Building Our House

Building our House on foundational principles is the The Hebrew Way.  
Foundational Stones of The Tabernacle in Jerusalem
The first question we must ask and answer is:  What is this House?  To illustrate, let me take you through my experiences of this last week.

On Friday, I received one of those calls which changed the course of my day.  It was a friend and colleague and she was asking some really good questions of me about how to help our children build a proper foundation.  It drove me to writing.  I wrote most of that day to help answer her questions, but mostly, I wrote to clarify the answers in my mind. On Sunday, I was asked to speak in my congregation on practically this same topic.  On Wednesday, one of my sons came to me wanting help in writing a paper which was due the next day.  He asked me what story or scripture he could use to back up his opinion.  I read the question prompt, Compare the leadership of Brutus and Caesar.  Which would you follow and why?, and shared how I thought the man Korihor might be a good example to use.  Just then, I had a flash of a realization.  I realized that if we give ourselves or our children an excellent "education" and their foundation is not built on Christ, on Truth and right thinking, the affects could be disastrous.  I knew their character or House must be developed on foundational principles.    
Now, Korihor was a man who knew how to speak, persuade and manipulate others to join in his cause.  He took power and lead in tyrannical ways.  He came into towns and spoke against the peoples religious beliefs.  It was as if he once held those beliefs because he took truth and twisted it for his own agenda.  He belittled and mocked those people and God.  He claimed there was no hope in any Christ, and the only hope was our own genius and strength.  
Korihor was preaching a very common agenda we can see today.  "Do and Become with your own strength and agenda.  And follow me in the meantime.  I will be the expert for you to follow.  You can perfect yourself.  Rely on your own strength."  We hear these type of voices whether just in our head or manifested around us.  We read in books like Atlas Shrugged principles of reliance on man; the building of the perfect man; the virtues which make man off the hook of accounting for themselves.  It is complete narcissism and it's everywhere.

Then, on Thursday, I was in a Board meeting and we were discussing the education we promote and how careful we as parents have to be to guard against this infiltration of base values.  My friend is attending a University class and she is re-reading books like Leadership and Self-Deception, Bonds that Make Us Free, etc.  She also began reading additional books which helped her make even more connections as they looked at Narcissism.  One of the things she shared was about George Washington.  According to his "genetic predisposition", he could have classified in the category of a Narcissist.  He had all the natural abilities which could have lead to that "perfect man."  However, his environment was God-fearing and wholesome which helped develop his whole being on principles of faith and integrity and brought about a sound character education; what today we would consider as a Godly-centered character education.  It was this character training which gave him the servant leadership abilities to help lead our nation's original revolution and ensure America did not have a king among many things.   

This is our problem today.  Narcissism is on the rise and I realized in that quick flash, if we do not build our own or our children's character education or foundation on Christ, on Truth and right thinking, we can easily produce Narcissists.  I realize as well, this was most likely coming to me because of the son I was helping at that moment, whose foundation was not as strong as some of my other children, but it is also a universal problem to beware.
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The conversation was perfect for me to more fully describe the why behind getting a Godly-character education or developing our education on foundational principles.   I do things very often from my heart and do not always have the words to describe how I know they are the right things to do.  I have always felt it was right to use my precious time in my home to read and tell stories which teach a high standard of virtues, memorize scriptures & poems of value, sing every song which would teach and nurture the same.  My efforts have been spent only towards the best for my children.   After this week, I have been gaining the words to describe what I do, which is sometimes the hardest thing to describe, as well as the resolve to be even more deliberate with my time with my children.

A story came to my mind in the midst of all this:  
Ralph Moody had recently moved West to Littleton, Colorado with his family in efforts to be ranchers.  At his school, with his buster brown suit on, he was tired of being teased and determined to overcome.  He spent his recess time showing how he could ride the donkey without getting thrown off.  This helped feel more credible.  At home, he grew over confident and continued his storytelling.  One day, when his Father was gone into town, he told his sister their Father wanted him to bring in the railroad ties that were left in the gulch.  His sister didn't believe him.  He got home and continued the story with his Mother.  She commented something about how on earth Father would want an 8 year old boy to do this work on their new unbroken horse.  Ralph worked all day and couldn't even bring one railroad tie out of the gulch.  He realized he had better go home and tell his Mother he had lied.  Mother had him stand in the corner while she sat at the table and read from the bible until Father got home.   When he got home and found out what Ralph had done, we said he would not give Ralph a whipping because he may remember that more.  He then said, 
"A man's character is like his house. If he tears boards off his house and burns them to keep himself warm and comfortable, his house soon becomes a ruin. If he tells lies to be able to do the things he shouldn't do but wants to, his character will soon become a ruin. A man with a ruined character is a shame on the face of the earth.”  
This was what I immediately knew when I saw how I could produce an educated Korihor; Our Character House is Our House and must be developed on solid foundational principles.  
Our character is our foundation and needs nurturing to be built on the rock of Christ.  

