly are; not just Pioneers, but Pilgrim's like Abraham was a Pilgrim, traveling back home to his heavenly residence.
It has been this process of searching out my roots, where I have truly experienced faith, and more than any book could explain it. It has been on this journey where I have learned from my roots how to learn, live, and become. It has come into the forefront of my reality how deeply I need to re-model my life after my roots and how to do that, and be patient with myself in that growing process.
I could say this was all because I came West, like a Pioneer, but I think it was really all because of who my Pioneer family members were and their faith-filled journey of learning, living and becoming.
It really helps to know that in a sense, I am a Pilgrim and Pioneer in my own time and story. I hope you can come to know that you probably are too.

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