The Connector of All Connections

This month we have been celebrating the True Connector; The Creator of all connections.

  • Connecting us all back to our Eternal home through His birth, life and death.
  • Connecting and protecting families with His atoning power throughout the Universe.  
  • Connecting families to become Eternal.
  • Connecting our mind & hearts with Light & truth.
  • Connecting light to the world.
  • Connecting goodness and virtue. 
  • Connecting all of the House of Israel; all God's children. 
  • Connecting Aleph and Tav; Alpha and Omega.
  • Connecting all stories.
  • Connecting Heaven with Earth.
  • Connecting the Ancient people with the Modern.
Tell the true story.

Use nesting dolls to illustrate and share it.  Paint it.  Sing it.  Dance it.  Write it.  Carve it.  Create it with any organic materials.

Tell the true story, our ultimate Connector with His binding power has come!  Christ was born to save us, free us, heal us and CONNECT us!!

It may not matter who previously instituted dates of Christ's birth and symbols persuading a counterfeit worship.  But, it does matter what we choose to do, who we choose to focus on and worship.

Let's tell the true story and let our light shine everyday by focusing on, celebrating and making connections with Christ.

Would You Like to Join Us?

Would you like to join to discuss with others who hold this same vision?  
We know that our life will be best when focusing on Christ and building foundation by searching for true principles which are ultimately tied to Light and His Creation. 

Here are some of the principles I have discovered in my search for understanding a more Original way of learning and living, The Hebrew Way:
  • The symbolic Principles of Creation are interconnected with our Creator
  • These Principles can be seen throughout the Holy Records, Classic stories, Plants, Our Bodies, Relationships, Songs, Virtues, Art, Mathematical Geometry, etc. 
  • The story of Israel is our human story
  • The Wilderness is a HARD place to be
  • The House of Israel is returning as they awaken
  • Celebrating through Spiritual Rituals and Gatherings help us remember who we are
  • Singing, dancing, breathing, storytelling, music & sound, virtuous words & pure language, original sourced Creation-based whole food & plants and smells, color, and more truly nurture our souls and bring us healing  
  • We truly need to cleanse our vessels to return
  • We return by turning our hearts towards Him
  • Our character needs refining to see Him
  • Seeing poetically, symbolically and in many meanings helps us see God more (Sensus Plenior) 
  • We must have a pure desiring heart in our search for truth
  • We can discover truth through observation, exploration, asking and comparing back to our core understanding of Truth (seek, knock ask)

I invite you to add to our discussion on the facebook group - Gathering Place for Families.
Come discuss with us!

~ Katie Hansen

Principles Learned from:
  • To learn more about Sensus Plenior, see The U.S. Constitution and 196 Indisputable Principles of Freedom, Chapter 1 by Oliver DeMille.
  • The Old & New Testament.
  • The Book of Mormon.
  • The House of the Lord.
  • The study of Footzonology.
  • The study of Leadership Education & Education for Real Life.
  • Multiple Intelligences.
  • My favorite Hebrew resources on this site.
  • Formal and Informal Mentoring over the last 15 years.

How Multi-layers in Nature Can Teach Us The Language of Creation

When you see the multiple layers in the Earth, what does it teach you?  Does it remind you of all the other layers we can see in our world?   

Let’s see...  

There are multiple layers of the Earth and it’s atmosphere.  There are layers in our hair and our skin.

There are multiple layers of emotional needs and layers of light.  There are layers of writing a story and many many layers of meaning in literature.

With these reminders, I believe we can probably say things with multiple layers is really a part of our world; that there is a pattern of multiple-layered things in all Creation.

Just like we can see multiple layers of material in the physical world (both seen and unseen), multiple layers in our emotional needs and feelings and in human relationships, and multiple layers in the intellectual level of creating order and beauty, and even on spiritual levels, we can begin to apply our minds and hearts to understand there are multiple-layers of meaning in everything we learn.   

In fact, our minds were created to do just that.  The human brain is different from the animal brain.  (And I state, that according to the Hebraic patterns, we were Created on a different day!) Our brains were created to be able to see and find symbolic meaning behind concrete objects, words, and relate to abstract ideas, not just things as they materially or literally are.  We were created to find personal subjective meaning from the sometimes mundane concrete or literal as well.  (And it’s okay!  It doesn’t have to scare us because we see a meaning in an art piece and you don’t!)   In other words, we were created for connection between what we see and experience and the lessons we take away from it, for good or bad.  But that’s our choice and probably another topic for another day.