Here are some foundational words speaking about this House:
Ye also as lively stones, are built up a spiritual House, ... to offer up spiritual sacrifices...    1 Peter 2:5
Set in order your own house.  Govern your house in meekness and be steadfast. Seek learning even by study and also by faith... to prepare every needful thing and establish a house: a house of prayer, house of fasting, house of faith, house of learning, house of glory, house of order, house of God.   D&C 93:43, 31:9, 88:119
How do we build our House?  We look to our root system, foundation or to this character which determines what ground we stand upon and how we act, what we do and who we are becoming. 

We can follow the principles of Creation and our life will truly be in order.  
  • Principle 1: Put God first in our life.  
  • Principle 2: Develop a Relationship with Him.

We can create these principles within the most essential Environment of God & Family which helps nurture a foundation on Christ!

What can we do in this environment to nurture a desire to know God?  

  • Show by example.  Build your own house and show these principles in your life.  Put God First in your life.  Desire Him.  Follow Him.  Seek Him. Come to know Him.  Believe Him. Search & Observe, Notice & Explore, Ask & Wonder and Share & Teach your findings and discoveries with your family.    
  • Show by precept.   Hold family tutorials on the study of the Holy Words of Christ.  Sit down together around the kitchen table, open The Book and read one verse at a time.  Stop frequently to discuss and ask questions.  Read along with a study guide, stopping to read what the commentary has said; read along with an original dictionary like the 1828 Webster's Dictionary or a Bible dictionary.  Ask serious questions yourself.  Model your curiosity and desire to know more.  Be observing.  Explore.  Notice what you are reading and stop and ask.  Take notes and record your discoveries to see your relationship with Christ growing.  Then show process of recognizing, reflecting, releasing, reforming and restoring.    
  • Incorporate beautiful music which nourishes the soul.  Sing together.  Play musical instruments together.
  • Read the stories of others and discuss their struggles.  True stories of others will teach more than we can tell.  
  • Play together
  • Create together
  • etc., etc. 
Create the environments which will help nurture a sincere desire to put God our Creator first and come to know Him; for ourselves.  I promise your good example will set yourself, and your children, on a Course to begin Building Your Houses.     

Then, show others how to build their own Godly or Christ-centered character House.  For Christ is the rock on which to build everything and every House.  He is the beginning and the end.  As we build our Houses, our Moral Character Education and personal convictions which lead us to act in virtuous and faithful ways, we will be building Houses unto the Lord.

Read more HERE
Amazingly, this speech was given, the same hour of my finishing these thoughts, about Building Our Foundations.

The House Celebration

We are introducing an entirely new event and tradition!  Well, actually it is an old tradition in many ways and we at The House Celebrations are renewing it.  Cultures from many lands and throughout the years have gathered for Celebrations and Feasts.  Possibly the first event like this was when the family of Adam and Eve gathered to share the story of Creation.  The people dispersed geographically and eventually their stories were written down by inspired men in the form of scriptures.  After many hundreds of years, their stories were gathered and were now in the form of Fairy Tales, Myths, Sagas, etc.  There are even symbols of these stories in Shakespeare.  (Thanks Kelli for teaching me!)    

Is it any wonder that cultures around the world all have similarities in their festivals?  Dancing, singing, beautiful clothing, family, each telling their stories; of the hunt or their connection with the Creator.  Do these cultural celebrations contain remnants of an original celebration?   

Gathering family for Celebrations is rather normal.  We do it weekly.  But, do we combine all these elements together into one whole?  Are we experiencing it ourselves or just watching it take place?  

I propose we begin Celebrating!  Celebrating Our Story.  Celebrating Song.  Celebrating joyful Movement.   Singing, Dance and Storytelling combined with Family.   One reason why we sing: to remember our stories.  One reason we dance: to remember joy.  (A natural result of this movement is the burdens we carry are more easily released to Christ.  Observe it and see if you feel better after you move.)

Join us NEXT MARCH 2015 in a Christ-centered Family Celebration! 
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We are Celebrating Our StoryOur common story and our specific stories.  As civilizations rose and fell, the remnants of the culture they left behind were in the form of stories & art.  The Power of Story is real.  Stories preserve community and family culture.  They also can renew an individual's connection with themselves and their importance in this world.  Stories are what keep us connected together in our churches, families & communities. And no matter what communities we come from, we all share the story of Creation & the Creator.
We are Celebrating Song.  Did you know that a culture of singing is what freed the entire nation of Estonia?  After Stalin took over the Baltic States in 1939/1940, the people lost their freedom to celebrate their identity.  After 50 years, they began gathering to sing their cultural songs.  This gave them more and more courage to stand against their oppressors and grew to a point where they stood, hand-in-hand, in 1991, against the tanks, singing.  The world saw this on the news and it was the first time we understood what had been happening those 50 years after WWII.  Singing is powerful!!  And through a simple song, we can learn a powerful message.  We often sing hymns and those hymns encourage and uplift us.  For this Celebration, we, the audience, will be singing a few beautiful folk songs.   
We are Celebrating Joyful MovementDid you ever notice that each culture around the world includes dance as a part of their festivals? Have you ever wondered why?  Did you know movement is a strong need of the body and even helps us release negative emotions to Christ?  Think about it.  Running is great to do when we have to let-off steam.  Walking may help us think.  Yoga and breathing helps us to calm the chatter in our minds.  There are many studies and research showing the benefits of movement.  Now, did you also know the Jewish culture enjoys a dance at their wedding feasts?  This tradition goes back anciently, and I believe has something to do with the word feast, which means, to gather in a circle and dance.  Interesting huh?  
  • What is Contra Dancing?  Contra Dancing is when a "caller" give us the directions & instructions of where to move on the floor.  The shapes of the movements are usually in circles.  Similar but different from "Square" Dancing.  And, there are no set patterns so everyone can join in without knowing anything!  Our Caller will give instructions.  Yeah!   
  • Why Contra Dancing?  I was able to enjoy Contra Dancing for the first time this past summer and I realized it has been around in America's history since the beginning.  (It is similar to the Jane Austin movies - style.)  I could see how it is easy to learn for most ages and encourages laughter and delight!  AND, I want to bring these environments together to enjoy movement with the entire family because I believe movement like this will keep us healthy, connected with our Creator and joyful.  And it's Fun!!

Check out this man's photographic journey of joy unconfined through Contra dancing.  Here is a  video to see the style of dance:

We will also have hoop dancing on the lawn, paintingfabric and paper activities for additional things to do.  

Only $5 until Thursday and $10 at the event.  REGISTER HERE!!!  

By the way,  this is a part of the Hebrew Way.

Celebrate Today,

Our Story: In Honor of Creation

Published July 14, 2014 on 

Our Story

Once Upon a Dimension not far from here, there was an Artist, a Master Artist. This Master Artist was a dreamer and wonderer.  He had learned and mastered all the Principles of the Universe and the organic Environments & Materials, which produced nurturing and growth which all Artists have the ability to master.   His favorite thing to do was to wonder about things.  He wondered and wondered and he noticed, explored, asked questions and more questions, and observed more, until he could see an image in his mind.  Then he would go and create it with his hands.  He learned the precise the combination of these certain Principles, Environments & Materials, created a beauty and flow which acted as a key. The Master Artist used this key to Unlock the Chambers of all Creations.

The first image he wondered about, explored with, asked himself about was a sphere.  When the image came to his mind, he began to shape, mold and form it.  One form. One space. one day.  Uniting all principles into one.  He called it Earth.  

The second image he observed, explored and asked about was a division of the sphere into 2 halves.  When he saw it he created it.  Two spaces within one, each balancing the other.  Water and land.  
Next came many questions.  He saw three's and triangles.  How could...?  What about...?  Ahah!!  Three lights came to be.  Extending light to all.
Crossing the entire area, he scanned and found another pattern.  From noticing 4 areas over the expanse, he was inspired to form four courners - reaching over encompassing the entire.
He took a deep life filling breath, and found hope and discovered his hands.  Five.  Is there a pattern here?  he asked himself.  He noticed and formed a pentagon. Five points. Five steps.
Oh!  He made a connection after wondering and wondering about his hand.  This Master Artist added principles of the Six to his work.  He worked all night long and by morning, he had made a new artist in his own image.  And another. These new artists, began filling up the Earth.  They made new ones, and the new ones made new ones. And do you know what they loved to do?  Dream, wonder and discover.  And to use the Principles of the Universe, the Organic Environments & Materials which brought beauty and wholeness.  He called these new artist his children.  They called him their Creator.
Lastly, The Master Artist rested.  He knew what he had made was good. Seven for Rest and Rejuvenation. A space was created for feasting unto completeness. A feast of a spiritual realm.
Yes, the sun shown bright and beautiful, then the clouds came and cast vicious shadows on the light.  These artists had dual Natures.  They were like the Master Artist, but also like the Earth they were formed from.  They tried to become like the Mater Artist, but they forgot and got lost.  Darkness entered the scene.  It was hard to see the light.   After being lost for long enough they were tired of being broken.  Death and pain and destitute hearts. Broken. Lost and Broken more.  