I believe it is the hope of many intuitive parents and leadership educators to help our children utilize the full multi-layered abilities of their minds to learn to think critically and read poetically.  Even more importantly to help our children learn to become self-reliant in searching out Truth from error.  These crucial skills, of seeing multiple-layers of meaning to see truth, to think critically and see poetically, are marks of a truly educated person.  
As I think of one of most influential reasons my husband and I desire our children to learn the language of Creation, aka what I call Symbolic Hebrew, it is for this very point.  Learning this symbolic language will drastically help our ourselves and our children increase in thinking critically and reading poetically, to search through the layers of the dump to find and discover truth, and to begin to see the multiple layers of meaning our Creator has provided in all Creation.   

But How?

Unlike the English alphabet, with its single purpose letters, the Hebrew Aleph-beit letters each have more than 3 meanings behind them.  Meaning, instead of just a sound they make for speaking a foreign tongue, they have a pictograph with its deep ancient cultural illustration & story, a numerical symbol used for arithmetic, a shape which I associated together, a set of words used to describe principles, a tone used for singing, House of Israel stories associated and the list goes on depending on which scholar you learn from and what they have personally connected with it.  
So, what that means is, when we learn these multiple levels of meaning in a simple thing as the language of Creation, over time, we train our brain to use skills God created our brains to utilize, and we begin to apply our multi-level critical thinking abilities to learning everywhere.  And my favorite part, we get an education made for man, not animals :)
For instance, when we read or hear a story, is there a single meaning in that story or are there usually multiple ways we can connect and apply that story to our life?  Multiple ways is right!  Literature is multi-layered.  It would be absurd to claim there is only one way to see things.  Stories are naturally poetic and contain multiple layers of meaning because they contain this language of Creation.  When we are asking the right questions, which spark more thinking, we will see more.  If they are true literature and classics, they naturally contain multiple meanings.  Many for every reader.  And it's completely subjective!  

Now let's explore this thought when learning from the Bible.  Are there only one way to see and connect with the truths there?  No.  But why is it we often hear a symbolic and poetic (Hebraic) story in scriptural text and so easily only see the literal level of meaning?  
Or, when we see the news, articles, events, daily scenarios we experience and books we read?  Are we asking ourselves the right questions to spark our minds to think critically and see things poetically, with our mind and heart so we are receiving the personal meaning that may be there for us?  Or even to find truths our Creator is guiding us to discover?  How about so we can take in the lessons to once and finally apply the truths we are in need of applying into our character? Most importantly, are we remembering and considering there may be another layer or meaning?

The very cool thing I have experienced as I have taught others to see critically, poetically and symbolically over the last 5 years, is that each and everyone can develop these skills with practice, encouragement and trusting the process.   For us parent mentors, if we have a guide, it is even more effective and doesn’t take years and years to make a part of our abilities. But imagine if our children grew up in homes where they were guided to increase their "multiple-layer" seeing abilities, to not just see in a literal or material level, and became efficient in seeing multiple-layered meanings in all Creation.   How would that be?

~ Katie Hansen

Concepts Mentioned:

Building Foundation Using God's Language of Symbolism

If you have found yourself curious about all the new talk about geometric shapes and numbers having symbolic meanings, then you are in the right place.
When you see numbers in Creation, remember each number correlates with a shape.*  As you begin to see these patterns, they can hold a symbolic meaning in our minds because our minds were created to make connections and see more meaning than just one or the literal connotation.  

  • But from where do these symbolic meanings come?  I would definitely say they need to come from the most original source like a Godly record and be verified from God.  
  • Where do we find the most ancient source of these meanings?  From the most ancient record we have, which is the Bible and it's original language which is Hebrew.

Through my study, I have discovered multiple principles within what I call "Symbolic Hebrew," which are also the original source of mathematical symbolism in Creation, the source of Sacred Geometry.   These Principles of Creation, aka "Symbolic Hebrew," are the oldest record we have of these patterns and principles in all Creation.  

So if you are interested in learning the original source of symbolic meanings of shapes and numbers, I invite you to join me as I mentor (from my years of depth-phase-figuring-this-out-study) individuals to make their very own connections, giving the practice needed to build confidence in the subjective process of learning the language of Creation.    