Their connection!   

They slowly began to remember the Course and Path which lead to remembering and seeing.  They rediscovered the tools which helped them overcome the Natural Man and become the Divine within.  They began to find beauty and create like the Master Artist. 

Now, you and I have entered this scene.  We can accept this connection and follow The Course and Path to become like this our Master Artist or make our own way to our own ends. The choice is ours.

The first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth times have all shown the sun and then clouds and turmoil of days better forgotten.

    No worries however. All boundaries were planned and in proper order by this Master Artist to create the beauty and promise of the enabling Principles, Environments & Materials, Unlocking the chambers within all creation to flow and change and move upward towards light and life; all at the right time.  All we have to do is Release & Receive HIM, our Master Artist and Savior.
Today, the time is now to combine the Principles, Environments, Materials, and Skills. You and I have the keys within to unlock this beautiful creative flowing movement and change upward toward light; to Become. You and I can become the facilitators to help others to do the same. In this process, we follow the Master Artist.

Now, The Master Artist, Artist of all Artists, is waiting.

What are these Principles? The 1-9,10-90 and the 100-400 in Creation.  Learn about them through my online classes or our family friendly Principle-based Positive Scripting Curriculum.  (see House of the Book)
What are these Environments?  Come experience them at The House Workshops & Celebrations!
What are these Materials?  Experience some at the House Workshops & Celebrations. 
What are the Skills?  The Skills of Discovery?  I teach through them in my Classes and Workshops!

Founder and Director at The House Workshops and Celebrations

Healing Through Symbolic Language & Story

Have you ever used your trust, intention and focused efforts into The Word?  How about in a effort to seek healing from your life?   Did you notice it impacted you?  It is my experience and testament that the words which have come from generations of Holy Men we call Prophets, Seers, Shaman, Enlightened Ones, were written from the original source of Light and wholeness, our Divine Creator and Intelligent Designer.  I know Him as my Savior.  

I have done this and have been set on a Course unknown to me.  I trust and continue still in this journey which has brought beautiful healing and answers to life's challenges.  

After I had re-begun my Course (July 2007), certain friend mentors came into my life which helped me out of the pit I was in, teaching and nurturing me through that place.  As I began to apply more diligent searching through the Words of Christ and other amazing classics, my God began teaching me through shapes and numbers.  

For instance, I was studying The Making of Americafor a class and as I read the part about General Welfare, I had an understanding revealed to my mind so profoundly that I wanted to share it with everyone I knew.  (Believe me, everyone in my class and around me at that time knew.)  The amazing thing about it was the shapes which came to my mind and taught me the principle.  One isosceles triangle pointing downwards & one isosceles triangle over lapping and pointing upward as if one was coming from heavenward and the other earthward.  Together they form a star.  I had a complete understanding of the principle of General Welfare and learned about it concerning the way my God governs His children.
Another time I was taught through shapes and numbers was when I was studying in the scriptures and noticed a circle at certain places when the words said, "the course of the Lord is One Eternal Round."  So I noticed, re-read it, explored more, drew a circle and moved on.  When I observed it again, I explored it, asked if it was teaching me anything and drew another circle.  A few months later I was reading a passage with a friend and we stopped because we noticed in one verse there was a list of words: humble, submissive, long-suffering, etc.  It was like the Sermon on the Mount and 2nd Peter - a progressive list.  I turned my page over and guess what I saw?  Correct.  I saw the circles I had drawn and the words were, "his course is one eternal round."  I turned the page back over and looked at the list and said, "It's a circle! The Course of the Lord!"

" humble and be submissive and gentle; easy to be entreated; full of patience and long-suffering; being temperate in all things; being diligent in keeping the commandments of God at all times; asking for whatsoever things ye stand in need, both spiritual and temporal; always returning thanks unto God for whatsoever thing ye do receive.  And see that ye have faith,hope and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works."  
I knew it was a pattern God was teaching me.  Try seeing meaning in it for yourself. Alma 7.

It was after this that I began learning about the Hebrew Principles and really connecting them with these shapes and numbers.  There are some good resources listed on this site to begin for yourself. Put it to the test.  Am I just up in the night?  You see if it has meaning for you and your journey.