I currently mentor women to see these Principles of Creation in the Bible, through words, definitions, stories and whatever else comes up in our Tutorials.  These tutorials are crucial!  They provide a way all participants can practice studying to become more independent in seeing poetically and symbolically.   This way, they can be taught by God when they are in the House of God, in Nature, reading classical stories, studying humanity, seeking to find order in the Universe, searching truths and patterns, verifying and building foundation.

Come join us in learning the language of Creation, in this self-discovery agency protective way, and add these Principles of Creation to your foundation.    

For the live Tutorial discussions - 
Join the online Foundation Builder Guide tutorial discussions (link below).   I will send you the classroom link and Foundation Builder Study Guide with all the instructions on how to prepare for our Tutorials.   ( Membership Site houses all the recordings)

You may join the class by following these instructions on this pdf here
See here for the dates and times
When we think of foundation, we think of God and Christ who are the Rock to built upon.  Each of these Principles testify of truths which are complimentary to Christ.

“Symbols are the timeless and universal in which God, in his wisdom, has chosen to teach his gospel and bear witness of his Son. They are the language of the scriptures, the language of revelation, the language of the Spirit, the language of faith. They are a language common to the Saints of all generations” (Joseph Fielding McConkie, Gospel Symbolism [1985], 1).

*Read more with Strings, Straight-edge &Shadows by Julie E. Diggens 

Celebrating "Pilgrim's" On All Saints Day

Today is All Saints Day.   It is a day to celebrate those who have gone before in God's story of overcoming bondage and obtaining freedom.  It is a day to celebrate those "Pilgrim's" who have traveled their "Course."

I have mentioned a few here on this blog, but for today, join us in reviewing the life of Martin Luther.  He was a munk in the Catholic church, but as he studied the Bible, his conscience led him to stand against teachings of his church at the time.

How did he find the courage to face his greatest wilderness experiences?  When did he gain his convictions and his Course begin?

These are serious questions which could help us find answers to our Pilgrim's Course.  While you watch this or study more into Martin Luther's life, ask yourself questions like these.  And maybe, When was my beginning? Where am I on my course today?

This, Pilgrim's Course, a term I coined to describe us and other great men and women on their Hero's Journey, is one of the greatest principles of The Hebrew Way.

We own this dramatized movie and watch it each year.  I also recommend this book we have studied in our journey with other youth and families.           

He truly is a great inspiration to all for "standing fast in that liberty wherewith God hath made us free!"

Some other great stories of those who have stood in their Pilgrim's Course.
William Tyndale

John Wesley
William Wilberforce
Corrie tenBoom
Pilgrim's Progress describes this Pilgrim's Course wonderfully.

Ancient Arts: Ancient Symbolic Language & Ancient FootZonology

While you most likely have heard of the Ancient language called Hebrew, have you heard of the Ancient Art & Science called FootZonology? 
  • FootZonology is an Ancient Art & Science.  It entails the science and study of the signal system on the feet.  If you can think of our bodies like a computer, our feet are like the computer's wireless keyboard.  These signals are light vessels which are directly connected to the DNA-code in every cell of the body and from the DNA-code to our Inner Blueprint.  
Footzonology also entails The Art of ZoneBalance and ZoneAnalysis.  
  • ZoneBalance is the method which reconnects the broken connections to the DNA, balances and repairs unfavorable imprints in the DNA-code and reconnects with the Inner Blueprint. ZoneBalance renews our cells in line with our Inner Blueprint, raising the body's life energy (conscious or chi) and our awareness.  It balances our four bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) into alignment with our Blueprint and helps us become our True Self and what we were meant to be.
  • ZoneAnalysis is the method to see, feel the present condition, and notice where the DNA-code is disconnected from the Inner Blueprint.
Fascinating huh! 

Do you know I have been discovering that this Art & Science is a part of The Hebrew Way?  It too has been restored to the Earth over a process of over a hundred years.  Amazing!  It is yet another way for us to become more self-reliant in preparing for our future.  Please know God has not left us without help here. He has ways which provide for us and always will. 

FREE Intro to Foot ZoneBalance Class Recording:

I am a ZoneBalance Practitioner & Coach and this therapy has helped the true "Katie - Creator" to come out!  Truly!  I tell my friends, if it was not for me having this training, which I do on myself regularly, I would not have been able to teach, create and live my purpose as I have over the last 4-5 years, which has been intense.  A fellow practitioner and I have held a free class introducing others to this amazing whole body cellular-level therapy.   This therapy broadens your understanding of nutrition, the body & anatomy, using essential oils, herbs & whole alkaline foods, the 10 meridians, the 7 horizontal energy systems, etc., etc.  It's a great skill to have if you feel called to it!

Register for this FREE class HERE.  It has been recorded and we will send you the link in your confirmation email to watch at your convenience.   
If you want to schedule a ZoneBalance or learn the Art & Science of Footzonology with me, click here.

Now what about the Art of Ancient Symbolic Language?

Did you know discovering the mathematical symbolism in Creation is also an Art.  It take practice.  Practice just like creating a beautiful masterpiece on canvas or a detailed hand-worked quilt, or just like the ZoneAnalysis takes practice (above).  

The more you practice and the more you believe and explore through this mathematical symbolic language, the more you'll trust your own mind's ability to make the connections and see more meaning in simple things like Nature.  It's a very essential Art!  Learning to make connections and thinking.  Imagine being able to grow up always making connections between stories and shape and symbols.  Imagine being able to explore with it and being asked questions by your Mother comparing stories you read with Biblical stories and symbols.  Seeing our Creator in the Creation (the source of symbolism or symbolic Hebrew) of everything and the connections between, would be a part of your natural life and thinking abilities!  You'd be raised with the ability to think, observe, notice and see.  You'd be an Artist!  Learning from Creation through the Principles of Creation definitely leans us towards becoming mini-creators!
I continually mentor Mother's through this Art, to enjoy observing, exploring & asking to discover for themselves the Symbolic Hebrew I call "Principles of Creation."  This practice enhances the Mother's ability to trust she can make connections and see God behind symbols in Creation or our Ancient Biblical story.   It's Mathematical.  It's purely the symbolism in Creation! 

With these classes, I provide a membership site with a plethora of family resources she can use to teach in her home!  This gives her practice a purpose and enhances greater discovery and connection with her while introducing these skills and principles to her children.  With additional fairy tales, classic stories, original positive scripting children's stories & songs, storytelling lessons, Discovery Experiences, etc., it is truly a whole-brain natural learning playground for the Mother and Child!   

Explore more here on Symbolism in Creation (tab above) to learn more.

Good NEWS!! 

A friend has arranged for Mom's to bring their children 6 - 11 to a demonstration class to learn some of these principles of Symbolic Hebrew.  It will help you begin to learn more about these principles as well as see how you and these little Artists can be nurtured in these concrete ways through the Skills of Discovery.

If you are near, join me in this Hebrew Principles class!

  • It's on April 10th1:00-3:00 pm.  In South Jordan, Utah. 
  • It's only $5 per child.  Click here to register.
  • Contact me if you want to host me to teach this in your area.
2018 UPDATE ~ If you are interested in hosting me to teach this class, contact me at

I believe the age has turned, and we are now preparing our children to be raised as practicing Artist's in the Age of the Artist.  Observers, Explorers, Innovators and Creators!