The neat thing is, the circle is a symbol tied with the number 1 and the letter a Aleph, also a symbol.  It represents God, Unity, Strength, Power, Whole and Wholeness, Being, etc.  The Words of Christ which have been record through Prophets, Holy Men, Enlightened Ones, or Shaman, have been written through symbolism, with a symbolic context.  Symbolic Language is the language of our Creator and His Symbols: laws, principles and truths, are embodied in this entire Creation.  Yes, Nature and Human Nature.

After I began seeing in shapes and numbers, the Hebrew, I started noticing these Hebraic principles in stories.  You may have noticed them too!  The story of Corrie ten Boom.  Her journey takes her through a course and with angelic helpers and guidance as well as the opposition.  No matter what she faced, she always continued in the goodness in which she was guided.  The story of Maria VonTrapp.  She grew a relationship with her Creator and began depending on that guidance as her and her husband felt they should move their family to America and were lead to travel around singing.  I saw the lives of many in the biographies I was reading displayed that circle, the Course.  I saw the circle in Les Miserables, based around the Sermon on the Mount.  It was The Pilgrim's Course.  I called it Pilgrim because Father Abraham was the Pilgrim who showed us how to wander on this Earth, following The Course with a Covenant Path.

My trust, intention and effort, seeking and knocking, observing and great exploration and asking, in the Word, brought me great healing and connection with my Creator.  It raised my frequency primarily and secondly, it brought beauty and order to my world and understanding.  I highly recommend any of it! 

Begin immersing yourself in Symbolic Language and "let virtue garnish your thoughts unceasingly."    See what happens next.

Words from Enzio Busche to Up Lift you.

The Words of Christ are UPlifting and bring us higher, to a higher ground.  Other ways to include virtuous words:  positive affirmations & scripts, memorizing uplifting quotes, poetry, proclamations and documents, creating and listening to your very own LifeVision, etc.  

Discovering Shapes, Numbers & Hebrew Through the Old and New Testaments

Take time for your own nurturing and growth!  Come learn about the Laws of Creation and how we can see them in the Scriptures.  Each Principle - Number, Shape, Color, Musical Note, etc. (things my husband and Creator taught me) has a story that really shows and teaches that principle.  It is the best Agency-based education out there.  

One of the most valuable aspects of this class is that I walk you through the principles showing you the formula of true Discovery  so you can really implement them into your life: Observe, Explore, Ask and Discover!  
We will use the Hebrew Alphabet and Stories as an outline to discover symbol, 
shape and number in the Old and New Testaments.  Be prepared to be inspired and see your pattern recognition ability increase to inspire a love of study!

Click HERE for more details.

Discovering symbol, shape and number has been one of my favorite things about awakening.  Increasing in our abilities to see is truly a blessing.  Our Intelligent Designer, my Creator and God, is amazing and has left us his patterns and ways everywhere!  In Creation and in His Word. 

It is my observation all can discover, whether you believe it or not, but belief is always the key.  In this class, as well as in Discovering in NatureI will be sharing a formula as we walk through these Numbers, Shapes, Symbols and Stories.  I'm so excited to show you!

Join me!

Testimonials of Katie's online Hebrew (Principles of Creation) class:

"I walked around the park thinking about the idea of protect and shield which is part of Samech. It made me think of the Sacred Grove where Joseph Smith went to pray because it looked like a safe, secluded and protected place to be.
"After discussing Tav and looking for it in nature, I was reminded of the story from my core book where the father names the mountains/valleys, rivers after his sons hoping they will be constant and strong.  It made me think of the idea of beginning with the end in mind - I thought of mountains, valleys and rivers as geologic monuments.
"I saw another quirky coincidence, in view of the reveal-conceal idea in Mem is that one of the readings for the O. D. Mentor class is by Bastiat and it is called "That which is Seen and Not Seen."   Christine,VA
"I have learned so much!  Thank you for giving us this opportunity.  This class has been life-changing!"  RaNae, UT
"Thank you, I look forward to this class and all the different subjects and I'm sad to see it end.  I'm so glad that I had the class because now I understand so much more!! :)"  Tresta, UT

Testimonials of Katie's Hebrew (Principles of Creation) Hiking class:

"Discovering Intelligent Design Through Nature" has been my favorite activity of the week.  I tend to be an "intellectual learner", meaning I process information by thinking it through on an intellectual level.  This class helped me to learn through all modalities (mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual). In fact, it is the perfect combination of stimulating mental, physical, social and spiritual energy.  It feeds my soul and has been a powerful catalyst for change in my life.  It has helped me draw connections between thought and application.  It has opened paradigms.  

I love learning about the symbolism of each of the Hebrew letters.  Katie teaches this symbolism on so many levels that it gives us a lot to ponder. Then when we discuss it, everyone shares amazing epiphanies.  The invitation to find a lesson linking Hebrew, my life and the mountain has often taught me exactly what I most needed to learn in that particular moment in my life.  Early on, the class helped me manage difficulties I was encountering.  But the best part is I learned how to create a calmer environment in my home so there is much less stress, much fewer difficulties and even those are soothed more quickly and easily.  

How did I get these powerful results from a Hebrew hiking class?  It is such a holistic approach to learning.  Katie's enthusiastic invitation to find nurturing & healing opened up a greater vision for me.  This helped me see exactly what I needed to do and change in my home and once I applied that understanding, the results have made a dramatic improvement for my whole family. (By the way, the changes I made were to clear space, manage time, eliminate clutter, balance elements and use essential oils.  All this has had a huge side effect of improving relationships.) 

Here's a couple of experiences:
The second week, I hiked while looking for connections to the Hebrew letter, Beth.  I learned this second letter of the Hebrew alphabet is symbolic of dualism, spirit and body, Man and Woman.  On my hike, I saw a plant with two leaves pressed together, emerging from the soil, protecting the tender baby leaves hidden between them.  It reminded me of the protective father and the nurturing mother joining together to create a safe environment for their family.   
The third week I was looking for connections to Gimel.  I had recently had a difficult moment with one of my children, so was thinking about that.  I found a triangular-shaped rock and was impressed that as long as God is included in our relationships, there is always room for forgiveness and healing.  At one point while we had stopped to share what we'd learned on the mountain, I set my rock down and forgot to pick it up.  The moment I realized I'd lost my rock, I saw another perfectly formed triangular-shaped rock.  I picked it up and it still sits on my mantel, a reminder of God's gift to help me learn my lesson of hope. 

Thanks for your class Katie!"    Natasha B., Utah  
"I absolutely loved our hiking class.  Please tell me when you do another one ; if my schedule permits,  I would love to go.
"Thank you so much for blessing my family's life with the lessons we learned through your class.  Just the hiking alone was worth it.  I wondered if my children were getting anything out of the experience since they weren't too interested in the discussion or readings.  But they did.  Just being in nature and being introduced to the possibility that there is more than meets the eye opened their hearts and minds.  Just one example,  my 14 yo shared with me that he learned on one hike that everything God creates is infinite: self-sustaining and lasts forever.  But things man creates are finite: erodes,  corrodes, crumbles, falls apart, and doesn't have the ability to regenerate.  He learned that just from observing.
"I'm so glad to know you.  Thank you for blessing us."  Rachelle, UT

So How Do I Begin the Course?

In 2009, I organized a retreat for women and I chose the theme The Hebrew Way.  The theme came to my mind in a picture one morning after I was awoken.  Before I knew I was organizing this event,  I began observing and exploring patterns in my studies, which included Jane Eyre, Amazing Grace, Plato's Republic, The Prince, John Adams, The Hiding Place, Exiled, The Dream Giver, The Making of America, The New Testament, Tramp for the Lord, Maria Von Trapp's story, etc.  After recognizing similar patterns in the biographical works, I discovered a pattern in their stories.  They were all sharing the journey or course in which they were traveling and, in each case, there were pivotal moments; decisions that lead to new paradigms and a new beginning.  In the New Testament, Paul asked just one question and when he heard the answer, he understood and was a new man.  

The Course has just begun.
I decided to follow his lead and truly began asking my Intelligent Designer, "What is it you want me to do?"  Well,  it took me a year or two to realize this 'Hebrew Way' thing was part of my answer to that golden question.  But I have kept the course so far and have discovered the Pilgrim's Course is very real and powerful and our Intelligent Designer is waiting to show us his amazing guidance!

Now, what was it which brought this specific guidance?  Was it just one question?  Was it a series of events?  Or was it a specific sacrifice of time and effort I made which propelled me  to find the right question to ask?  I think it was all of the above.  