~Katie Hansen
Mentor, Coach, Teacher & Poetic Creator

Emptying Our Vessels

Have you ever felt so much pain you see no way out of it? Do you struggle with challenges, trials, tribulations or traps which stump you more than you'd like?
Have you tried pushing through your pain through praise? This morning, I tried it. Twice! I prayed this prayer and found powerful truths relating to The Hebrew Way. The duality of choosing faith over fear, choosing the opposite and seemingly "impossible" to help.
The following prayer can be applied to all of us weary travelers on this Course called Life, especially those traveling through their wilderness.
"Dear Father, I thank thee and I praise thee for this experience of........and the good it can create. I thank thee and I praise thee that this is so hard and painful to me. I thank thee and praise thee that I can be on this earth to even have this privilege; the privilege of this kind of experience. I thank thee that through this you are trying to bring me home. I thank thee and I praise thee for turning this weakness into my strength. For consecrating this infirmity to my gain; that you are willing to do this; that you love me this much; that I mean this much to thee. I thank thee that I can give this all to thee - that I can put all of my feelings on the alter of your healing power. Please take my broken heart. Please heal everything that is confused, hurt or broken inside of me. I give this all to Thee Father and ask thee to take it from me. I thank thee for taking this all from me." 
(special thanks to John Canaan's Breakthrough process)
When meeting life's many challenges and mortal carnal-man experiences, we will inevitably come face-to-face with our greatest fears, causing us pain and turmoil. Many of us do not have the knowledge to understand that the fears which are being manifested are just appearing real because we have held onto them instead of releasing them to Christ and believing otherwise. We simply cannot see that the fears are deeply held within us from our childhood, life experiences or generational beliefs prior, and are coming out in our life as a mirror giving us a chance to address our weakness or character flaws, so we can then release them and move upwards to more light.
Un-coincidentally, a friend also shared her dream with me this morning. I am sharing it with her permission.
She was surrounded by deadly snakes and her husband was releasing them everywhere. Then through the power of God, the snakes started exploding and disappearing. She realized they were not real after all, but an illusion.
She had believed it was her husband releasing the snakes and was blaming him, but it was her deeply held fears which in essence brought the snakes to pass.  Even though her fears of the snakes were held on to, and were an illusion, they really were there manifesting a threat to her.  Until she called on God for help to blast them away, she was truly manifesting them in her life.  Her pain was real and really there.  
If life has brought your fears to you, or not, you can see them, observe them, and release them through the power of Christ.  Only He has the power to help us empty our vessels.  We do have to do some looking, seeing, asking, and identifying though.

If you'd like to try identifying and releasing your fears through Praise, recognize the fears you have and which you resist: 
  1. Start by identifying the feelings or beliefs you have from seeing or experiencing behaviors of loved ones around you that cause you to feel bothered or uncomfortable.  For example, we may sometimes feel rejected by our son from his behavior, but in hopes to not be rejected, we lack holding boundaries for ourselves and we ignore learning about boundaries and keep feeling rejected by son.  Or we may feel hopeless and let an experience happen over and over because we think there is nothing we can do about a situation (stay the victim).  Or we wish this or that person would stop something painful to us which is causing us to feel _____.  Then,
  2. Choose to push through the fear and pain by putting your effort into the opposite - Gratitude!  Then praise God for this life's experience.  Visualizing Christ holding you while you say this prayer may be helpful as well. 
This is just a beginning of moving through our fears which are causing us pain, sorrow and sadness.  There are hundreds of ways to continue through this journey of releasing so we may grow upwards towards light; to empty our vessels to receive the Light in which God wants to fill us.
Is this why great men and women in our history are filled with praising God in spite of the turmoils they endured? Check out how it feels to praise God through your pain today!

P.S. Don't forget to fill your Vessel with truths about yourself afterwards.  The Words of Christ or Life, Affirmations, Declarations of Truth, etc.

Life Mission Principles

We are really doing this!  I am super excited because I have waited for us to work together on this topic for over 7 years.

My husband and I have created a simple 11-week webinar course to share the Principles which are universally apart of this earth and everywhere we look in God's Creation.  It is exciting!  It's been hard not to wonder if this is why I began on this whole journey.

Since the time we were married, my husband has loved the Jewish people.  Our first book was a large coffee table book about Jerusalem.  I always thought it was interesting, but didn't feel the same desire.  It was his thing.  Although I was counseled to study the Ancient (and Modern) prophets to prepare myself for my mission, that I was to come to understand the importance of the Abrahamic covenant and that I would share the principles upon which our land was founded (Creation) throughout the world, I didn't have that same inward motivation....   That is until I asked "what God would have me do?" with a sincere desire.... (I've shared that story on other posts below if you want to tie it together.)

If you would like to learn these universal Biblical companion "Life-Mission" principles of The Hebrew Way in 2 1/2 months, through simple 1-hr webinars, this will be a great scaffolding to help add to your vision for your very own journey!  Think of it as gaining a top of the mountain perspective and a greater ability to see principles to apply to your Course.  Throughout these webinars, you will have the opportunity to "practice" seeing these principles everywhere and by the end, your perspective and ability will be increased.  We respect your personal compass and want you to be practicing comparing what you learn back to your own understanding of truth and your foundation.  That is the best way.   
Come see the class outline and more about this exciting webinar here !!  
Registration is there too.

2018 UPDATE ~ We'd love to share our 20 minute video with you about "Seeing Principles Everywhere."  If interested, send an email to entitled "Seeing Principles Everywhere."

(By the way, Michael is dynamic and humorous and I feel it always makes everything even more fun and exciting when he is involved.  :)