One day in 2006, I was feeling particularly low.   I was expecting my fourth child and had recently moved to an old home in a small suburban town.  We had no kitchen for the first two months while we refinished it and after eating out of a box or restaurants, I think my body was depleted.  I had had too many freak-out or stressed moments and concluded I was just not a good mom or person.  In a humble place, I began searching.  'What can I to do?' I wondered.  A friend was offering a 12-Step class based on the book, He Did Deliver Me From Bondage called Changed Hearts and I was sure a changed heart was what I needed.  Another friend said, after I mentioned this need a loud, "You don't need to take a class to have a change of heart, just read the Book of Mormon."  Well,  instantly I knew that was going to be it for me.  I had read that book before and saw huge transformation within.  When I got home that night, I knelt and asked,  "What do I need to do to have a change of heart?  For one of the only times in my life, I heard an audible voice in my mind in answer to this plea.  "Read the Book of Mormon in two weeks."  I was stunned.  That was a hard thing!  It is over 500 pages and at that moment in my life it was going to be a huge sacrifice.  Well, I put it off for a few months; had a baby, got through postpartum and auto-immune difficulties.  At another difficult time months later, I decided I was starting right there and then.  I came home and calculated how many pages I would need to read to accomplish this goal, and began.  Two hours a day reading just the Book of Mormon.  (I'm very grateful to my husband for his support!)  It was a sacrifice of time and effort, but I finished in 19 days.  

The moment I finished I walked out of my room and saw, what I did not see before.  I saw my step-son's strange behavior was just a serious power struggle and knew I no longer needed to engage.  The next few months were a bit of the same.  I began working with a difficult personality and over the course of a year I could feel myself changing.  I saw or viewed situations differently.  It was like I took off my "shades of blue" and was now seeing color.  At the end of that year, I looked back and started asking myself, "What happened???"  It was so drastic, but I do not have the words to describe it other then a major paradigm shift.  I was sitting in my kitchen when it hit me.  It was that book!  The Book of Mormon had once again changed my life.

It was my next step which brought me deep insight and prepared me for what I am doing today.  I was struggling with my marriage relationship and began attending my temple in behalf of my family who had passed.  This place was my refuge in the midst of the raging storm.  I was waking up to the intense battle which has been waging since the beginning of time and felt I like the battle surrounded me.  For three years I visited this sanctuary weekly.  I was taught much in this time of meditation.  Over this period of time, I had the picture come to my mind for the woman's retreat, and learned the next step was teaching my Discovering Intelligent Design in Nature class.   

As I have pondered over the Pilgrim's course in my life, I have wondered where was my beginning?  How did I begin my course?  I believe it was my sincere desire to come to know my God and Designer.  I believe it was my observation, exploration and asking; my seeking and knocking.  I believe it was my diligence in following instructions from my God and making a sacrifice of time and effort.  I believe it was these things which began my course and specific call.   
Now you.  What does the beginning of your course look like?

Your Strength, Your Power.

Do you know your inner strength?  Do you really know how powerful you are?
If this truth has not been a part of your molding, it may take a journey to discover it.  

One. Circle. Strength and Power Manifested in Nature.
This journey is very familiar to me.  It feels as though you are a seed being tossed about as the wind blows you here or there.  At times, you try to grow roots, and then a bird carries you away throwing your bearings off once again.  Other times, you get  completely drenched in the rain.  Then one day, after a long hard fall, you feel the sunshine pouring down upon you and entirely new sensations occurs.  You feel a bursting within and roots sprout out.  Ever so slowly you grow inch by inch.  There are some blessed plants, whose growth continues, but for you, the light got blocked for various reasons.  As if the light had never touched you, you wonder the purpose of your existence and get confused in the darkness.  For fortunate plants, even you, events happen, quickly manifesting a miraculous hand.  Darkness is swept away.  The obstacle is uprooted, the light again appears and ever so slowly, you regain the strength in your stalk to reach up towards the light.  This time, your roots have found depth and earth secures your footings.  Your stem gains the power to stand taller and taller and you begin to understand your strength and the power within to grow up towards the sun.   New realization gives you confidence that you are growing to become, not just something, but a specific organic beautiful creation!  Exactly what you were created to be.

Your strength and power was within through your entire existence.  It only needed those specific organic conditions to germinate and the continued nourishment to continue. 

Once there was a man who lived in the presence of his Kingly Father.  He had inherited all the noble aspects of his Father and began to grow in strength and power.  One day he left the presence of his Father and began to experience the challenges of limited light as he was no longer in the presence of his Kingly Father.  As a Pilgrim in the wilderness, he overcame many days of challenge and he ever so slowly grew in strength and power.  His strength and power came from his exactness in observing and following in the steps his Kingly Father had showed him.  As he underwent this transformation, his confidence increased and he knew he could really become like his Kingly Father.  Then one day, he truly was the specific organic being he was created to be.  

Whether your course has just begun or is near journey's end, you are the specific organic beautiful creation and your power and strength are within awaiting to meet the sun.   

The strength and power are within and when we use the tool of courage, we realize our ability.

Preparing the Artist Generation Through Symbol and Story II

I have been working on a new class.  It is so exciting!  Last March, I was assigned by my friend to be the Ten Boom Developer over the "Ten Boom School." in a grand vision with four separate "Schools."   So we began incorporating a Jr. Program, two of the four "schools," in our Commonwealth Group.  

What happens when you merge Discovering Intelligent Design in Nature with Healing Through the Arts?   Wow!  An amazing class for 5-8 year olds and their mothers.  It is a great way to give our little ones a Core Phase which prepares them to live their mission.  To learn more, contact Liber Education Laboratory for an Instructional Retreat coming soon!

Discover the Five

Look at your hand.  Did you notice it manifests a pattern of creation which follows you around everywhere you go?  Or, look at a flower pedal or these plants.  Completely different plants laying before us a clue to the true principles they are showing.  The fives which surround us are everywhere.  Look for them.  Observe, Explore, Ask and Discover them!  What do they represent?  Are they perhaps there as a reminder for us?  A reminder of something greater than us?  
A story teaching these principles came to my mind while I was preparing to teach my Ten Boom class this past week.  
Two Fives.  Same trail. Different Plants.
To give you some background into this story, in an ancient Jewish wedding, there were two agreements.  The first agreement entered the bride and groom to into a contract which bound them to each other until the day of their future wedding feast and second agreement.  When the long awaited day finally came, the family and friends gathered with their candles lit to anticipate the bridegroom's arrival under his canopy, and to follow him to the wedding feast.  Each member of the wedding party was to carry their own lamps filled with enough oil to last throughout the procession and join the bride and groom's in their wedding feast and final agreement.   
There were Five That Were Wise and five that were foolish.  Ten ladies were invited to a wedding feast.  They were to keep their lamps trimmed and fueled until the bridegroom arrived.  The only problem was, they would not know the exact time of his arrival.  Some spent all their fuel, others preserved enough always.  In a time they knew not, the bridegroom arrived.  The ten had divided themselves in two groups of five.  The five that were fueled sufficiently, had kept their promise as wedding guests.  
Those Five That Were Wise give us a clue about fives in creation.  To be included in the wedding feast they were to keep their promise to keep the oil in their lamps.  The bridegroom would keep his and come.  Now, could creation in plants and man really be showing us the same message?
Another story showing us this pattern is about a man once named Abram.  He followed the course of the Pilgrim and, one day, made a covenant with his God.  Because of this covenant, his God added a five to his name.  It became Abra-hei-m (when written in Hebrew, one meaning of hei is five), so he and all his descendants would know of the covenant or two-way promise, his God made with him; the covenant he made with his God.   

Let me ask again.  Could the fives in the plants and man be showing us a similar pattern? Could they be a reminder to us of the privilege we call life? And breath?  Of the two-way promise we made to return?

The fives which surround us are everywhere.  Look for them.  Observe, Explore, Ask and Discover them!  I challenge you to Discover the five and rejoice.

The Breath of Life

How is your breathing?  Are you getting the full amount each moment?  There are a million reasons why breath is life-giving; the oxygen in the blood going to all areas of the body, especially to the brain; the oxygen enhancing our ability to concentrate; the ability breath has to supply our muscles with the blood and oxygen they need to expand and contract.  For example, in a woman's crucial sacrifice of laboring to bring forth another human soul, her breath supplies her uterus muscles the blood and elasticity to be flexible and soft, to expand and contract when necessary; to do the work her body was created to do.

A few years ago, I had a serious tooth ache. I knew it was my root.  I was in constant pain from a Friday evening - Sunday.  The dentist was not available of course, so I did every natural thing I knew to help the pain and possible infection.  Silver water, clove.  I may have even tried lots of garlic. I had birthed four babies without drugs.  With a fever came an intense headache, one like I have never before experienced. I knew it was a big deal because I never have headaches.  I had the feeling to get into the bath, which is one thing I try when I may be dehydrated.  While I was laying there, I had the words "breath of life" come into my mind.  So I began immediately Ujjayi breathing (something I learned from yoga):  inhaling from my lower abdomen, middle ribs and upper lungs area, then directing my exhales over the back of my throat and allowing the breath to flow through me down to my toes.  After ten to fifteen minutes I realized that the headache was gone.  I got out of the bath and went to sleep.  The next day it was gone; the pain, the fever, the headache.  I went to the dentist the following Monday and he took care of everything.  My tooth had lived its last day and was dead.  The turning point which helped me out of my pain was breath.

Since then, I have thought a lot about that experience.  I have made "breathing" a regular part of helping our family release negative emotions, get calm when we can't accept a no answer and assist our bodies when they are sick and need more life.